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Irelia: Ionian Fervor – 1

31 Jul

The stranger came into the restaurant, inquiring about the Starchild again. His attire was simple, but elegant. Soraka always welcomed everyone who wished to find her, but there was something about this man that made the Starchild’s guardian pause. Occasionally when she looked over, she could swear his eyes were glowing red, but as soon as she looked again they were back to normal. It was not much more than a hunch, but it was enough to keep the Starchild’s guardian wary of the stranger.

The entire restaurant fell silent as he slammed his hands down on the counter top. “Dammit! I’ve had enough of this! My friend needs help, and the Starchild could help her. Why does she refuse?” The man’s tone started angry, but grew pleading as he went on, and the Will of the Blades was intrigued. She stood up, revealing sleek armor. It was colored red and white and had an odd attachment at the back. There was a seemingly ornamental contraption connected to her shoulder plates. Four blades hung from it, each looking sharp and deadly.

Everyone in the establishment watched the woman walk up to the stranger who had been demanding to see the Starchild. She paced her steps deliberately, attempting to get a measure of the man in case trouble broke out. “Who are you stranger? Why do you seek our healer?” She looked him directly in the eyes, unsure whether she wanted to see what she was looking for.

“I am here because my friend is close to death. I had to perform some…” He paused, clearly looking for the right words. “creative magic to heal her. Unfortunately, it was not enough to restore her completely and I’ve heard that the Starchild can bring people back from the brink of death. Please, if you can, help me.” He looked entirely sincere, and she did not sense he was lying to her, but decided to give him one last test.

“I’m afraid you cannot see her now. Come back in a few days and I’ll consider bringing you to her.” There it was. His eyes flashed red for a moment before he took a deep breath. She prepared herself for the attack, but it never came. He hung his head and said, “Then I’m afraid my friend is simply lost.” With that, he turned away and walked out of the restaurant. Irelia was surprised and quickly ran after him. She caught up to him as they stepped outside. “Who are you stranger?” She asked for the second time.

He looked surprised and turned around, “I am a humble traveler who is concerned for his friend.” The woman looked around at her homeland; she saw the beauty of the pink blossoms in the trees all around, the green grass beneath their feet. The restaurant behind them was made from the wood of trees that shed their bark every season, leaving as small of an impact on the environment as possible. Seeing her homeland reminded her that she should help all those who were in need.

“I apologize. I am Irelia, Will of the Blades. I can take your friend to see the Starchild right away. Please, tell me your name first.” She held out her hand and the man hesitated a moment before shaking it. “I am Vladimir, the Crimson Reaper. I come from Noxus, but as an outcast, not an invader.” She momentarily gripped his hand harder, but quickly released it. Being Noxian didn’t necessarily mean he was evil. “I will ask no more for now, but I am interested as to how you came to be in our lands.”

He nodded and said, “My friend is back at the inn just a mile south of here. What should I do?” Irelia regarded him and told him, “Bring your friend to the temple just north of this restaurant. There is a nexus there and I will bring Soraka to you by nightfall.” The man nodded and thanked her profusely before rushing away. Irelia was intrigued by this man. It was not often that people met a Noxian who showed compassion for others.

Irelia began to trek northwards, knowing she’d need to travel several miles north of the temple to get to the main city of Ionia. The temple she was sending Vladimir to was the Placidium, which housed the School of Transcendentalism. Soraka was on the board of regents for the school and it produced many of Ionia’s greatest thinkers and philosophers. The nexus it housed was the most powerful in the entire city state, and when used to channel Soraka’s healing arts it could perform miracles.

Irelia briefly thought back to the moment when she had been on the precipice of death and Soraka saved her using this exact Nexus. An unexpected side effect of the powerful energies had bound Irelia’s blades to her. She now controlled them as easily as if they were her own limbs. Absorbed in her memories, she paid no attention to the beautiful scenes around her. The mountains in front of her loomed high, with several cliff faces creating brilliant waterfalls. The temple itself was set in the mountain and had fascinating architecture heavily utilizing gems.

