Riven: Crimson Elite – 8

27 Jun

Riven watched Vlad sink into the ground and out of sight. She was confident he would complete his mission, yet a feeling of unease hung over her. Still staring at the spot where he had left, she shook off her misgivings and focused back on her leader’s instructions. “What do you need me to do, Talon?” Talon paused before saying, “I have a… specialized job for you to do. I’m not going to lie to you. It will likely involve a lot of killing, and will be extremely difficult. I need you to do it because I have faith in your abilities to cause some destruction while keeping yourself away from harm.” He stared at her, waiting to see her reaction, but she merely watched him back. He pressed on, “There is storehouse where a secret Noxian weapon is being hidden. It lies in the small village of Askay, just at the base of this mountain.” For the first time, Riven’s face betrayed her interest. “So am I steal something out of this place, or simply take it down?” Talon’s pleasure at her reaction was evident. “I want you to take down every bit of it. Leave no remains at all.”

Riven thought about it for a second, “So what am I to do, slash it to the ground with my poor broken sword?” The Blade’s Shadow chuckled, “No, I wouldn’t expect even you to do that. I have a contact who will meet you there. Do you know of Ziggs, the Hexplosives Expert?” Riven was taken aback. “I thought he was firmly on the Piltovian side, how on earth did you hire him.” “Let’s say he’s more dedicated to his hexplosives than his new home. When I contacted him about this, he jumped at the chance. Of course, he thinks that we’re upset with Noxus and hope to bring them down, so it would be wise not to dissuade him of that notion.” Riven thought about what was being asked of her and was fairly excited. She couldn’t help but enjoy the idea of destroying those weapons that had torn her world apart. “I’ll do it. When am I meeting with him?” “You will meet him at an inn on the outskirts of town. It should only take you half a day’s travel to get there, and I’d like you to meet with him at sundown. Rest up and get ready for the evening.”

Two hours later, after having rested and eaten, she got up to leave. Before she could leave the cave, Talon caught hold of her arm and said, “This is the start, Riven. This is when Noxus becomes the place we’ve all wanted it to be.” Riven smiled, heartened by these words and gave him a nod, setting off with a brisk pace. The journey seemed to fly by, and before she knew it, Riven sat inside the inn on the outskirts of town. She saw the factory coming in, and was impressed with the size of it. She was surprised that it would be out here, considering the land was surrounded by farming areas and livestock. ‘Well, I suppose a weapons factory does need a lot of people working there,’ Riven thought to herself. After an hour, she saw a Yordle wearing goggles walk into the establishment. She regarded him a moment, and was half amused. He was dressed in body armor almost from head to foot, and had a giant cartoonish bomb strapped to his back. She knew by reputation that he was actually the foremost explosives expert on Valoran, but his strange appearance was comical nonetheless.

She caught his eye and hailed him over. As he sat down, the Yordle said, “This’ll be a blast.” He grinned with one of the biggest smiles Riven had ever seen and the two got down to work. After an hour of deliberation, Riven knew that her job was to assault the compound from the front, drawing the guards’ attention away. Ziggs would infiltrate the compound from the backside, using a low impact charge to bounce himself over the fence. From there, he would proceed to place bombs all around the warehouse and bring it down in one large explosion after the two were at a safe distance. It seemed pretty simple, and the main reason it should work was the element of surprise. Noxus simply didn’t think Talon knew anything about these weapons, and Grand General Darkwill had a habit of underestimating his enemies. Riven and Ziggs decided on a time to strike and the Yordle left Riven sitting at the table, biding her time.

She became restless, wishing her time to act would get there. Her mind drifted to the day she had been betrayed by her country and rage began to fester inside of her. Her resolve to take down the weaponry grew with each passing minute and when her moment finally came, she was ready. Walking through town, she looked at each face and realized most of these people knew this factory was there and did nothing to stop it. She was disgusted, but nothing would come between her and her goal right now. After a short walk she reached the front of the compound and walked up to the only opening in the barbed wire fence. A guard post sat there, filled with a group of four men who stood up quickly upon seeing the approaching woman.

“You there, stop! This is Noxian government property, and you’re gonna wanna turn away right now lady.” Riven unsheathed her sword and smiled the same grim smile she always wore before a fight. “I will not turn away, and I’d like to see you stop me.” The guards grew angry and charged at the impudent woman who stood before them. Riven quickly dodged out of the way of the first guard and thrust her blade into his neck. She had no time to admire her handiwork, as the next two swung at her high and low. She jumped above one, while ducking the other and concentrated on releasing her pent up energy. It stunned both guards momentarily, and she slashed at the unfortunate pair three times. They fell, dead before they hit the ground and an alarm began to go off in the background. Suddenly a group of fifteen more guards came running out of a barracks inside the compound and looked around. They spotted Riven and headed over, and she couldn’t help but think the entire group’s armor was severely lacking for such an important facility.

She shrugged off the thought and focused again, knowing she would need to keep moving to negate their advantage of numbers. She began to run away, dashing this way and that, taunting them to come after her. Whenever one would get too close she would suddenly fly back in with her signature triple slice, and kill them instantly. After a few minutes, Riven found herself several hundred yards away from the compound with fallen corpses dotting the landscape between them. Only seven of the original nineteen remained and she stopped. ‘Only three minutes left before the Yordle gets to light his fuse,’ Riven mused. The guards kept their distance, clearly having learned that she was not one to be trifled with. “What do you want here? Why would you come and attack our village?” “You know what you’ve done you filthy vermin. My burdens of the past started because of places like this. Your weapons are used on Noxian soldiers as well as the enemy. Total annihilation should not be the goal of warfare!” The guards looked stunned. “Weapons? What are you talking about? This is the food storage facility for the entire land of Noxus.”

At that moment a blast that lit up the night sky formed brilliantly behind the guards back. Riven was blinded and looked away, hitting the ground to avoid being struck by flying debris. After a few moments, she looked over towards the compound and saw a giant gaping hole in the ground. ‘I… I just doomed thousands of citizens,’ Riven thought. ‘I… I…’ She got up to her knees, unable to speak or even think. She looked up to the sky and yelled, heart heavy with the knowledge that she had effectively murdered half the population of Noxus.


5 Responses to “Riven: Crimson Elite – 8”

  1. Scarlex June 28, 2012 at 2:21 am #

    And thus the plot thickens….

    Sorry for spamming your comments, but I feel you should know that at least one person reads this awesomeness 🙂

    • League Tales June 28, 2012 at 2:22 am #

      I actually really appreciate it! Feedback lets me know what people want!

      • Scarlex June 28, 2012 at 2:30 am #

        Glad to hear it. By the way, I like how you incorporate the style and “abilites” of a champion from the game into your story 🙂

      • League Tales June 28, 2012 at 2:35 am #

        I figured, it’s a league game, gotta give some league fanservice! Plus, it helps to keep the characters well defined and seperate :). Plus, one or two trolly references are fun (swordboots op)

  2. Scarlex June 28, 2012 at 3:04 am #

    Yeah, that one cracked me up 🙂

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