Filler 2: Excellent Tier list

5 Jul

Wow I am epically hung over. Yay holidays and bad decisions. Since I have nothing prepared for you, and no creative faculties that will work right now, I’m going to give you guys an old tier list of champions I made. It’s just for fun, and not based on champ skill, just how I feel about them!

Tier 1 – The Pre-Nerf Win Nao Level


Anivia – Mejai’s Leviathan BT Warmogs. Bam. Froggen you made this champ a god.

Cho’Gath – I love me some Cho’Gath. Is there anything in this game more satisfying that Nom-ing someone and then /all NOM NOM NOM

Irelia – Wickd won me over with her a long time ago. She is just really fun to use, and you can spot child molesters pretty quickly. This ***** is like 16. Plus, I bought her right before she went down to 4800, and Riot refunded me my ip. This left a good feeling. Bonus points for you Irelia.

Karthus – I can’t land your q’s for ****, but watching a fed Karthus do his job is one of the funniest things ever. Everyone knows the terror of being 1/4 life running away, almost being safe when that ult animation appears over their head. They try to run, they try to hide but boom. Headshot.

Leona *********** – This champion is the love of my life. I adore her and have played the most games with her of anyone ever. I would not be surprised to discover she had been played in 25% of my total league games. That chain CC, the awesome skins, the me being ridiculously biased, the everything about her ever makes her the number 1 winner of league of legends.

Lulu – I love me some Wicked Lulu. She’s really fun to play and practicing her EQ combo while TRASHED one night was the funniest thing I’ve ever done ever. WP Lulu.

Malzahar – I really enjoy playing him. I don’t know why, but it’s really fun to do dot. People just think they’re safe and then you watch those ticks go down, down, down. I think it’s just knowing that person is panicking and wants to know what to do!

Orianna – She is just FUN. I like using her as a weird support and I enjoy using her mid. That ball mechanic is just entertaining, even if I’m not the greatest with it.

Pantheon – SOTO Leviathan Panth is just too fun. Perseus Panth is really cool and I just loooove jumping on hoes with my R. some champs are just designed to be fun to play.

Riven – I owe quite a bit to this lady. I tip my cap to you and your insanely fun moveset.

Shen – I like this guy. He was the first champ I ever used, and I tried to make him do damage. It didn’t work. Haven’t since marginally improved at league. I now enjoy playing him as an unorthodox support. Taunting b*****s all day long.

Soraka – always I wanna be with you. She is kinda fun to play when you flash into w someone and save their life. They basically have to go down on your horn after that.

Taric – Geeeems. Plus, I can’t avoid hearing that song in my head anymore. it’s really entertaining and catchy. He’s a fun support to use.

Twitchers- My first love. I may have moved onto bigger and better things, but you’ll never be forgotten my friend. c’est la vie.

Veigar – there’s just something about instagibbing full health champs… No one can save you from the ebil.

Vladimir – See Riven. Plus, I’ve always liked the concept of hemomancers. They’re really interesting!

Volibear!!!! – Rawr I’m a bear. and Zilean will be located in his spot because of how he feels about armored bears!

Ziggs – I just picture him permanently jacked up on cocaine. I like it. He’s funny.

Tier 2 – The Blitzcrank on ARAMs Level

Ahri – She’s a fox, but if you say you like her it implies you have a weird bestiality thing going on here. She’s fun to play though.

Amumu – Only gets up here because he’s got some awesome skins. I hate playing against him and his kit isn’t that interesting to me. But, Sad Robot Amumu laugh single handedly bumped him up a tier.

Brand – For me he’s a tier 3, but when my gf saw me playing him one day, she got into league and now plays with me because she’s awesome. So… congrats on the free tier Brand.

Cassie – One of my girlfriend’s 3 favorites, and I enjoy watching her. She’s a fun champ.

Fiora – I like Fiora. She’s got a cool backstory, She’s fun to use, and now that people have stopped calling her op she’s fun to use (I’m kind of a league of legends hipster).

Galio – He’s strong. I like him. He would entirely be tier 1, but I hate Poppy. His story is all about Poppy and that is just not ok.

Hecarim – Hehe, he’s a pony. I saw his kit on the spotlight and thought he would be op. I was disappointed, but I think I’ll live. He’s a lot of fun and Sonic Critboom was a really awesome video to watch. Run free Brony, run free!

Heimerdinger – This little genius is just fun to play as. It’s just a lot of fun to win with him because he looks ridiculous, and everyone knows he’s pretty awful. Sometimes it’s just fun to win when you handicap yourself in champ select.

J4 – Is it just me, or is this guy awesome looking? He is fun, he is utiliterrifc, and he can do some decent damage. And… He’s AWESOME looking.