Irelia had seen all this before, and passed it by without paying much attention, skirting around the bottom of the mountain towards the city on the far side. The walk was uneventful, but for some reason she felt uneasy. As she approached the outskirts of the town the feeling deepened. She began to proceed cautiously as she walked down an alleyway. She heard voices around the corner and couldn’t make out what they said at first. She slowly came closer and heard, “-at’s too bad. I guess we’ll just have to take it by force.”

Concerned, Irelia immediately decided to take action and revealed herself. Stepping around the corner she saw two men standing over a cowering woman. Before any of the three could react, Irelia’s blades sprung to life off her shoulder plate. Hovering in front of her, the four blades created an x, connected at the middle by a red glowing circle. She sprang forward, striking the first man dead, impaling his chest with ease. The second was groping inside his jacket for something, but Irelia quickly slashed across and his head went rolling down the alley. She stooped over to examine what he had been grabbing when she heard glass breaking behind her.

She quickly looked up and saw a hooded figure run away from the window above. Irelia was about to give chase when she noticed a greenish gas rising from the broken bottle on the floor. Almost immediately, her knees felt weak. She attempted to keep herself up against the wall, but her hands would not listen to her mind’s commands. She slumped against the wall and her head hit the ground with a crack.

Feeling somewhat delirious from both the gas and the head injury, she couldn’t help but think that the hooded figure’s mouth had looked funny wrapped in rags. She wondered briefly if he had been a walking mummy before closing her eyes and surrendering to the darkness.

Well, here we are. A new story arc. This is counting as my post for Tuesday the 31st, so don’t be expecting more in the afternoon :). I just thought I’d give you guys this one early because I’m such a nice guy!

As you can see, (or may have guessed from the title) Irelia is going to be one of our main characters for this new series. I’m hoping I can really blend what I liked about the past two stories in order to make this the best one yet! I have some ideas, and we’ll see how they pan out.

Have a good one summoner’s, and here we go again! 🙂

-Tale Master


Filler 9: Reader Post

30 Jul

Hey guys, last day of filler here! Tomorrow will be the start of the newest story arc, Ionian Fervor. So today, I’m going to link you guys over to a long time reader who keeps a league of legends blog going. It’s not story-based, but gameplay based, and I’ve been very entertained by several things on there. Since you all seem to share my taste, I’m assuming you will be equally entertained :).

Have a good one summoner’s and come back tomorrow for the NEW story!

-Tale Master

Filler 8: The Raven (of Midlane)

29 Jul

Ok guys, this is just a quick update. There will be something new out, a little later tonight. I just got home, but I’ve had the idea for a few days now, and I hope you guys will like it. I’m going to edit this post when I do, including changing the title to it’s REAL title. Just wanted to update you so you guys knew I wasn’t abandoning you :).

Alright, and here it is! It is another poem, this time styled after Edgar Allen Poe’s the Raven. If you are in need of some help understanding the flow and the rhyme scheme, go to this link . While I’m sure mine is not perfect, it does follow the rhyme scheme and the syllable layout, so I hope you enjoy it :).

This is, the epic poem:

The Raven (of Midlane)

Once upon a field of battle, the champ’s armor did a-rattle.

A master tactician, his name the great general Swain,

Did plan a feat of much import, that would for sure, the blue team thwart.

He faced a foe of great strength and sought his head in the mid lane.

Though Fiddle the crow was alarmingly skillful, not mundane,

The Raven abused his brain.

The Scarecrow’s head was a hollow shell, the plan he could not follow.

He would ensnare this evil creature, the great general Swain.

First he must force the loss of cd’s, joking and taunting with ease.

The crow did waste all his powers at once trying to cause pain.

The raven was pleased with this turn of events, in his mid lane.

Now ’twas time to bring the pain.

He lay his snaring skill nevermove, the crow was caught, he made his move,

Lets loose his raven, “Decrepify” shouts great general Swain.

The tether that’s made ‘twixt the crow and raven, sets midlane aglow.

