Ashe: The War for Freljord – 10

16 Jul

Olaf brought down his axes with a conviction that frightened her. Ashe thanked her lucky stars that the berserker had taken a liking to their land, and would not fight against her. The dragon collapsed and the whole chamber thudded as its body slammed against the ground. She looked around, trying to spot any danger that may still be lurking. When she was satisfied they were safe she hurried over to Volibear, hoping to help any way she could.

She had been surprised to find the ursine last night, but extremely pleased. She had been meaning to send an emissary for quite some time, but could not decide who would be good to send. She had eventually decided on going herself, but was unable to find any time to break away and make the trip. Finding Volibear amicable and in her time of need was quite the stroke of luck. She refused to take it for granted and knew that his people would be able to tend to him better than she could. She called to Olaf, “Go back to the entrance and see if we can find a way out. We need to get him to his people as quickly as possible.”

Olaf went sprinting back down the tunnel and Ashe fired another hawkshot arrow after him. It lit up the tunnel brilliantly and she knew he’d discover what he could. She began to wander around the cavern, attempting to find some clue about where the Winter’s Claw had gone. The cave appeared to be empty other than the large dragon’s corpse, and Ashe was bitterly disappointed. Many ursine had died today for nothing, and she knew it was her fault for being reckless.

She heard Olaf shouting her name and quickly began to move down the tunnel towards him. “Ashe, the ursine are digging us out. They’ll be another half hour or so.” She slowed as she got to Olaf and said, “Alright, good work. In the meantime, let’s go stay with Volibear, and make sure he’s safe.” When they reached the cavern again, Ashe saw Volibear sitting up and looking around. He roared with delight upon seeing them and said, “You two are quite excellent fighters! I didn’t know what to expect from humans, but that was extraordinary!” He laughed loudly and Ashe looked over at Olaf. The two exchanged a look that was puzzled, but amused, and they both joined him in laughter.

After they’d all settled down, Ashe sat next to Volibear and said, “Tell me of your people Volibear. I’ve been intrigued by your species for some time now.” He grinned widely and Ashe saw a vicious looking row of teeth. “There’s not much to tell really. We’ve been situated north of here, about three days travel, for as long as our stories tell. We live at the base of a mountain that is sacred to our people, and the chieftain is appointed by birthright. We’re generally peaceful, but were attacked by a branch of Winter’s Claw a few days ago. I decided that this meant it was time to join your Freljordian alliance and attempt to ensure that our land does not descend into chaos.”

Ashe wanted to hear more, but did not press him. Instead she heard Olaf begin to speak, “Well we didn’t know what to expect from ya way up there in the north! We’ve wanted to speak to you guys forever, but we just didn’t know who to send! Anyways, now that we’re all chummed up, I’ve gotta ask, how is it you’re alright? You were out cold, and a direct hit from a dragon is nothing to laugh at!” Volibear chuckled and said, “It actually has to do with the armor and gauntlets I wear. It is the mark of the chosen, and all chieftains must ascend our great mountain before our people will follow their rule. At the top, if we are successful, lighting will strike our trappings and enchant them with abilities. One of these is extreme regeneration in times of need.”

Olaf looked impressed, no doubt thinking it mirrored his own tribe’s abilities. Just then they heard roaring echo down the tunnel. Volibear smiled again and said, “I believe they’ve freed us from our rocky imprisonment.” The three got up together, and walked down the hallway towards the new opening. Ashe said, “We appreciate your help, Volibear, but getting my husband back is personal business. We could not ask you and your people to risk their lives on our account.” The ursine regarded her for a moment before saying, “After what we just went through together and the fearlessness with which you battle, I would be ashamed of myself if we did not help you now. We will travel with you, and we will find Sejuani. I believe I owe her some personal payback as well.”

Upon reaching the open air, Ashe felt completely rejuvenated. The sun was high in the sky and she had a fantastic new ally. “Well then, I say let’s continue towards the yeti lands. I’ve been meaning to see if we can find Nunu and see if we can count on the minotaurs as well.” Volibear said, “Well either way, it’ll be good to get back in touch with the yetis. Generations ago we had a strong alliance. For some reason, it dissolved between us, and I’d like to reopen communication.”

After a quick deliberation with his commanders, Volibear announced that they were ready. Ashe told the two, “We should reach the yeti by nightfall. Let us hurry and get there.” With Ashe in the lead, the army began marching southeast, towards the yetis. This gave the three Freljordians plenty of time to talk, and they touched on everything. Olaf’s voyage to Valoran, Ashe’s ascension to queen and Volibear’s childhood with his brother were all talked about at length between the three.

Finally, after a comfortable silence, Ashe said, “Olaf, I just wanted to thank you. I know you and Tryndamere had become extremely close, and I just want you to know he appreciated it. He is a man of action who’s been somewhat forced into a docile role. You help him stay sane.” Olaf looked embarrassed at this revelation and muttered, “No, no, think nothing of it.” Ashe was glad to see that he knew how important he was to Tryndamere, and subsequently to her.

The rest of the journey was spent with Ashe filling Volibear in on the happenings in Noxus, as well as the recent political changes in Freljord. He listened rapturously and his questions were very penetrating. Ashe was pleased with how sharp this leader was and was even more convinced she had a powerful ally. The sun began to set, and Ashe saw that they had a reached the outskirts of yeti land. She smiled and looked forward to seeing the elders again when she heard faint cries of battle. Alarmed, she told Volibear to stop, and he roared out to his army to do the same.

Listening even harder, Ashe distinctly heard the sounds of yeti roars and human battle cries. “Something is wrong. There is a battle ahead, let’s go find out why.” With that, Ashe sprinted forward, and heard the ursine following behind her. They didn’t have to run far before she saw a grand battle already taking place, with the yetis engaged in battle against a detachment of the Winter’s Claw. She turned to Volibear and said, “The humans are the same who attacked your home.” He nodded and roared to his people, telling them the situation.

With that, Ashe gave a battle cry and began to sprint towards fight, thinking ‘This is my first chance to clean up Freljord.’ She drew an arrow and slotted it into her bow. While running full speed, she took aim at the nearest soldier and let it fly.

And just to make a liar of myself, here’s the new one especially early today! I can tell you that on Mondays and Wednesdays I have obligations at night, so you’ll either get really early posts, or really late posts on those days. Unless I specify otherwise, you should be getting one in the afternoon or evening every other day xD.

As for the story, I’m still a new writer and I’m deciding how I like to write things. I feel like the last 3 or 4 days have been substandard and I have not been pleased with the result. Today is the first in a while I’m happy with, and I hope you guys are too. I’m starting to learn what I like and don’t like to write, so chances are that means the quality should be improving :). Crimson Elite was more Riven’s story told from three angles, and I really enjoyed that. This one has been an ensemble cast, and it feels like too much is going on to really appreciate any one character. It’s something I will keep in mind when moving on to the next story arc! As i said before, if there’s something you like or don’t like, feel free to let me know!

On a final note for today (and ensuring this is the longest annotation ever) I still would like to know how you guys ended up here! Have a good one summoners.

-Tale Master


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