Ashe: The War for Freljord – 5

11 Jul

A feeling of dread had been slowly growing inside her. She discovered Tryndamere had left almost immediately upon looking for him that evening. While it was slightly immature of him to run out and join Olaf’s expedition, it was that stubborn warrior streak that Ashe admired in him. She had heaved a sigh and even chuckled to herself a bit. Now however, Ashe had become worried. They should have been back the very next day, but two days later, there was still no sign of them. She tried to tell herself that she was worrying over nothing, that Tryndamere could handle himself, but the words felt empty.

Just as she had decided to send out a large portion of the army to go find out what was happening in the outer caves, an assistant came rushing in and announced the groups return. Ashe attempted to keep herself calm, but rushed out of the map room, doing her best not to break into a run. She managed to get as far as the vast entrance hall when the magnificent wooden doors were pushed apart. Olaf stood there, in front of ten men, and Tryndamere was nowhere to be seen. He had various cuts and bruises on his body, as well as a rather deep looking cut in the middle of his right thigh.

Despite this, Olaf rushed over and kneeled before Ashe. “I’m so sorry, m’lady. He’s been taken by the Winter’s Claw. We were ambushed by Sejuani and managed to get most of them, but she captured him in some kind of ice prison. After that they ran off and we gave chase for a day, unable to catch them. I submit myself to any punishment you see fit to give.” He spoke facing the ground, clearly ashamed. Ashe was shaken. Even though she had been afraid of this, it seemed crazy that her new husband was gone. She had grown used to his company, and no longer wished to be without it.

She looked at Olaf and without saying a word, began to march back up to her room in the tallest tower. Olaf began, “M’lady where are you-“ But Ashe was already out of earshot by the time he finished speaking. She got back up to her room and quickly changed into her traditional archers garb. She caught a look at herself in the mirror and smiled. Her hooded, tight cloak, and long boots reminded her of a time when she could solve her problems the way she wanted, instead of diplomatically.

A knock came at her door. She said nothing, but began to load up her quiver with arrows. “M’lady? What are you doing?” Olaf sounded nervous at the door. Ashe waited a moment and said, “Olaf, come in here.” He cautiously opened the door and waited next to it. “Olaf, I’m going after him. I’d like you to come with me, but this is not an order. This is a request.” Olaf looked surprised and eyed her suspiciously. “Who will be in charge on Freljord then?”

Ashe said, “I have plenty of advisors who can handle the day to day running, but no soldiers bar the two of us who can handle Sejuani. This isn’t up for discussion; it’s merely whether or not you’ll come with me.” Olaf stared for a second, taking a measure of the situation, and then broke into a large grin. “Of course I’m going. It’ll be an honor to fight with you.”

Ashe headed down to the map room and Olaf followed hot on her heels. She went up to a large map of Freljord and said, “Where did we last see them?” Olaf thought about it, and replied, “At their ancestral homes, east of here.” “Exactly.” said Ashe. “So we need to head out there and see if we can find any clues that can tell us where they went to. I’m hoping we can run into Nunu coming back along the way. He should be on our path if we take a slightly winding way there.”

“Olaf, go rest up for the night. I need you in prime condition for tomorrow’s journey, for once we start I’m not stopping.” Olaf grinned, obviously pleased at the thought of rescuing Tryndamere. “Of course m’lady. My axe is thirsty.” He then left and headed to his chambers for a deserved night’s sleep. Ashe was planning out the attack in her head and knew it would be difficult. She felt better knowing that as long as they were bringing the fight to Sejuani, her capital was safe. The Winter’s Claw only had a population of ten thousand, and only five thousand were in fighting shape. With those numbers Sejuani would be forced to be careful with how she spent her rescources, so hopefully this wasn’t as reckless as she feared.

Ashe looked at the map, and whispered out loud, “I’m coming for you Tryndamere. Together we can fully unite Freljord at last.”

Just a short one today, but hopefully gives more insight into Ashe for the coming chapters. I’m fairly excited for where this is headed, and after several action packed installments, it seemed like it’d be good to take a slight break and give some build up!

Oh, and I just noticed this, because I was checking on the page… but seriously Dat Ashe. Riot was just begging us to look at it when making this picture. That is all.

-Tale Master


2 Responses to “Ashe: The War for Freljord – 5”

  1. John Smith July 12, 2012 at 12:17 am #

    So Sej took Tryn while he was in ice? In the middle of a fight? That she was losing?

    Me no understand

    • League Tales July 12, 2012 at 12:25 am #

      Interesting. Maybe I’ll go back and rephrase part of the old one. For me it was simple because she’s got Battle Pig (that’s her boars name clearly). So she was able to grab him and run. Maybe I’ll clarify it somehow.
      Edit – Go check it now, see if that makes it any easier.

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