With an evil laugh he torments his foe, enjoying his bane.

The ravenous flock, cast upon himself made him laugh again,

He knew he had won midlane.

Just as he went in for the kill, it appeared to ruin his thrill.

The enemy jungler went after the great general Swain.

Killing the plan, out of the brush, Udyr used ghost and made a rush,

For our hero, the raven. With bear stance he came, down the lane,

Headbutting our raven with near doubled speed like a freight train.

Swain could not hide his disdain.

The crow and the jungler moved in, on our stunned midlaning raven.

‘Why did I not buy a ward?’ lamented the general Swain.

The damage was done and he died, hurting his health and his mind’s pride.

A voice from the heavens announced to the world, “You have been slain”

There’s a lesson for you, young summoners, buy wards for your lane,

Or die like general Swain.

This actually didn’t take that long to write, but I didn’t make it as long as I originally thought it would be either! So, I hope you enjoyed it :). Have a good one summoners, we have reader content for you tomorrow, and then I believe I will be starting the new story on Tuesday.

-Tale Master

Filler 7: Just a Quickie

28 Jul

Hey summoners, I’m still out for work, but I have a quick moment, so I’ll update now! You guys have totally failed me xD and didn’t give me any work to put on display, so you’ll have to deal with what you get!

Dashing through the league, on boarback do I ride,

Under turrets I go, diving to the side (hahaha).

When those champs target me, and leave themselves exposed,

I’ll gank their silly asses and their corpses I’ll dispose.

Oh league of legends, league of legends, league of sejuani,

I love riding on my battle pig and tanking all the hits.

Oh league of legends, league of legends, league of sejuani,

I hope you enjoyed this crappy song now send me in some art! (I hope you all read this last line in tune because it’s the last line of the song dammit! 🙂 )

-Tale Master

Forums & Feedback 2 + Filler 6

27 Jul

So I’d like this to serve as the second Forums and Feedback post, and it’s the same as the last! Anything you’d like to say to me, what you liked, what you didn’t like, what you want to see more of, put it here! I tried to incorporate everything you guys told me last time, and even though I didn’t like the story as much, I felt overall that my writing has definitely improved.

So anything you’d like to say can be said right here :). As for filler, for this first day, I’m putting a plea out to everyone. I’m going to be out of town for work this weekend, and I could use all the help I can get. I’m going to be checking it when I can, but there’s no way I’ll be able to troll the internet and find what you guys want! So any help, or anyone looking to get something published somewhere, here’s your chance!

As for today, I have nothing prepared, so all you get today is an amazing work of art done by me on paint.

 This masterpiece is called Sejuani and Mr. Piggles.

Have a good one summoners!

-Tale Master

Ashe: The War for Freljord – 20

26 Jul

Ashe was leaving her vantage point, planning on firing at any soldiers who threatened the retreating army, but stopped when she looked down. Sejuani was standing there, alone, holding the enemy off. Her boar lay dead a few paces away, and Ashe knew that meant trouble for Noxus. A few tried to pass her, but she smote them down, seemingly without effort. Tryndamere was saying something to her, but Ashe couldn’t tell whether she acknowledged it. After a moment, he gave up and followed the Freljordian army in a swift retreat.

Ashe knew she should run after him, but stood transfixed, watching the events unfold. Sejuani stood there, motionless, but still no Noxian dared go after her. They stood there, facing off against each other for thirty seconds before Sejuani darted forward suddenly. She swung her mace into the middle of the Noxian crowd and created her now infamous ice prison. At that moment, any enemies who were not caught converged on her and began hacking at her. Ashe could not bear to watch her one time rival be slaughtered so mercilessly.

The Frost Archer looked down for a moment, composing herself before drawing an arrow. She slotted it into its proper spot on her bow and concentrated. She let loose a powerful enchanted arrow that grew in size and brilliance as it flew down. By the time it touched down where Sejuani’s corpse lay, the arrow had grown to the size of a minotaur, and impacted with the force of several bombs. Ashe began to run away, but turned back briefly to see what had happened. Lying there, her body perfectly preserved in crystal, was Sejuani, the Winter’s Wrath.

