Talon: Crimson Elite – 9

28 Jun

Talon almost felt guilty about lying to Riven like that. She would surely find out soon enough that she was not destroying a weapons manufacturing plant. ‘Well, this way I can discern her state of mind. If she comes back, I have a loyal soldier and lieutenant. If not, she did the job I needed her to and becomes inconsequential.’ Satisfied with this reasoning, Talon began to prepare for his own journey. Through various means, he had gathered intelligence stating that the Noxian push in Ionia had finally been stalled and that there was to be a League meeting to decide the final outcome. Surprisingly to the public, Katarina had not been chosen as part of the battle, despite being one of Noxus’ finest warriors. Talon had been able to ascertain the true reason she was indisposed. She was leading a group of Noxian assassins to execute two important Demacian diplomats on their way to Bandle City. The Yordle homeland and the Demacians had not been in good standing lately, and Noxus had a large interest in keeping it that way.

Talon was sure that Vladimir would succeed in his mission, and wished he had time to wait for his new armor. Unfortunately, Katarina had a day’s head start as well as a hefty lead distance-wise, so there was no time to waste. He left in a hurry and started towards the Mogron Pass in the Tempest Flat cliffs. He knew he had to beat Katarina and the traveling diplomats there, because once Katarina had finished the job there’d be no distractions for him to take advantage of. He made swift progress, and after two hard days progress, found himself at Mogron Pass. He immediately took stock of the area and debated his options. The Proving Grounds stood tall and majestic in front of him. The bridge was a relic of the rune wars; the summoners used to wage war atop the bridge when they needed to pass north to south, but these days it was used to train novice summoners for the league. It stood across a chasm and it’s terrain was impassable were it not for the amateur field of justice.

Assessing the surrounding area Talon decided he could make an ambush at the top of the area and would kill the Demacian representatives before Katarina even got there. He agreed with the Noxian high command that Demacia and Bandle City should not remedy their differences. Despite this, he knew that if he managed the feat first Katarina would be momentarily put off, and that would be his time to strike. He climbed the tower and reached the top, finding the perfect corner for his cloak to hide him in. The Demacian representatives were not far behind and after less than an hour, Talon was poised, ready to strike. The delegation passed and with a flourish of his cloak the Blade’s Shadow was able to decapitate half the guard, disembowel two others and had the two ambassadors at his disposal. The begged for mercy, but Talon merely smiled and said cruelly, “Not today ambassadors”.

He cleaned off his blades and prepared for the arrival of the Noxian delegation. He hid in the corner near the door, hiding himself under the cloak again. Katarina arrived in less than two minutes, a small contingent of Noxian soldiers following her. Talon listened carefully and determined by the footsteps that she had only brought a group of three with her. He had every tactical advantage possible, for he knew exactly the way they were trained, while they had no clue he was there. Katarina immediately stopped and studied her surroundings. She was intelligent and knew that the Demacians had not fallen to phantom blades in the night. Talon saw the suspicion on her face and waited for his moment. She walked slowly onto the bridge, head on a swivel. She was waiting for an attack that wouldn’t come, and finally, satisfied that whatever had attacked the contingent was gone, she went to check on the downed party in front of her. As she was kneeling to check the pulse of the diplomats, Talon made his move. Before the assassins even saw him move, he was behind one, slitting his throat.

The other two looked at their falling comrade and that one moment of distraction was all Talon needed. Before they could so much as bring out their weapons to defend themselves, blades had been plunged deep into their backs, and they slumped forward. Katarina turned and looked at Talon. He saw the fear in her eyes for a moment before she quickly regained composure and said, “Talon, why bother coming for these two? You obviously knew Noxus was sending me to do the same job.” She seemed more curious now, knowing he would give her the professional courtesy not to kill her with cheap tricks. “Well Katarina, that is just something you and I will discuss in fifteen seconds when I have my blade to your throat. Then I will be ready to talk.” Katarina looked incensed and quicker than eyes could follow she had unsheathed the knives lining her legs and threw them at the rogue assassin. Talon was already dodging underneath and sliding towards her on his knees. This was a dangerous battleground, for on this narrow bridge there was not much room to move, let alone dodge, but Talon had earned his deadly reputation for a reason.

He flung his tethered blades and her, forcing her to dive backwards to avoid them, but saw her land on the balls of her feet, ready to spring forward. He smiled, knowing he had read her perfectly and waited. She dove at him, almost appearing to teleport, turning in midair to strike him. Unfortunately for the woman of Noxus, Talon was familiar with her technique and used the side wall of the bridge to end up behind her. He held his blade to her neck and pressed down lightly. The hours he had spent painstakingly sharpening his tools showed as a dribble of blood began to slide down Katarina’s neck, and Talon smiled. “Now, as I said, we are in the position I like to negotiate from.” He did not bother holding down her arms, knowing as well as she did that if she moved a muscle her head would be rolling on the floor.

“What do you want, traitor?” Katarina hissed. “Traitor? That seems a little harsh considering my aims. You knew your father better than anyone, and all I’m doing is continuing his work with a little more vigor.” Katarina considered, but remained silent, no doubt cognizant of the dangers disagreeing might bring. “I am not aiming to bring down Noxus, nor change any of its ideals. My only goal is to have a change of leadership; with myself at the helm of course.” Katarina scoffed, “And what makes you think you’re entitled to lead? You think you can do a better job than Boram Darkwill?” Talon paused for effect, “I believe I will do better because I would put an end to the endless Noxian squabbling for power. We would already rule this land if we could put an end to this endless infighting!”

“Your father wanted a united Noxus, one that would fight external threats rather than internal ones. His goal was to use me to bring about this new age of power, but unfortunately Darkwill caught wind of it and eliminated him first.” Katarina narrowed her eyes and said, “How do you know that?” “I witnessed it with my own eyes. He brought in a full execution team to deal with the two of us, and while I was fighting off the guards, Darkwill ganged up on him and slew him with his own blade.” Katarina gasped and her eyes grew empty as she pictured her father’s death at the hands of her fellow Noxians. Talon had no idea what the true circumstances behind her father’s death were, but he was pleased that his story had its intended effect. She took a moment to compose herself before finally saying, “I have long agreed with the philosophy you’re explaining Talon. With your combat skill and obvious political talent, I believe you may be the one to unite us at last. Consider me and my skills at your disposal…” She hesitated, “Brother.”


4 Responses to “Talon: Crimson Elite – 9”

  1. Scarlex June 29, 2012 at 2:23 am #

    Talon, master douchebag 😛

    • Yuri_PT June 29, 2012 at 3:18 am #

      Loved it, keep them coming! 😀

      • League Tales June 29, 2012 at 3:30 am #

        Thank you! 🙂 I certainly will (and skumbag Talon seems op. Maybe he needs to lose a fight xD)

    • League Tales June 29, 2012 at 4:50 pm #

      Since you’ve been here from the start, what do you think of the changing backgrounds?

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