Kog’Maw – AP kog’maw is just too much fun and seeing pros get kills with him is amazing! Being an AD carry is the only reason he loses out on tier 1. This guy rocks.

Master Yi – Dunkmaster as well and being the only champ with a lightsaber puts him up this high. Come on and slam, and welcome to the jam.

Huedekaiser – Fittingly next to Master Yi. I’m currently writing a love story about the two, and that’s why he’s up here.

Nautilus – He’s just cool. He looks cool, his moves are fun. And building movespeed Nautilus in bots or ARAMs is just stupidly fun. His backstory is pretty epic as well.

Shyvana – I think she is really cool. She’s a dragon, her moves aren’t that interesting, but she’s a dragon so who cares. I wish more people used things like her dragon’s blood meter.

Swain – he’s pretty cool. I don’t know why, but I think he looks fun. I’ve never tried him, but have always wanted to. Plus… Once upon a midnight dreary, I played some league til I was weary. The end.

Talon – he looks more fun to use than he is. I owe as much to him as I do to riven… but my inability to utilize him effectively dumps him down.

Twisted Fate – He is just fun. I like this guy. Using those ults around the map is just too strong. Plus, he knows how to tango… JUST LIKE ME OMGAWSH.

Udyr – it is just AMAZING to make loud animal sounds every time you swap. RAWR RAAA RAWR (that was a tiger growl) ROAR! TURTLE! Ca CAW!!!!

Urgot – he’s earned this spot by being one fo the most proficient carry killers around. I would buy this man all the beers if I could. *Raises glass to Urgot*

Warwick – he’s my favorite jungler. He’s fun to use and his ult was really exciting the first several times I’ve used it. The novelty has worn off, but the nostalgia sure hasn’t.

Yorick – I used to really like Yorick. Then I just didn’t like Yorick as much one day. He’s still fun, and I always enjoy using those summoner-like champs.

Zilean – So I had a spot picked out for Zil in tier 4, but I’m pulling a last second switch. My friend and I discovered that tower diving with twitch and using zilean’s ult was ridiculously fun, and many laughs were had. You may stay up here, even if you attempted to keep armored bears out of the league.

Tier 3 – Meh

Annie – apathetic shrug.

Corki – Leona is my love. He was made for her (or the other way around since she came second). That makes him extremely high ranking for a carry.

Darius – Dunking is fun. And… everything else sucks.

Dr. Mundo – I liked the champ sales announcements. Big points there corporate Mundo.

Evelynn – Why does she have two n’s in her name? That’s weird.

Fizz – I ban him whenever possible. I think a well played Fizz is one of the most unbeatable champs there is (and yes, this is entirely because I’ve been stomped by a fizz or two in my day)

Gangplank – he was lower on the list, but he ate some oranges and it was k

Gragas – Meh

Graves – My girlfriend’s favorite carry. She wants a Mafia graves skin. I might get it for her.

Janna – I’m just not that good with her. Wah wah.

Karma – Who?

Kennen – He’s pretty fun. He’s also a manaless mid champ, which doesn’t work for me.

Lee Sin – I seem to be the only one who thinks this, but he’s very bland to me. Oh well. This tier isn’t that exciting I’m starting to notice.

Maokai – He’s a tree. That’s cool I guess.

Nasus – he’s a dog. that’s pretty cool. Plus, he taught me how to last hit like a boss, so I owe him one.

Nocturne – he looks really cool and I like him. I’m not particularly great with him, but oh well.

Rammus – I don’t like rammus at all, but if you haven’t seen the youtube video of him taunting all the champs, i’d recommend it. It got him a tier level.

Renekton – he’s ok.

Sejuani – I like her battle pig. I don’t like using her. That evens out, right? Pig is greater than or equal to not being fun to play.

Skarner – his backstory is slightly ridiculous, and his kit is bland… but he’s a cool scorpion. I like it.

Sona – I’d like her more if she had some decency. This is why men won’t take you seriously honey.

Trundle – meh

Viktor – I like viktor. He doesn’t suck, and he doesn’t smell bad. I picture him smelling like windex.

Wukong – bland monkey champion. I dont feel like scrolling down further to put him in tier 4, so congratulations. it being 5 am and me having no sleep has save you the fate of a lower ranking.

Xerath – see above. His moves are actually cool, and i like that he’s a long range siege weapon, but when i first read about him I was hoping he’d be in a coffin or something and come out when he went into siege mode. The way they did it was ok

Xin Zhao – Mysterious as the dark side of the mooooooooon. Seriously though. this guy is boring and weak. that song is the only thing keeping him above 5.

Tier 4 – Let’s take him out back and beat the s*** out of him level

Akali – I was trying to screw around with Veigar in blind picks one day. No joke… 4 straight Akail’s against me. F*** that. This champ can go die in a hole for that.