Ashe smiled a wan smile, glad that she could help memorialize Sejuani so beautifully. After a moment of wistful thoughts of a friendship that never could have been, Ashe began to sprint as fast as she could towards her Freljordian army. She reached the edge of the canyon just as the last of the Freljordian army was climbing over the wall of debris at the entrance. She attached a length of rope to one of her arrows and shot it into the top of the cliff.

Scaling down the wall took mere moments, and she was able to be reunited with her people. She threw herself into Tryndamere’s arms, allowing herself a second to be glad to see him. Everything she’d been feeling welled up inside her momentarily, but she pushed it back down, determined to be strong for her people. She immediately took charge and addressed the assembled group. “Freljordians, we have lost our homes today. I think we have all realized that Noxus is now the biggest threat to safety in Valoran. I have failed you entirely as queen, and allowed these brutes to come and take over our land. I intend to offer my services and warnings to Demacia. I understand that because of my failures, some of you may wish not to join me. I understand entirely, and as of now, I am dissolving the monarchy of Freljord. You are all free to do as you please, but I recommend you go into hiding as long as Noxus remains a threat.”

She paused, giving everyone gathered time to think. After ten seconds of silence, Volibear walked forward and took his place next to her. Nunu followed shortly after, and Alistar joined as well. Seeing their leaders placing their faith in Ashe, the assembled people formed ranks and stood at attention. Ashe smiled and said, “Well then, onwards to Demacia.”

She led her people south west towards Demacia. Even though they were exhausted, everyone marched straight on through the night and the next day. As they reached the edge of Freljordian territory, Ashe looked back at the land she had ruled yesterday. Where they stood there was no storm, and the sun shone down on the land, making it appear peaceful. She stopped for a moment, allowing the army to march on, and she made a promise to herself.

‘I will do whatever it takes to stop Noxus. I will not have allowed so many to have died in vain. I promise you this, Freljord: Noxus shall pay.’ With that, she turned around and headed towards Demacia.


Talon looked down at the battlefield. His forces had taken a large hit, but they accomplished what they set out to do. The nation of Freljord was no more, and a potentially powerful enemy had been destroyed. Noxus was closer than ever to achieving their goal of global domination.

His newest plan was to sit back and rebuild their resources for a time. He could not keep up this conquering pace due to the spirited resistance of the peoples he planned to envelope. For now, he would sit back and lend aid to Zaun. During his tenure here, he had received word that Zaun had invaded Ionia, figuring they would still be weak from the aborted invasion from Noxus. The fight had gone well for them initially, but Ionia proved to be every bit as stubborn as they had been for the Noxians.

If the Zaunites were smart enough to accept his help, he would have found a truly powerful ally, as well as potentially having an opportunity to eliminate another threat. ‘Yes,’ Talon thought, ‘The future looks bright under my rule.’ He smiled, and calmly walked inside the castle. It seemed that a cup of tea was in order.

We hit 1500 views today. It’s only ten am here, and we’ve hit 1500 views! This is amazing! I was planning to make you guys wait until much later today for this, but I wanted to celebrate the milestone!

I’m also going to leak the next one (since you probably discerned the general idea from the epilogue). It will be an Ionian centered story, with big roles possibly incoming by certain protagonists who may or may not have been headed there. If that sentence made any sense to you, congratulations :).

For now, I’ll leave you with my thoughts on the War for Freljord. As I’ve said several times, being a new writer there will be rocky points, and I think a lot of the midsection of the War for Freljord counts as that. I tried to go too broad with this story, and got away from the characterization that made the Crimson Elite series great. I will remedy that in this upcoming series, and I’d like to thank everyone who has been reading for their support.

Have a good one summoners, and be prepared for a few days days of HOPEFULLY entertaining filler.

