Vladimir: Crimson Elite – 7

27 Jun

Vladimir awoke to see Riven and Talon at the table, deeply engrossed in conversation. “Good, you’re awake,” Talon remarked as Vlad walked up to them. “I have a task for each of you and we need to get started as quickly as we can.” Vlad sat down casually and regarded his new leader, “Oh yeah? What’s my job, boss?” Although his tone was slightly sardonic, Talon overlooked his casual demeanor. “Vladimir, I need you to get the armor I left at the safe house back. You will find it in the storage room, and there will be five sets; one for each of us, and one for Cassiopeia and Katarina.” “Seems like a waste of funds there,” laughed Riven. “Never you mind about that, there could be use for those yet,” Talon replied with a bit of steel in his voice. “I know you left Blood Runes everywhere around Noxus, so I’d like you to leave now if you can. I’d advise against trying the one inside our meeting hall. I’m sure it has either been cleaned up, or is closely guarded.” “I know just the place,” Vlad said.  As he walked to the corner of the cave, blood spilled out of his fingertips and began to form runes on the ground.

Vlad flashed Riven a cocky smile followed by a wink, and then in an instant he had disappeared. He enjoyed his time between blood runes. To him it felt as if his entire world was made of blood, and where there was blood, Vlad was in control. When he reformed, Vlad found himself inside a closet at the entrance to a bell tower. This church had been the location of his very first killings, when he had stabbed two boys just to see them bleed. He felt it was a fitting place to begin anew with the Crimson Elite. He stepped outside the church and looked down the streets of Noxus. The air had a metallic taste to it, and the road was lined with wood and brick building, hunched closely together. It almost looked as though the architecture had taken the Noxian mindset to heart, and each building seemingly competed with those around it for space. ‘There’s no place like home,’ Vlad though sarcastically. He stood there for a few moments, taking everything in. Time rushed by him though, and suddenly he heard “Stop right there! Don’t move and we won’t hurt you.”

Vlad looked towards the shouts and saw two Noxian guards running towards him, guns leveled. Vlad threw his arm at the charging men and before anyone could see what had happened, the attackers lay on the ground, gaping holes in their chests. Vlad absorbed the blood he had just taken from his would-be assassins and continued on his way. He knew it was not a smart decision to be walking around the way he was, but his bloodlust was pulsing. Walking in broad daylight, he was silently daring anyone to attempt to collect the bounty on his head. He continued down the streets, unopposed until he reached the blacksmith where the armors were being held.

Vlad became careful now, hiding around a corner and surveying the scene. He waited nearly two hours, unmoving, but saw no one enter or exit the blacksmith. This confirmed his suspicions that his enemies knew this place was important, even if they didn’t know why. The hemomancer had an idea of how to get in, but knew it was risky. He knew that he could create a set of blood runes where he stood and another inside the storage room. It would be tricky to do from this long range, but it would be the best way to quickly get in and out. The main problem Vlad had with the idea is that he had already created one today, and even after absorbing the blood of the two guards, he had no desire to weaken himself any further. After debating with himself for a few minutes, he realized standing there arguing with himself wouldn’t do any good and let the blood flow out of him towards his feet.

“Not often that you get to see something that disgusting at work.” Vlad jerked his head up and looked towards the voice. Cassiopeia, the Serpent’s Embrace, was standing there looking pleased with herself. “I highly doubt that Cassie,” Vlad said lightheartedly. “I’ve heard of your new eating habits, and they don’t sound half as bad as anything I do.” Vlad gave her a mocking grin as he said this and her eyes flashed. “Say what you like, hemomancer. I’ve learned enough about your kind to realize that you wouldn’t be at full strength after making one of these rune circles.” Vlad’s smile faltered slightly and she broke into a terrifying smirk. “That’s what I thought. Now, how about you come over with me and we’ll get this whole business sorted out without any bloodshed.”

At that moment, the Crimson Reaper dissolved in a pool of blood and shot towards the blacksmith. He was desperate to get inside first, for he knew if he managed to grab the armor, he just might get to the runes inside. ‘If they were smart enough to clean it up, I’m done for,’ Vlad thought grimly. Halfway to the blacksmith he reformed and sprinted towards the back. For the first time in his life he wished he had a pair of swordboots to speed him up, much like a certain Ionian champion he had once seen.  He opened the door with a solid kick and burst in. He saw five guards reacting instantly to his presence, knocking over a poker table on their way up. Vlad concentrated hard and flung his blood on the Noxians, momentarily constricting them. He quickly called it back and it flew back into veins, charging him.

A blinding pain ripped down Vlad’s back and he dropped to his knees momentarily, feeling the coat and skin binding together. He quickly turned, a move that seemed to throw fire down his spine and composed himself. He felt the serpentine blood coursing through the woman standing in front of him, preparing to spew more acid. He focused hard, blocking out the agony and pulled a fair amount of blood out from between the scales in her body. She gasped for a moment, feeling a surge of pain and the two stood there looking at each other, neither willing to make a move for fear of exacerbating their injuries. Even though he felt weak, the hemomancer summoned his energy up and blasted blood from both hands. One he shot at Cassiopeia, forcing her to use energy blocking the toxic blood; the other wrapped around the storage box he had come for.

He summoned all the blood he had just thrown out back into himself and then quickly ran down the hall with the armor. He dove into the destroyed meeting room, hearing acid hitting the door frame behind him. He lunged at the runes on the floor trying to melt as soon as his feet touched blood. He glanced over his shoulder and saw acid flying at his face. Unable to react quickly enough, it covered his head. Cassiopeia watched him melt all the way down and wondered whether he’d gotten away. All Vlad heard was silence.


2 Responses to “Vladimir: Crimson Elite – 7”

  1. Scarlex June 27, 2012 at 3:41 am #

    You’re a mean person, McCliffhanger 😛

    Joking aside, great work so far. Long time since I’ve been so into a story that I go “wait, no there has to be more” at a cliffhanger. Combat seems to flow very well too 🙂

    • League Tales June 27, 2012 at 11:11 am #

      :-D. Well as long as people want em, I’m gonna keep going!

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