Riven: Crimson Elite – 10

29 Jun

The Exile staggered to her feet. What had she done, what could she do now? The only thought on her mind was to run, far away, where none of this would matter anymore. As she ran west, leaving city lines, she a heard a manic voice yell, “Hey! Where are you going, let’s blow this joint!” She turned her head and saw Ziggs, the Yordle with a penchant for destruction, in a hovering vehicle, flying towards her. “Come on, come on, come on!” The Yordle seemed hyped up, excited by what he had just done, and Riven had no wish to continue with him. “Leave me, we will escape separately.” The pint-sized demolitions expert shrugged and then banked sharply, flying off north towards Piltover. Riven decided to blank her mind and simply carry on for now. She chose to get to the Howling Marsh, a place where none would follow, and would decide what to do next from there.

She ran for nearly a day straight, barely pausing at all, and when she finally made camp in the marsh, she fell asleep almost instantly. When she finally woke up, she was thankful her sleep had been dreamless; a godsend in the state she was in. She finally sat there and took the time to reflect on what had just happened. She realized now that she had been played by Talon from the start. He knew exactly how to manipulate her, knowing her fury at the weapons would take over her caution. ‘To be honest,’ she thought, ‘he is the ideal Noxian leader. He’s cunning, a gifted warrior, and had a brilliant plan.’ She knew that by destroying the food supply, Noxians everywhere would become angry. Starvation was one of the quickest ways to incite a riot, and Talon had just hit a masterstroke. Faith in the current leadership would be at a low, and that creates a window of opportunity. He would be able to strike out, and either through violence or even just political maneuvering, he could slip in and fill the power vacuum left at the top.

Riven was begrudgingly impressed with Talon’s plan, but this did nothing to lessen her guilt. She was far too familiar with the way the Noxian mind worked to be upset with him for lying to her, but she could not get over her role in the destruction. She sat there feeling sorry for herself, allowing the guilt to be overwhelm her. The squad in the Ionian war, the people of Noxus and her own life falling to pieces around her hit her like a tidal wave. She used her much needed time in the wilderness to let all the pent up emotion and pain out. She sat there, sobbing silently for long time until there was nothing left inside her but a fierce determination. While Talon may not have been much different from the other rulers, she had chosen her path when she sided with him. She would support him in his efforts to rule Noxus, and be a loyal advisor. Hopefully this would allow her to have an opinion about his choices and could stop him from committing more atrocities, repeating the mistakes of the old rule. She decided she would waste no more time feeling bad for the past and instead looked to the future.

A short ways off, a voice cried out, “Back lich! You have faced nothing like me.” Riven was taken aback. She thought she was alone in this wilderness and wondered what was happening. Quickly and quietly, she stole over and glanced through a thicket of bushes to see a dragon fighting a lich. The dragon’s scales shone orange and red as the light danced across them, a stark contrast to the blood red robes and black skin of the lich. The dragon was dancing in and out of range, attempting to dodge pinkish orbs that flew at her from the lich’s staff. The lich laid an orb directly behind the dragon, causing it to dodge forward to bite him. Just as the dragon closed in, a magical wall appeared in front of the beast, causing her to revert to a blue skinned humanoid. Riven was taken aback, but knew that the magnificent creature was in trouble. She leapt out from behind the trees and drew her blade. Upon seeing a new competitor the lich quickly backed away. He threw another magical wall up and disappeared behind it into the darkness.

“Thank you, stranger.” The blue skinned woman had a deep, compassionate voice. ‘A little surprising for a half-dragon,’ thought Riven. “No problem, but what happened here? Why would you go after a lich alone?” The dragon sighed, “Alas, that was my own fault. I merely came to these woods to have a little time away from society and attempt to stay in touch with my dragon’s roots in a constructive manner. I did not realize that such evil lay here. Before we speak further, we should leave in case that monstrosity decides to come back.” They traveled quite a ways in silence, Riven sensing that she could trust this mysterious woman instantly. “Now then, I am Shyvana, elite guard to Prince Jarvan IV. Who might you be, friend?” Riven inhaled sharply, then replied, “I am Riven, formerly a commander in the Noxian army.” Half-expecting a fight, she kept her hand close to her sword, but the half-dragon made no threatening movements.

“I have heard of you, although you are now called Riven the Exile, are you not?” Riven simply shrugged and sat down heavily on a nearby rock. “I didn’t realize that was my new title, but it’s fitting.” Shyvana seemed to understand that she didn’t wish to discuss it and merely stood there watching the Exile closely. Abruptly she changed the subject, “Why do you fight with a broken blade?” Riven was slightly startled by the switch, but answered, “I don’t know. I like my rune blade, we’ve been through a lot together, and not to brag, but I can still do a fair amount of damage with it.” Shyvana considered this before saying, “I have heard tell of rune blades being forged anew if their wielder is talented enough. They are a curious weapon in how closely they are tied to their users. The utmost concentration is required, but you strike me as someone who is a quick learner. Something about your scent is… intelligent.” Riven wasn’t exactly sure what she meant by that, but was very intrigued about her sword. “You’re telling me that if I concentrate hard enough in a battle I can re-forge my runeblade to its full length?”

“I have only heard speculation, but yes. I believe if you focus your emotions and energies into it that completing it should be possible.” Shyvana finally sat down on a rock next to Riven and the two engaged in long conversation. Riven relayed the events of the past few weeks, leaving out only the items of the Crimson Elite, explaining her presence in the swamp away by saying she needed time away as well. Shyvana furrowed her brow at this, possibly sensing she was lying, or omitting part of the truth, but said nothing. At this point, Shyvana told of her upbringing as part of the dragons’ culture before her father’s death for having spawned a half-dragon. Then she told of Demacia and its ideals of honor and service winning her over with Jarvan IV personally repeatedly demonstrating these qualities over time . Riven was shocked at how much she and this Demacian had in common, but said nothing, choosing to listen rather than speak.

After a long while Riven turned towards the half-dragon and said, “It was a true pleasure meeting you today, Shyvana. I sincerely hope our paths cross again somewhere other than the battlefield.” Shyvana chuckled and said, “You as well, Riven. If you ever find yourself in need of a place to stay, I will personally welcome you with open arms.” With that, the dragon turned away and started back home while Riven contemplated the strange luck she had by finding a friend out here.

Finally, she began to head back to the cave that had become the Crimson Elite’s meeting place. She felt as though ages had passed since the events at the food storage facility and walked with a newfound sense of purpose. She had always thought that the Demacian brand of justice was tyrannical and supported the weak far too much to be effective, and subsequently was surprised at how much of what Shyvana said made sense. She shook the thought out of her head and prepared for her next meeting with Talon.


3 Responses to “Riven: Crimson Elite – 10”

  1. Kwazin June 29, 2012 at 7:22 am #

    More pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee! Soooo gooooood!

  2. Super scoop June 29, 2012 at 9:22 am #

    Love where these are going!! 🙂 can’t wait to see how everything comes together!

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