-Tale Master

Sejuani: The War for Freljord – 19

26 Jul

The journey had been rough. Sejuani sat atop her boar, looking down at the battlefield below. Corpses of several species lay strewn about. The ursine and yeti were a pitifully small group at this point and Sejuani felt a pang of regret. She knew it was largely her fault for giving the Noxians a way into Freljord. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much more she could do than to fight here as a Freljordian. She would die before she would see her homeland fall under foreign rule.

She had travelled from the forest with Ashe and Tryndamere to the barbarian lands very quickly. They left the minotaur’s land without incident and from there it was a straight shot over snow covered plains. Once they arrived, Tryndamere wasted no time. He spoke with the barbarian chieftain, who ruled while Tryndamere was in the capital, and within an hour the barbarians were ready to go. Sejuani was impressed, but supposed that because of their nomadic ways, they were always ready to pick up and go.

On their way to the capital, Sejuani mused that with their two thousand barbarians in addition to the ursine and yeti, they may have a chance. Upon arriving at the canyon, they were concerned to see an odd landscape. The walls of the canyon looked severely damaged in two places, and the result was two walls of debris. Ashe had looked over at Sejuani and the two whispered about their plan. Ashe said, “I think I will scale the walls quickly and aim to assist from above. The last time I was in the middle of a battle, it did not end well.”

Sejuani felt a pang at the comment, knowing that a close friend of her companions had died in a battle with the Winter’s Claw and Noxian army. She pushed the feelings aside, knowing there was no time to waste, “I agree. I will be relying on you to zone them out of certain areas we look weak in. Use those enchanted arrows of our ancestors. I’ll be damned before Noxus takes our land.” The two women looked into each other’s eyes, clasped hands for a moment before Ashe ran off, scaling the canyon wall.

Sejuani and Tryndamere stood in front of the army and he ordered them forward. They climbed the first mound without much problem, and slid down into the newly formed ravine. As they settled themselves, Sejuani looked up and saw Ashe watching their progress. Sejuani signaled they were ok and Ashe pressed forward, past the second mound. At that moment, Talon’s voice carried down the canyon and rang out clearly in Sejuani’s ears. She and Tryndamere ushered the barbarians forward, rushing them up the second mound of debris.

Talon was offering them the opportunity to surrender, trying to establish himself as a benevolent ruler. In response, Sejuani had heard a deep voice announcing that there would be no surrender and that his people would fight to the last. Just then Sejuani saw a giant crystalline arrow shoot out from Ashe at the top of the canyon. She heard it explode down below and made it to the top a moment later. Astride her boar, with Tryndamere next to her and the barbarians at her rear, Sejuani surveyed the battle.

From just to her left, Tryndamere let out a battle cry that signified the start of the engagement for Freljord’s rule. She began to charge down the hill and heard Talon in the background, yelling the same to his army. Immediately she channeled the northern winds around her and was pleased to see the familiar aura surround her. Any who dared tread in it would find themselves slowed and an easy target for her battle mace. She charged directly into the fray and was immediately confronted with a group of Noxians wearing her Winter’s Claw colors.

Her smile was positively homicidal and she let out a yell of pleasure as she brought her mace down upon them. She heard the familiar cracking of their skulls as bone met metal and squealed with delight again. Any time one of them came close enough to attack her they were struck by a flying ice particle from her aura. When they were dazed, she cruelly connected with her mace and sent them flying. After mere moments in battle, she had already racked up a body count and the Winter’s Wrath was pleased.

She looked around to see where she wanted to go next, and saw a brutal scene. Even with the injection of the barbarians and Ashe sniping anyone she could see, the Freljordian army was very clearly losing this battle. The few remaining ursine were now huddled in a group, keeping each other alive rather than attacking. The yetis were being rallied by Nunu, but every time they went forward, were rebuffed by the minotaurs. The barbarians were the only ones rampaging forward and killing any they got near. It was effective, but Tryndamere himself had said that their enthusiasm would only get them so far.

