Riven: Crimson Elite – 3

24 Jun

She was falling over the edge of the boat, falling for an eternity. She braced herself and hit the ocean with a smack that knocked the air out of her lungs. As she floated underneath the surface, she struggled to keep hold of her rune sword. It was too heavy, dragging her down, and she was so exhausted. Emotionally and physically, it seemed she had nothing left, so she finally just let go, watching her sword start to drift away. As she surfaced, she saw that there was a bit of floating wood and swam over to it for safety. She climbed on the flotsam and collapsed. As she lay there, gasping, she heard an awful scraping sound followed by a loud crunch over by the ship. She imagined that was her sword getting caught in the propeller of the ship. As her makeshift boat was caught in the wake of the ship, she lay there thinking of the crazy turn her life had taken in the past week. She had gone from an up and coming Noxian commander, to an exile on the run to… well, who knows where. Suddenly she felt a thud and looked what had hit her. The hilt of her sword, with less than a foot of blade still attached was floating there. She picked it up, appalled at the damage done to her weapon…

Crunch. Riven woke up immediately, alert. She had been having dreams about the war and her escape from Ionia for weeks, and it kept her sleep fitful. She supposed it was a good thing because it kept her a light sleeper, able to be woken up by almost nothing. On this occasion, she knew she had heard something moving in the wilderness, and now she was tensed, ready to act. Her eyes gazed around the dark clearing she was in, taking in everything. The area was ringed by trees, a small forest at the foot of the Tempest Flats. She sat there, for what seemed like hours, unmoving, but nothing appeared. She hadn’t seen any animals in this area at all, so what she heard concerned her, but there was nothing more the warrior could do for until it showed itself. The sun began to rise and she relaxed a bit, breathing easier. After a few hours more of preparation, she continued her journey to nowhere, wandering the forest.

Eventually she found herself at a trail leading to a structure in the distance. She cautiously began to approach it, staying off the side of the road, carefully coming up to the house when a voice boomed out from the top of the stone steps, “Ahhhh, Commander Riven. I wondered if I might see you wandering my way. Please, come in to my humble abode.” The Exile was intrigued, and even though it went against her better judgment, she stepped onto the path and headed towards the building. As she drew closer, she began to think she was making a mistake. Spikes lined the path, all tainted with dark brown stains, which she recognized as dried blood. Continuing along the path, when she reached the top there was an immaculately groomed man standing outside the door. Dressed in a blue noble’s robe, his long white hair hung over his shoulders and his demeanor oozed charisma.

“Hello my dear, I am Vladimir. So glad you could join me.” Vladimir had a confident smile, but it sent shivers down Riven’s spine. “Nice to meet you Vladimir. How did you know I would be coming your way?” “Well, as I’m certain you know, a select few of us in Noxus are unhappy about the way things are currently being run. We are looking to establish an elite group who have a like mind. After your recent experience with what the current high command is capable of, we thought you may be interested in joining.” Riven took in his words and thought carefully before speaking, “I may be interested, If I could learn more about this group. Who is in this organization, for example?” At this, Vladimir’s smile faltered a bit, but he answered, “Don’t you worry about that just yet, you will meet them in time. Come, dine with me.” But Riven held her ground. She could not shake the feeling that something was wrong with this situation. “You still didn’t answer my question. How did you know I would be coming your way?” Vladimir shifted, visibly uncomfortable, “Well, given your reactions the last time you came across him, I felt it would be better not to mention this, but I am working with monsieur Talon and others who you will learn about later.”

Riven thought to herself ‘Talon has had several opportunities to kill me so far and hasn’t yet. It is possible I acted hastily on the ship, though I did so for my own survival. Perhaps I will hear him out.’ “Ok,” she started slowly, “I will listen to what you “select few” have to say. However, if I don’t like it, I’m leaving and I don’t want you or your group keeping tabs on me again. Deal?” Vladimir looked pleased. “I believe those terms would work perfectly. Now come in dear. All this talking has been draining.”


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