Blitz – I just can’t land those grabs, but seem to come up against every single support with a 100% grab rate. I hate you blitz playing supports.

Draven – Ummm… I guess he’s flamboyant? I have no real strong feelings one way or the other, but since he’s a carry he cannot be in meh tier. Plus… I chuckled the first time I heard that’s so Draven.

Fiddle – Just not that fond of fiddle. He’s cool I guess, but I’m not very good with him.

Jax – I just don’t care for Jax, although seeing a fed one is fun in tournament play. This is the only thing keeping him out of the scrappy heap of Tier 5

Katarina – She’s alright, but I have something against MOST manaless mids. I don’t know what it is, other than it’s there. I’m onto you manaless mid champs. Shifty ba****ds.

Leblanc – on another day could’ve been Tier 3, but I’m feeling spiteful towards Leblanc for no other reason than Regi raged the last time I saw him stream. Now that his precious Leblanc has been Amazing Tier List nerfed, he has felt my wrath. Suck on that Reginald.

Lux – I’m not a huge Lux fan. She’s not a great support. She only avoids bottom of the barrel because max CDR lazer spams is fun.

Malphite – boring and bland, woulda been 3, but as FOTM I’m bored of seeing him in games.

Morgana – Eh, she’s ok. She coulda landed in any of the bottom three tiers depending on the day.

Nunu – he’s a good support and I love his Oscar the Grouch skin, but he just doesn’t do it for me. I think it’s his yeti. It’s just not cool enough.

Olaf – generic viking character. woo.

Ryze – talk about boring to play. Who cares.

Shaco – does anyone but the shaco have fun in a game shaco is actually in?

Singed – no, I know I can’t catch you and it’s just making me hate you more with each passing second

Sion – no strong feelings one way or the other, but just on this side of not entertaining me. I don’t see the appeal

Vayne – She’s my favorite carry to lane with. congratulations Vayne.

Tier 5 – The Kayle omg I hate her so much for no rational reason and her becoming FOTM is the worst thing to happen to me in the history of the world level.

Ashe – There will be a theme of carries finding themselves around this tier. Ashe is the start because she married Tryndamere. This is unacceptable. That man deserves no love from anyone ever for terrorizing me on the TT all those times when I was sub 20. She gets all of the hate just from that.

Cait – This is payback for all those deaths level 1-10. All those smurfing 30’s would roflstomp me with her and she deserves death for that.

Ezreal – Would’ve been higher if I hadn’t JUST been paired with a feeding PFE. Now he can kindly die in a pit.

Garen – **** Garen

Kassadin – Everyone says he’s OP but I just can’t f*****g make this mother f*****g champ work for me!

Kayle – Wonder which tier she was gonna end up in. Have hated her since my first game ever. Not sure why. She sucks though. I hate her in every position. She’s a support, she steal cs. She’s a carry, wasting her ap ratios. She’s top, she’s too f******g good. She’s mid, welcome to burst town, population you’re dead HAHAHAHA. Jungle, I have no opinion other than **** you Kayle.

Miss Fortune – I used to like her. Now… I just don’t. I have some kind of hate for her now. Oh well.

Nidalee – You’re not a support!!!! Your spears tickle and I hate having to hug my turret just to avoid those stupid things. Go to hell.

Poppy – we get it… you’re small but sassy. Go away now.

Rumble – he’s not interesting and I don’t like his attitude. No matter what I do I can’t make him do damage and he’s just a terrible champ to watch as well. nothing to see here folks except roast Yordle that I’m planning on making.

Sivir – ADC. Enough said.

Teemo – **** Teemo.

Tristana – I banned my girlfriend from playing her. “But I just want to shoot something!” “Then shoot it, don’t f*****g rocket jump into the middle of them every god damn time” *giggles uncontrollably*

Tryndamere – a champ I hate so much that he dragged his wife down to this tier as well. May you always die an early cc-ed death Tryndy. Always and forever

Varus – well, he’s alright. He’s kinda interesting, and at least seeing him is something new. This isnt’ enough to drag him out of adc hell.

Use this tier list and you will win every game you ever play.

– (A hungover) Tale Master


4 Responses to “Filler 2: Excellent Tier list”

  1. Scarlex July 6, 2012 at 3:38 am #

    “I’m currently writing a love story about the two, and that’s why he’s up here.”

    Thanks for the mental images. 😐

  2. Reader August 8, 2012 at 7:14 pm #

    It’s a shame you don’t like Vayne, she could really go for some more lore I think. She seems to not fit into any other lore and never do anything…

    • League Tales August 8, 2012 at 7:48 pm #

      No comment. I’m only going to say don’t give up hope. Ashe is an ADC after all…

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