Talon: Crimson Elite – 5

25 Jun

“She has just run away from the tavern on the southern outskirts of Noxus. My guess is she will find her way to your area soon enough. She’s a curious type, so give her something to follow.” The man in the dark cloak relayed these instructions to the regal looking man, who nodded and disappeared moments later, as though he had vanished. ‘Well, nothing to do now but set up for her arrival.’ Talon was apprehensive about something, but couldn’t be sure what. He sat down heavily in his chair at the end of the table in their meeting hall. He had faith that Vladimir would accomplish his goal, he had a disarming charisma that worked even after you knew what he was. No, he wasn’t worried about that, but alarm bells were ringing in his head regardless. He pushed them aside for now and brooded over the events of the past several weeks. His thoughts turned to the Crimson Elite’s founding.

She had found Talon shortly after the death of her father and they had many a long conversation about the current state of affairs in Noxus. The assassin was delighted that his serpentine “sister” was receptive to his views on how things should be changing. His allegiance was to her father, not to Noxus, he had said. She had wholeheartedly agreed and become a sort of confidant for Talon. Vladimir had been the first one the two had sought out. He had been easy to find and even easier to convince. While he wanted to upend the power in Noxus in favor of eventual anarchy, their goals remained the same for now, and he was a valuable ally to have in the meantime. Next they had attempted to go after Draven, the Glorious Executioner, but after mere pleasantries were exchanged, Talon had changed his mind. He had no desire for the showboating lunatic to join his squad, and his brother Darius was too close to General Swain to be persuaded. The last figure they attempted to recruit had been Katarina, but on that occasion Cassiopeia had come back wounded in several places. She refused to comment on what had happened other than a quick and decisive, “No.”

So it had been that one of the last real candidates for joining this team was commander Riven. Talon figured he would have no trouble convincing her, as she was a beloved Noxian figure recently betrayed by the corrupt rulers. She had proved more difficult than he had hoped, but her prowess in battle was more than worth the effort. Talon himself wanted the change because he had acquired a taste of power… and liked it. He wished to attain more, and as many before him, he was finding the hardest part to be finding reliable allies. He sat there contemplating all of this, planning to talk to Riven face to face and make her see reason. He was sure that she would be convinced by the end of the day, but was not enjoying the waiting.

To attempt to put his mind at ease, he left the meeting hall and walked down the entrance chamber to the store room on the left. The hall was located in the back of a local blacksmith, so there were all kinds of metals and materials stored back here. He went to the back corner and searched for the box with his new armor in it. He had paid the blacksmith a fortune to both use the back areas of the shop for his purposes, and to fit his members with brilliant new armor. The bases of the armors were to be black diamond plates that fit together perfectly. It was so well crafted that when talon had tried his on for the first time, it was as if he was wearing his normal assassin’s garb, designed to be silent. He was impressed with the job the blacksmith had done, and had just found the box when he heard voices.

He quickly stowed the box away inconspicuously and then melted into the shadows, wishing to overhear without being seen. The voices were hushed, whispering back and forth and Talon unhappy with what he was hearing. “If he finds you here-“ “He won’t until it’s too late. Now, what time are the other two getting here?” “They’re supposed to be here at noon, so we only need wait another thirty minutes.” Talon knew the serpent woman was betraying him and he found himself unsurprised. She had played her part to perfection if she truly sided with her sister; she probably even received the wounds at their “meeting” willingly. ‘No matter,’ Talon thought. ‘While this does complicate things, Vladimir knows to meet me in my hideout in the Ironspike Mountains.’ Despite this, he knew that he had to do something, or Vlad and, hopefully following him, Riven would be walking straight into a trap. He steeled himself and began to walk back towards the meeting hall.

Upon getting inside he called over Cassiopeia to ask her to examine something. She slithered in, looking perfectly calm, and Talon was again impressed with how well she had played her part. She betrayed no hint of anxiety despite preparing to backstab him imminently. As she glided up next to him, Talon pulled out his wrist blade and slashed towards her throat. The serpent ducked under the first blow and before Talon could react, her sister had appeared behind her throwing knives too quickly for the eye to follow. He immediately dove to the side and found refuge behind the large oak chairs in the room. Although the two on one was not ideal with such deadly opponents, the Blade’s Shadow was not yet concerned that he couldn’t handle it. He blended with the shadows again and charged at the sisters. He let fly three tethered daggers that went towards the pair, but Katarina blocked one with her knives and pirouetted away from the others. Cassiopeia meanwhile decided to get down the ground like the snake she was and launched acid at him from her forked tongue.

Talon wasn’t surprised at the maneuver and dove backwards onto the table. Just as he landed he heard a grunt behind him and was surprised to see Darius sprinting towards him. The Hand of Noxus raised his giant axe, looked to cleave Talon in two and it came crashing down on the middle of the table. Talon was able to use an old technique that had him dive towards the giant man and spin around behind him, attempting to slit his throat in the process. Unfortunately, he only managed to graze his shoulder pauldron and the giant table split in two from the force of the axe swing. Talon quickly assessed his options and knew he couldn’t last long three against one. He saw the flag hanging over the fireplace and made his decision. He dashed to the wall it was hanging on and vaulted himself up. Grabbing the flag, he hit the ground running and threw it as a cover over Darius. The big man’s swing was interrupted just enough to miss hooking Talon in and the assassin turned his attention to escaping. He flung the blades on the end of his cloak over to Katarina, forcing her to block it while flinging his knives at Cassiopeia at the same time. This caused him just enough of a diversion to dive past them and come up in a roll.

He sprinted down the hall, burst through the storeroom and knew he was leaving his brand new armor behind. Talon lamented the loss of his investment, but was more worried that he would have no one left on his side in the revolution. The Blade’s Shadow forced the negative thoughts out of his head and began to focus on survival. He was glad he had shown the sense to give each Elite a different meeting place; a precaution he had made for just this occasion. As he headed toward his new staging area for rebellion, he thought bitterly, ‘The Noxian high command have just upped the ante. Eventually, my blades will find their way into their hearts.’


2 Responses to “Talon: Crimson Elite – 5”

  1. Scarlex June 26, 2012 at 2:40 am #

    Great story so far! Looking forward to be reading more 😀

    • League Tales June 26, 2012 at 2:39 pm #

      Thank you! They’re coming out at least once a day (sometimes twice) so just keep checking back!

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