Volibear: The War for Freljord – 9

15 Jul

Volibear had an army of one thousand ursine accompanying him on his journey to the capital. He was in front of the same group that had gone to battle him several days ago, and he trusted them completely. Normally he would never bother bringing such a large delegation with him on such an excursion. It could even be seen as a hostile move by the Freljordians. However, despite the risks, his visions of catastrophe and the attack they had warded off had persuaded him that he’d rather be ready for battle at any point.

There were two days travel left, and night was falling. He called for a halt and the ursine began to prepare for sleep when Volibear heard a howl. He quietly spread the word that his people would feast tonight, on the flesh of wolves. An excited murmur began spreading through the camp and as one, the group began marching toward the mountainside. As he got closer, Volibear heard grunts that sounded like humans, and cries of dying wolves. He knew that they were close to Winter’s Claw territory and decided that they could take care of this problem now. He prepared himself and yelled in his loudest voice, “Defiler’s of peace, show yourselves!”

His voiced roared across the mountainside, echoing down the valley. Then lumbering on all fours, he began sprinting forward, looking to catch the murderers off guard. He rounded a jagged edge of the mountain and saw a woman and an injured man standing there, weapons drawn. He quickly came to a stop and said, “Winter’s Claw, you have attacked our homes. Because of this, you must die.” He began to charge reckless at the two when the woman yelled, “Wait! We are not Winter’s Claw. I am Queen Ashe of Freljord, and this is Olaf of Lokfar.”

Volibear halted and growled quietly, before saying, “Why should I believe you human?” The woman who called herself Ashe looked uneasy and he knew she was choosing her words carefully. “Perhaps you’ve heard tell of the Frost Archer? That was my title before I was crowned queen of these lands.” Volibear regarded the woman and decided to question her further. “Alright, what are you doing out here in Winter’s Claw territory?” The self-styled Frost Archer hesitated and then said, “We’re looking for clues about where they went. They kidnapped my husband and I’m on a mission to get him back. We came here specifically to find some trace of them.”

Volibear had kept his sense attuned to the woman and had not been listening to her words, but reading her body language. He was satisfied she was telling the truth and said, “I believe you, and would like to extend my apologies to you, Queen Ashe. I am Volibear, chieftain of the ursine. We were attacked several days ago by a band of the Winter’s Claw and we were on our way to your capital to discuss a friendship. Perhaps we can cement our bond by helping you track down the Winter’s Claw.”

Ashe smiled and said, “The ursine eh? We’ve been meaning to send an envoy out for quite some time, but had no diplomatic ties. I’m pleased to meet you Volibear and I would be delighted to have your help. Currently we are on our way to a cave higher up this mountain to investigate. We are fairly sure it’s a trap, but we could find no sign of where they went. We were hoping that if we sprung the trap, it might give us an idea of where they went.”

Volibear looked over at the male and said, “Your companion here doesn’t seem to be in great shape. We should wait until morning before continuing on.” Ashe agreed and went to collect her arrows from the midst of a many fallen wolves. The ursine chieftain was impressed that the two humans had managed to survive this attack alone. The two Freljordians slept in the midst of a large ursine army that night. Nothing threatened them, and in the morning Volibear went to wake his new friends. He was surprised to see the man she had called Olaf already largely healed. He hadn’t looked in good shape the night before and said so.

Olaf chuckled and said, “It’s one of the defining characteristics of my tribe. We’re actually not from Valoran, and it is why I don’t wear much armor. I can take a great deal of damage and still be fine after a good night’s sleep. The less restricted I am by clothing the more I can take down with me, so it seems a good trade for my people.” Volibear laughed and said, “You are truly warriors then. Now, let us go spring that trap.”

They went up the mountainside with Ashe, Olaf, and Volibear in the lead. The ursine army was following closely behind, ready for battle. As they reached the cave, they looked inside and saw that it went very deep into the mountain. It sat on top of a plateau that only let the Freljordians and ten ursine on at a time. They began to walk inside the cave warily, but there appeared to be no trap upon entering. As Olaf was walking in the lead, Ashe suddenly yelled out, “Stop!” but it was too late. Olaf snapped a wire and a large explosion shook the mountain. The ceiling began to crumble down and the group sprinted forward as fast as they could. They could tell a cave-in was coming and they were running blindly, deeper into the cave.

The three escaped, but they couldn’t tell what was happening. Ashe used magic Volibear had never seen to light up the area with an enchanted arrow and Olaf gasped. Sitting there, looked perturbed to have been woken up, was a large dragon. The cavern they ended up in was at least fifty feet tall and several hundred yards wide. Volibear knew they were in trouble, but instead got ready to attack. Just as he was about to charge, hopefully giving the dragon something to shoot at, Olaf began sprinting at it, yelling “Faster to battle!”

Volibear roared with all his might and sprinted towards the dragon on all fours. He saw Olaf jump onto the dragons side and start climbing up, using his axes to haul himself up. The dragon was screeching with fury and turned its head to bite at the berserker. Volibear distracted it further by biting hard into the beast’s leg, taking a chunk out with it. The dragon, now enraged spit fire at the ursine chieftain, singeing his fur slightly. He saw arrows appearing in the face of the dragon, with one finally hitting its intended mark. A giant, clearly enchanted arrow struck the dragon in the eye and in howled with fury, stamping around. With its one good eye looking around, it found Volibear and let loose with fiery breath again.

He dodged and circled around, taunting the dragon as much as he could when he noticed Olaf sprinting up its back. Volibear roared again, trying to keep the beasts attention on him and charged at the monster. He was struck hard by a large swing from the monster’s hand and landed hard against the wall of the cave, hitting his head on the ground. His vision began to swim, and he barely managed to lift his head to see what was happening. He watched as the berserker made it up to the neck and brought his axes down with a thunderclap, beheading the beast.

Impressed again with the display of strength, Volibear allowed himself to be taken away by the sweet embrace of unconsciousness.

Hey guys, another late post, and I think this may end up being the time that they come out from now on. I’m not going to promise that by any means, (I don’t really have a writing schedule, just a time of day where I sit down and do it!) but I do like to keep some sort of regularity :). I’ve gotta say, Volibear is entertaining to write, and I don’t know why. I think I just like that he’s a giant bear.

Also, I’ve been wondering how you guys got referred to League Tales. It’s mainly just for me so I can know what promotional things I did that worked, and which ones were fairly pointless. Just let me know in a message, in the comments or anywhere! Have a good one summoners.

-Tale Master


5 Responses to “Volibear: The War for Freljord – 9”

  1. Kwazin July 16, 2012 at 6:08 am #

    I found you on a Reddit post related to Riven! =p

    • League Tales July 16, 2012 at 10:33 am #

      So you’ve been here since the beginning! Woo Hoo :).

      • Kwazin July 16, 2012 at 11:33 am #

        Yup ^_^

  2. John Smith July 16, 2012 at 11:18 am #

    Found it while searching for Talon stories

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