Talon: Crimson Elite – 13

1 Jul

Riven and Vladimir came walking in together, about an hour before they were scheduled to begin the operation. Normally this strange alliance would worry Talon, but he knew there was nothing to fear from Riven after her reaction to the food storage plant. Vladimir was more difficult to read. That mischievous grin was better than any poker face he could recall, but it appeared that the Crimson Reaper was happy here. His transformation had been startling, certainly, but it would only make him an even more powerful force for the Crimson Elite.  Talon welcomed them back, “Well, I believe it is time for everyone to don their armor yet again.” Riven and Talon took a few minutes to get ready. Vladimir had not taken his armor off yet and was leaning against the side of the cave wall with his eyes closed. He looked serene, and Talon assumed he was preparing for the coming night.

At sundown, Vladimir and Katarina disappeared, transporting to a small home located only minutes away from the Noxian headquarters. This house had belonged to a pair of degenerate gamblers Talon had killed years ago. He had continued to keep the house furnished for just such an occasion. While he was no stranger to blood, Talon disliked blood travel because he despised not being in control. It seemed as though he could slip away at any moment, becoming lost in the oblivion of blood, and this frightened him. He would never admit it, but one of the reasons he admired Vlad so much is that he did not have the constitution required to be a hemomancer.

Shortly after leaving Vladimir came back and took Riven. Talon was completely calm about the mission; he knew what it would take to succeed. Although this was certainly a higher degree of difficulty than anything he had faced before, he was confident in his skills and his lieutenants. The Exile had the most important job of the night, and he knew she would perform it admirably. She was not one for words or protesting, she was a woman of action. Talon had specifically recruited her for this night, for this purpose. He smiled as he thought about his master scheme coming into play. ‘Soon,’ he thought, ‘I will be ruler of Noxus. All in our land will bow to me, and then, all of Runeterra will be mine.’ His musings were soon interrupted by Vlad phasing back into the cave. “Are you ready, boss?” The mocking intonation was there, as always, but he was too useful for Talon to protest. “Take us away, Reaper.”

As he appeared in the house, he saw Riven standing off the side and let go of Vladimir’s arms. He smiled confidently to himself and said, “Let’s go.” They moved silently throughout the streets, their new armor built to move silently despite overlapping metal plates. The roads of Noxus were empty. Katarina’s guard had surely gone by, and no intelligent Noxian citizen wanted to be caught outside when a fully armored squad was out and looking for trouble. As they approached the headquarters Talon marveled at the building. The tall, black stone castle towered above its surroundings. ‘Soon,’ thought Talon. When the trio was a block away, Talon stopped them and they ducked into a small side alley. He signaled for them to wait and blended into the shadows. His new armor worked even better than his old cloak, and he couldn’t help but be pleased. When he was in charge, this blacksmith would be elevated to a noble’s status. He saw the two guards outside the entrance and decided to attack from above. He leapt onto the wall above them and quietly made his way behind them. He took out his tethered blades and struck downwards. The guards hit the ground, dead before they had moved a muscle.

He signaled over his shoulder to Riven and Vladimir who came running in. At that moment, a small group of guards came running out the large wooden doors in the front of the castle. Talon marveled at their awareness, more impressed with his country than ever before. Upon spotting them, the guards yelled “Intruders! Quickly, sound the alarms!” Before anything else could be said Riven dove forward and beheaded the man with one quick stroke. Vlad quickly dispatched the other two and Talon said, “Try not to kill more than you have to. These are men of Noxus and will be our guards shortly.” The two exchanged a look and then both nodded at him. While this closeness made him uncomfortable, now was not the time or place to deal with it.

The Crimson Elite pressed on, but stopped once they came to the main hall. Even though Katarina had managed to take around half of the guards with her to the town square, there were anywhere between fifty to seventy-five men in the room. Talon looked at Vladimir and said, “Crowds are your thing. Make it happen. Meet us upstairs as soon as you can.” Riven began to cut a bloody path through the middle with Talon following closely behind, slicing at anyone who got too close. The guards attempted to follow, but when the hemomancer reached the staircase he stopped. Vlad began to laugh deeply, the resonating booms capturing the attention of the room. This gave his two partners ample time to enter the staircase and proceed up. In the background, Talon could hear, “Which vessel shall I empty next?”

They proceeded up the next two floors with only a few guards here and there, but Riven dispatched all who dared to come near. By the time they were on the 4th floor, Talon was excited at how well his plan was working. “Let me take lead,” Talon said, and Riven left her sword trailing behind her, following Talon closely. As the two neared the ninth floor, the stairs cut off, forcing them to take a long hallway. Standing in their way, perfectly still, were two figures whose appearances could not have contrasted more. Darius, the Hand of Noxus stood on the right while his younger brother Draven was swinging back and forth on the left. Talon looked to Riven, who nodded and then charged at the pair, yelling as she swung her sword. Talon heard a clang as the two blades locked together. Without a second thought, Talon dove past the two brothers and up the stairs, leaving Riven to deal with their one-two punch.

‘Finally, I am at my goal,’ Talon thought. ‘Finally, this land world will know what true power is!’ He sprinted towards the ornate doors that made Boram Darkwill’s sleeping chambers and kicked them in with one blow. Darkwill, already dressed in his finest military attire, sat upon his throne and laughed. “So, it is you Talon. I should have expected as much. Katarina would not betray her father’s ward.” Talon merely smiled behind his helmet and said, “You’ll never know will you? You surely know you aren’t living through this night by now?” Darkwill responded hotly, “I wouldn’t be so sure of that, impudent pig!” At that moment Talon heard a collapse behind him and quickly glanced over his shoulder. There was a guard lying on the floor with a dagger squarely in the middle of his back, Katarina walking over towards him. Talon turned back to Darkwill, venom in his eyes and said, “If that is your best option, you deserve to die here tonight.” The Grand General of Noxus laughed maniacally and stated calmly, “You would murder a defenseless old man? Why don’t we settle this like men and duel?” Talon’s face was hidden by his faceplate, so there was a long moment of silence while Darkwill watched and waited before he said, “You’re on. You have thirty seconds to prepare.”

Darkwill immediately reached over the side of his throne to pick up and axe, but before he could complete the motion, Talon flung a Blade into his skull. He dropped to floor, dead on impact. Katarina looked shocked, but impressed. It took cold blood to be able to kill a man like that, and the Blade’s Shadow had just proved he had ice in his veins. Talon walked over to Darkwill’s corpse and tapped it with his foot. Satisfied that the ruler of Noxus was dead, he took off his helmet. Gazing down at the old man lying there, lifeless he couldn’t help but think that this fate was destined to be his someday as well. It was the price of ruling Noxus, and he would only be able to stop it by uniting the land under his forceful and effective rule. He looked over to Katarina and said, “May the Dynasty of the Crimson Elite long rule the land.”


4 Responses to “Talon: Crimson Elite – 13”

  1. Super Scoop July 1, 2012 at 11:57 pm #

    oh yeah, crimson elite! fucking bad-asses.

  2. Scarlex July 2, 2012 at 5:20 am #

    Character development!

  3. Kwazin July 2, 2012 at 7:35 am #

    It’s crazy how much depth you create will still retaining the “Leagueness” of things. Really great job this is impressive stuff.

    • League Tales July 10, 2012 at 12:20 am #

      Thank you for this! It was in my spam folder (that I didn’t know I had) for some reason. I really appreciate it!

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