Volibear: The War for Freljord – 4

10 Jul

He stood on his haunches and sniffed the air. Something was coming, and it was not friendly. Volibear stood in the middle of his village. There were ursine tucked away in snow caves everywhere and cubs wrestling around in the snow. It was just past noon, and Volibear had been basking in the sun’s warm glow. He thought briefly of his brother, who had ruled until his unfortunate hunt. After dying, the honor and responsibility of being the ursine chieftain had passed to Volibear. He looked down at his massive paws and saw the gauntlets sitting there, bold against his fur.

It had only been a month since he had ascended to the peak of the ursine sacred mountain, and he remembered his vision well. He had seen a grand war in Freljord, with many of his kin and friends lying slain on the battlefield. The vision had shaken him and he knew that he must make contact with the newly crowned Queen Ashe. He had been preparing it earlier today, but now that he smelled the danger in the air, he thought he might call it back until the threat presented itself.

The Thunder’s Roar broke away from his musings and decided to take action. He headed down the rows of snow caves and found the chieftain’s personal dwelling at the end of the settlement. He entered briskly and immediately called for his advisors. They came in and he said, “We must stop the delegation headed to the Freljord capital. Something is coming our way and I want to be prepared.” His two advisors looked at each other and said, “Your highness, is that wise? Your vision cannot be spared unless Freljord is united!

Volibear stared them down and said, “Do as I ask. This is not up for discussion. Bring in my top generals.” The two advisors stammered apologies and backed out of the room quickly, looking to fulfill their tasks. Volibear was pleased that he could command with an iron fist when needed. He only had to wait moments before his two generals came in. He appraised them both as they stood upright and waited a beat before saying, “Has there been any word of something unusual approaching?” The pair looked surprised and one said, “Actually, that is why we were here so quickly. We were just now coming to inform you that a small army is marching this way. At their head appears to be a woman riding a boar.”

Volibear closed his eyes, soaking the information in. So Sejuani had decided to make the first move after all. Keeping his eyes closed, he asked, “What is our best course of action in your opinions?” The first advisor said, “I believe we should face this head on. It will instill fear should they ever try to return, and may give us the upper hand.” Volibear nodded before saying, “It is always wise to think of what could turn the war in the future. And you general?”

The other general paused before saying, “I think we will take too many losses in this manner. The enemy may be beneath us, but there is a plan that could guarantee almost total slaughter.” He took a breath, saw Volibear was not moving or giving anything away and continued. “I believe that we could have a detachment bury themselves in the snow on each side of their path, as well as a small one to confront them. I don’t believe they know how many we number, and we can use this to our advantage and corner them, wiping them out to the last man.”

Volibear smiled and said, “I agree with this course of action. Let us make it happen. I want one of each of you with the squadrons who bury themselves. I will take the front of the main army. It will ensure that they keep their eyes ahead. Now go.” He dismissed them quickly and the Thunder’s Roar prepared himself for battle. He donned his helm and his heavily armored breastplate and stepped outside. Already prepared for him, a battalion of one hundred of his finest ursine warriors lined the street, standing at attention. Volibear walked down the street halfway, examining his warriors, pleased with their discipline.

As he stopped, he began to speak to the soldiers. “Today will be your first day in battle with me. I understand that as a new leader I need to earn your respect, but I also demand that you earn mine! No ursine will fall today without knowing that they put everything on the line for themselves and their country.” He paused, looking around. “I see several brave soldiers here; strong ursine that have hunted for their people. Today, we have a different goal. We seek the total annihilation of this force that comes today. We cannot let a single soul pass, for we will show them what it means to try to invade our land. Today we fight for our homes. Today we fight for each other. Most of all, today… we fight for our pride! Let us go forward, and bring honor to our families!”

Volibear let out a gigantic roar and the soldiers on either side of him followed suit. The sound echoed for miles around and he knew that he had done his job. Already, the army that attacked would be frightened whether they knew it or not. The humans were always afraid of the ursine, and they would capitalize on that weakness. He marched out in front towards the plains where the battle would take place, and his warriors followed suit behind him.

They reached a mile out of town when Volibear stopped. His ursine formed ranks behind him and stood patiently waiting. In the distance the army was now visible, coming towards them. Volibear smiled and saw a woman riding a battle boar at their head. She wore a breastplate featuring a large blue claw. When the two armies were within thirty yards of each other the invaders stopped. The woman in the front yelled, “Stand down bears. We have come to speak to your leader.” Volibear bristled at her tone, as if ‘bear’ were an insult, but kept his cool. “You speak to him now. I am Volibear, leader of the ursine. What do you come here for woman?”

“I come to demand your allegiance, or to end your species existence.” Volibear laughed mirthlessly and stared her down. “Well, it looks like we have a problem then. I demand you leave, or our lovely plains will be stained red with your blood come nightfall.” The woman looked outraged and said, “So be it, animal.” She gave a signal and her army charged before her, yelling with fervor. Volibear gave out another thundering roar and his army charged as well.

As the front lines clashed, the humans looked shell shocked. The ursine were bodily throwing the invading over their heads into the midst of their comrades who noisily tore them open with sharp teeth and claws. Upon hearing the battle start, two squadrons of buried bears rose up from beneath the snow, trapping the human army in a triangular prison. They closed in, and with a bestial fervor slaughtered the human. Volibear winced every time he saw an ursine fall, but knew he couldn’t bother with that until after. He activated his thundering gauntlets and charged in headfirst, smashing humans left and right, letting the lightning arc off of his enchanted artifacts.

Within a matter of minutes, there was only a small group left standing in the center of a massive ursine army. The Thunder’s Roar calmly walked up to the survivors and asked, “Why did you come here Sejuani?” The woman laughed, a harsh, grating crackle and said, “You really think Sejuani could be bothered to come here herself. You’re hardly worth our time, bear.” Volibear narrowed his eyes into slits. Then, he appeared to gain his composure and said softly, “So it shall be.” With that he lunged forward and tore the throat out of the impudent woman. His army quickly dove in and finished the rest of the invading force.

Volibear told his two generals to have the men collect the dead. He left the battlefield and proceeded back to his home to think over today’s events. As he arrived, he came to the conclusion that the war had indeed come to Freljord, just as he had feared. After a long period of deliberation, he decided the best course of action would be to go to the capital and seek an audience with Queen Ashe. He would offer the ursines’ services to the Freljordian army, and together they could fight the Winter’s Claw. He would find his advisors in the morning and let them know his decision.

As he curled up to fall asleep, Volibear’s final thoughts were, ‘I wanted to avoid this war, but since it is here, they will soon find out that the ursine do not know fear.’ With that, he drifted off, resting up before his long trek.

This is turning into far more of an ensemble cast from the Crimson Elite series, and because of that it may end up going longer than that one did. I really love Volibear and I’m a little bit glad he’s getting involved :). I suppose you were expecting some unbeeeearable pun? Have a good one summoners.

-Tale Master


3 Responses to “Volibear: The War for Freljord – 4”

  1. John Smith July 10, 2012 at 4:00 pm #

    So it seems the bears were smarter than the humans and yetis. Finally, Winter Claw lost a battle.

    How is it that the Winter Claw have so many people? They were a third of the population BEFORE Tryndamere joined Ashe. Plus Voli and his bears.

    Keep it up 😀

    • League Tales July 10, 2012 at 4:04 pm #

      TO ARMS VOLIBEAR! And you shall seeeeee :).

      • Yuri_PT July 11, 2012 at 4:47 am #

        Don’t particularly enjoy Voli but I liked the way the ursine were pictured ^^ nice ambush too 😀

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