Sejuani: The War for Freljord – 7

13 Jul

She sat there, looking around the inside of her lair. Located in a forest just outside of minotaur lands, Sejuani knew she was safe here. Thanks to Noxian funding, the minotaurs were already on her side, as well as a larger legion of troops than she would have thought possible. The lair was dark, with no access to direct sunlight. It was dimly lit by brackets of torches hanging on the walls and was bustling with activity. She had already given out her directives for the day and enjoyed watching her orders get followed.

It had been about two months ago that Noxus had withdrawn from their Ionian invasion and contacted Sejuani. The new leader, Talon had come himself, wearing his full Crimson Elite regalia. He looked intimidating, Sejuani admitted to herself. He had asked her how she felt about her country being taken over by another, knowing she could not be happy. She had almost attacked him out of anger when he stopped her with a sentence. “What would you say if I told you I could offer you control of your country? All of it.”

Sejuani had narrowed her eyes and said, “I’d say that sounds too good to be true. In my experience, things that sound too good to be true, are.” Talon chuckled and said, “Too right. I will admit I have a price, but it is one that I don’t think you’d hesitate to pay.” He paused, clearly waiting for Sejuani to ask. After waiting a few seconds she said, “I’m listening. What inconsequential thing could you want in return for control of a country?”

Talon took off his helmet and held it at his side. He smiled and said, “As you know, I’ve recently become the ruler of Noxus. It’s simple. There is a bit of bad will towards Noxus thanks to the previous ruler, and I have no allies. I will help you become ruler of Freljord in exchange for your allegiance. You would not bow to me, simply be a reliable partner. Demacia is currently trying to make diplomatic ties with every group in Valoran, and I am in need of someone to be by my side.”

Sejuani had considered his words for a long time before finally saying, “Deal. Now how will you help us?” Talon laid out his plan clearly for her. She would be given forty thousand Noxian troops at her disposal, as well as several Noxian generals to serve as her lieutenants. She would work on attacking all the separated groups of Freljord individually and attempt to keep them from uniting and coming to each other’s aid. Sejuani had merely smiled and said, “Ok. Let’s do this.”

As time went by, she had prepared her people, built up their forces and gotten ready for their assault. She had contacted and bribed the chieftain of the minotaurs, luring him firmly to her side. Finally, a week ago, she had sent out four groups to each of the different settlements. One went to the minotaur lands, to act as an on call battalion. She sent the Noxian executioner Draven there. Another was sent to the ursine, to either persuade them to join her forces, or be exterminated. This group was led by a newly promoted general from Noxus. Sejuani noticed she did not have the same steel in her eyes the others did, and was unsure how her mission would go. A third, led by Katarina, was sent to the yeti lands and remain hidden until they received her signal to strike. The last group would be headed by Sejuani herself, and they would be raiding the Freljordian capital.

Her plan had been to capture a high-ranking officer and extract whatever information she could out of them; in the end, she got something better. It had been Tryndamere himself who came out to battle and when Sejuani saw him, she knew he would be her new target. She had caught him in her ice prison and dragged him all the way back to the Winter’s Claw lair. He now stood, unmoving in the center of the dark room, still trapped in a magical prison of ice. He was left there as a reminder to all, that to oppose her reign was foolish.

She watched her subjects bustle around and waited, knowing that soon, they would be striking from all areas at once, and the United People of Freljord would all fall in one clean stroke.

Annnnd we’re back on schedule. There’s two released today to make up for yesterday, and tomorrow we’ll have one out like always :). I had originally intended to put this scene much earlier, but as I was writing I realized it didn’t organically fit anywhere. After Nunu’s narrow escape yesterday, they ended up in the forest behind Minotaur territory, so it seemed like it was finally time to give you guys a behind the scenes look at what was happening.

I hope you’re all as excited about where this is leading as I am :).

-Tale Master


4 Responses to “Sejuani: The War for Freljord – 7”

  1. John Smith July 13, 2012 at 8:49 pm #

    Will the good or evil side prevail? I guess I’ll find out later. More impotantly….who will die?

    • League Tales July 14, 2012 at 7:15 am #

      Tune in next week for the conclusion to… Chapter 8.

  2. neo July 14, 2012 at 6:30 am #

    just wanted to say thank you. i enjoy reading these stories in between games and i hope you keep writing more.

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