If the battle continued on much longer, the people of Freljord would be eliminated entirely. She watched the cryophoenix diving up above the battle, ready to turn around and swoop down when a minotaur picked up a rock and hurled it at her. It struck the cryophoenix’s wing and she tumbled down to the ground, landing with a resounding thud. The group of Noxians nearest her jumped down and stabbed her, killing her in the process.

Sejuani charged forward, and slaughtered half the men with a sweep of her mace. The rest backed away, holding their ground against her. Sejuani gasped at the sight in front of her, for the bird appeared to be dragged into a vortex of ice and reappeared in front of her eyes as an egg. The group of Noxians were stunned, staring at the spot that had housed a giant bird. Sejuani took advantage of this distraction and decapitated the group with one solid swing. As she completed her attack, the egg cracked open and in a swirl of beautiful crystallization, the cryophoenix materialized before her again.

“Thank you.” The bird said in a deep woman’s voice that somehow touched Sejuani at the core. The Winter’s Wrath stood there, unable to believe that such a diverse group of people would give their lives to defend each other and dove back into the fray. Killing left and right, she swung her mace with impunity, striking all those around her. She saw Tryndamere and turned towards him, pushing her boar onwards.

When she reached him she yelled, “You must retreat. Our home is lost! Go south to Demacia, we will need allies to defeat this menace.” He struck his blade towards her, and for a second she thought he had stabbed her. Then, the corpse of a minotaur slumped down on top of her, knocking her breath out and she thanked him. He replied, “I know we are lost, what more can we do?” Two minotaurs began to charge towards them, putting their heads down to smash them.

Sejuani knew she was in trouble and dove off of her boar, hitting the ground hard. She saw Tryndamere dive on the other side and watched, helplessly as the overgrown cows collided with her boar. He held his ground and there was a sickening thud as the boar put down his head. A minotaur’s head was impaled upon the boar’s tusk, but her companion was clearly dead. He lay there, unmoving and Sejuani yelled in anger. She charged the remaining minotaur and smashed him in the face with her weapon. The large animal hit the ground hard and she yelled to Tryndamere.

“Leave, NOW! Before we lose anyone else to this pointless battle.” She heard Tryndamere yell out a retreat call and all the groups listened. As the yetis went by she saw most of them were sporting large injuries and only felt her rage increase. Only a small handful of ursine were left to retreat, and their chieftain in the lead was bleeding from several deep wounds on his body. They carried the body of a minotaur between them, and he looked as though he was still breathing. Tryndamere’s barbarians were the last to head up the hill, looking back to cover their retreat.

Sejuani stayed where she was at the bottom of the debris wall and kept her gaze squarely on the approaching enemies. The first group to get to her attempted to engage her and she smashed through them as if they wore no armor. Another trio attempted to get in close, and she channeled the northern winds again, having them howling around her. As soon as they got in range to strike, she brought up her knee, thrusting it into the face of one, while smashing down on the other two with her mace.

Tryndamere yelled to her, “Let’s go!” but she did not look up. Sejuani knew this was to be her penance for bringing this scourge upon the land she loved. She would make up for it the only way she knew how. She would kill. “Tryndamere, leave me. I’m covering you.” The barbarian king knew he had no time to argue and saluted her, unseen, behind her back. With that, he scampered over the wall, chasing down the rest of the defeated Freljordian army.

Sejuani stood there, shaking with rage, and laughed bitterly at the Noxian army in front of her. They were scared of a single woman, and she would make them feel it. She feinted forward with her body and a few in the front flinched. She laughed again, knowing that this was the kind of laugh that sent chills down a normal person’s back. She yelled out to the army in front of her, “Is there no one else? I will do battle until the bitter end.” She paused, letting her voice drop. The battlefield was silent, and the wind carried her words when she spoke them, “Winter is coming.”

With that, she leapt into the middle of the enemy army, swinging her mace with all the force of her tribe’s history. The Winter’s Wrath had swung her powerful mace for the final time.

Well, I’m happy with it. There may be one or two more, depending on how long the wrap up for this one takes. Have a good one summoners.

-Tale Master