Olaf: The War for Freljord – 8

14 Jul

The pair had been traveling for two days towards the ancestral homes of the Winter’s Claw. The self-named capital of Freljord was the western-most city in the state. The yeti lands were approximately fifty miles east of there, and the minotaur lands were a further fifty miles east of the yeti. The Winter’s Claw were formerly located around 30 miles northwest of the yeti encampment, and that was where their search would start.

They arrived at the abandoned city at nightfall. Olaf was wary of an ambush, and was keeping his eyes open. Ashe was focused on inspecting the various ruins and Olaf was glad he came. She couldn’t split her focus like this and survive out here. They went to various buildings without any luck. Ashe couldn’t find any hint of where they may have gone, and Olaf could tell she was getting frustrated. He kept his mouth shut, instead focusing on the feeling that something was watching them. It was strange, it didn’t feel hostile, just eerie.

Finally, they found the remains of Sejuani’s home. It looked as though it had a been a large building, though it was knocked down when they abandoned it. The rubble was covered with snow, but they climbed over then low wall and walked around. After a few seconds, Ashe said, “Olaf, come here and take a look at this.” He walked over, unsure of what to expect, and was surprised to see a map sitting on a table. It was a clear and precise topographical map of the area and showed a large red X on the mountainside that was visible from the ruins.

They both looked over at the mountain and saw a cave there. They looked at each other and burst out laughing. “There’s no way they’re that stupid,” Olaf said after they had finished, “This has got to be a trap.” Ashe sat down, clutching her side from the laughter and said, “I would be inclined to agree, but you know what sounds fun?” Olaf had a bad feeling about where this was going, but said, “What sounds fun, m’lady?” Ashe got a devious grin on her face and said, “Let’s spring the trap. At the worst, we will let some poor people avoid it, and at best, they are holding Tryndamere there, thinking they’ll get the drop on us.”

Olaf thought privately that the Winter’s Claw probably did have the drop on them, but didn’t say that out loud. “M’lady, please. Let me go, you stay down here and camp for the night. I’ll go see what it is up there.” Ashe looked at him reproachfully and said, “Olaf, although I am now your queen, you came on this journey with me as a friend. Please don’t treat me like royalty, and speak candidly with me.” Olaf hesitated before saying, “I think it’s just a trap. It’s something to throw us off, and nothing good can come of it.” Ashe’s face grew thoughtful. “I suppose you’re right, however, there don’t seem to be any clues here. Maybe they’ll be less careful about hiding things if it’s in a place where we’re supposed to die anyways.”

Olaf considered it for a long while before saying, “I don’t like it, but you’re right. Let’s go check it out.” The two began to journey towards the mountain when a howl came shrieking through the night. The two looked at each other for a moment before breaking into a sprint, trying to get to the high grounds. That sound was the spine-tingling howl of the giant wolves. Weak, summoned versions of these creatures were well known to champions of the League of Legends. Summoner’s had captured one and created weaker versions so their bonds with their champions would grow on the fields of justice. Unfortunately, Olaf knew that these were no weak animals, and a whole pack of them may be too much for the two Freljordians.

As they sprinted up the hill, Olaf glanced back and saw a group of at least twenty chasing them down. He spurred himself on to go even faster, but looking left and right, he saw another two groups of ten closing in on each side. He yelled at Ashe and the two stopped running, allowing themselves to be encircled. They needed a strategy quickly and Olaf unsheathed his two battle axes. Ashe had already drawn her bow and had seven arrows slung and ready to let fly.

The wolves gathered around the two and began to prowl, growling. There was a tense moment where neither side dared make a move. Olaf tightened his grip on his axes, waiting for Ashe to fire. They sat there for what seemed an eternity and then suddenly Ashe let fly. Not even waiting to see if her arrow hit, Olaf charged into the lines of wolves in front of him, hacking and slashing both ways. He was receiving several bites, but ignored the pain, allowing them to fill him with an adrenaline surge which only made him faster.

The bodies of the wolves began to pile up around him, and he saw arrows in many of their corpses, glad Ashe was watching his back. Finally, there were only two wolves left, but as he looked over, Ashe was out of arrows. They split up and both began to charge for her, but Olaf was too quick. He threw his axe into the stomach of one wolf, stopping it in its tracks before turning to face the last one. The beast had already jumped and was at the top of its arc down to Ashe when Olaf swung upward with all his might and cleaved the monster through the middle.

Olaf slumped down, having killed the threat and looked at himself. He was drenched in blood, much of it his own, but knew he would be ok. He was used to taking many hits like this, wearing as little armor as he did. Ashe looked over at him and exclaimed, “You’re hurt! Let me help.” She rushed over and attempted to administer treatment, but Olaf waved her off saying, “Just let me rest for the night and I’ll be fine. We’ll spring the trap in the morning.” Ashe agreed and the two found an overhanging cliff to sleep under.

Just as they were smoothing out areas to sleep on, Olaf felt the ground give a low rumble. He groaned, knowing he was not in shape to fight more tonight. He stood up, grabbed his axes and prayed that it wouldn’t come to more violence, but prepared to die to protect Ashe. She had her bow in hand and the two looked around, unable to tell where the noise was coming from. After thirty seconds of vigilance, a loud, roaring voice came out from the side of the mountain.

“Defilers of peace, show yourselves!” Olaf, looked at Ashe and hung his head. He feared it would be battle, and one he could not walk away from.

Hey there summoners. I know this post is a little late, but it’s still made today (my time anyways xD). I liked this one because it’s had the first real action in a while, and I felt like things needed to get spiced up. There are several action-packed ones coming up, but no reason we can’t throw Random Monster Encounters in there lol.

Feel free to help me edit if you see anything. I haven’t had as much time in the last week or two, so any errors you and would like fixed, let me know!

-Tale Master


5 Responses to “Olaf: The War for Freljord – 8”

  1. John Smith July 14, 2012 at 11:07 pm #

    Late indeed. I was just heading off for the night when I decided to check to see if it was up. If it wasn’t I was oing to give you hell 😀

  2. Tigersight July 15, 2012 at 9:06 am #

    Ashe out of arrows? How is that even possible? She must have over 9000 arrows in her quiver! >_<

    • League Tales July 15, 2012 at 2:19 pm #

      I’ll admit to falling back on an old writing trope here. She has an infinite amount, until it conveniently moves the plot forward ;). But now that I’ve given it away, I can’t use that crutch anymore!

      • Tigersight July 15, 2012 at 8:27 pm #

        Haha, I see your point. But I also have to point out that at the beginning, you describe Freljord with both the ‘capital’ and the minotaur lands in the same place. Fifty miles east, then fifty miles west leaves you back where you started. XD

      • League Tales July 15, 2012 at 8:29 pm #

        Lol, nice catch. I didn’t even notice it when I reread it xD. Fixed!

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