Olaf: The War for Freljord – 11

17 Jul

He sprinted into battle with a reckless abandon. As soon as he caught up to the invading humans he was throwing his axes. Instantly beheading two Winter’s Claw, he quickly retrieved his weapons and rounded on another group. His blood was pulsing, and every time he struck an enemy he felt invigorated. The yetis around him were valiantly fighting and holding their own. Unfortunately, Olaf could see that there might just be too many soldiers for them. Between the yeti and the ursine, their forces were only around three thousand, while he knew he had seen at least ten thousand of the enemy.

‘I guess I’ll just have to even those odds,’ he thought to himself. Grinning maniacally, he dove into the midst of ten enemies. With one mighty swing he slew four of them and turned to face the rest. They stared him down, ready to fight when they were smashed from behind by a group of ursine. Olaf laughed, “Thank you mates!” Then he turned back into the fray, looking for anything he could do. He spied Ashe on the edge of the engagement, picking out her targets and taking them down, one by one.

He was impressed with her marksmanship and turned back to face the battle. At that moment he saw a group of yeti young lying on the ground, injured. Two grown yeti were in front of them, attempting to hold off a large group of Winter’s Claw, but as Olaf sprinted towards them, both were impaled by battle maces. Olaf cried out, “Death by steel!” and charged at the group. They paused for one second and that was all he needed. He threw one axe and it landed firmly in the chest of the closest Claw.

He stood there, forming a barrier between the Winter’s Claw and the yetis. The enemies hesitated for a moment before charging at him. Olaf focused and used one of the mightiest abilities known to his people. He was channeling his inner energy and would be temporarily infused with the power of a demigod. As he opened his eyes, he knew that the blood of the Ragnarok was flowing through him and he prepared himself.

All in one movement, Olaf cleaved through the middle of an enemy as though his armor did not exist, following through and picking up his second axe from the soldier’s corpse. Having both axes back, he proceeded to bring down the soldiers two at a time, ignoring any wounds they inflicted upon him. He was the Ragnarok, the mightiest of all the Lokfarian gods. Nothing would slow him down now. He slaughtered the group without mercy, blindly letting his fury out. After no more than ten seconds, he stopped to let himself breathe and saw a group of more than thirty dead by his blade.

He looked down at himself and saw he was covered with injuries. ‘This is nothing,’ he thought to himself. He looked back at the yetis on the ground, smiled and waved his hands away from himself, trying to communicate that they needed to leave. The closest one nodded and collected his fellows. As Olaf watched them leave the battlefield he was proud to have done his part in protecting them. Fleetingly, he wished Tryndamere were here. He wanted to go to battle with his friend again, and resolved himself to free his king.

Olaf took stock of the battle and saw that things were going well. It was true many yetis and ursine lay dead, but none had given in without a fight. For every fallen soldier on his side, Olaf counted two or three for the enemy. He looked around and was shocked with what he saw. Katarina DuCouteau of Noxus was throwing her knives into the necks of the nearby yetis. Olaf knew he didn’t have time to think of what this meant, all he knew was she was dangerous. As he sprinted towards her, Katarina caught sight of another target and Olaf’s blood grew cold.

Katarina had spotted Ashe off to the side and was now sprinting at her. Olaf followed along as closely as he could, but his fear for Ashe had offset his adrenaline a bit. Now that he had stopped he could feel his injuries clearly. He had taken many wounds and knew he wasn’t in great shape, but he would protect Ashe whatever the cost. Ashe caught sight of Katarina and began to fire arrows as quickly as possible, but Katarina dodged soldiers and arrows with ease. She had woven her way through the battlefield well, and as soon as she had an opening, flung four knives with deadly accuracy at Olaf’s queen.

Ashe dodged as best she could, but was still struck in her right leg and left arm by two knives. She collapsed, fitted another arrow in and tried to let fly at Katarina. It passed harmlessly to her left and Katarina began to dive in for the kill. As a last resort, Olaf readied an axe and threw it as hard as he could at her. Just as Katarina was about to strike the Frost Archer, Olaf’s axe cut her deeply on her side, passing through cleanly and landing on the far side of her.

She lurched to a stop and looked back for her attacker. Seeing Olaf coming near she looked at him contemptuously, and readied herself for his attack. He felt vulnerable with one axe, and knew he couldn’t channel the might of Ragnarok again, injured as he was. He began to duel with Katarina, but he soon realized that she would be too fast for him. He kept up, blocking as best he could, before shouting out to Ashe, “Get away! Go, save Tryndamere!”

That momentary distraction was all the time Katarina needed. She plunged a knife deeply into Olaf’s chest, right through his heart. He gasped with pain, and sunk to his knees. With the last of his energy, he swung his remaining axe as hard as he could, hitting Katarina’s waist. She cried out in fury and pain, before picking up two of her knives. She walked over to the injured berserker, and without hesitation, brought her knives sweeping across his neck.

The last thing he felt was pride at having done his duty admirably, and then all at once, felt no more.

Short, sweet, and back on target. I think I’ve hit my stride again (If I do say so myself 🙂 ), and I’ve really enjoyed the last two days. This one has been planned for some time, but originally it was going to be much later in the story. Despite that, I felt like now was a good time for this, and more answers will be coming soon!

Hope you’re enjoying these as much as I’m enjoying writing them, and have a good one summoners!

-Tale Master


6 Responses to “Olaf: The War for Freljord – 11”

  1. Yuri_PT July 17, 2012 at 3:48 pm #

    So… Katarina gets 2 major hits from Olaf and his like “yeah, okay?”…

    • League Tales July 17, 2012 at 3:56 pm #

      Oh c’mon, have I let you guys down yet?! Just wait 😀

  2. Casey July 17, 2012 at 11:38 pm #

    You portrayed Ashe as a little more vulnerable than she actually is.
    Also, I find that successful authors go into more detail than you are at the moment. For example, instead of just saying ‘…when they finally got where they were going ….’ good authors and writers elaborate.
    Finally, the champions need different personalities. I’ve always pictured Volibear as one who gets to the point in as few words as possible and in the most direct way.

    • League Tales July 18, 2012 at 12:02 am #

      I’d disagree on the character front. Ashe is a carry, so she’s super vulnerable :). Squishy number 1! And I personally like volibear’s character so far, though obviously that’s my own preference and not yours.
      As far as the details go, I agree, and think it may have something to do with the schedule I put myself on. Some days I’m very hurried and this isn’t exactly what I do for a living and the quality probably suffers because of that! Sorry you haven’t enjoyed it as much as others, but I’ll certainly put some extra effort in to make it better in the future.

  3. Kwazin July 18, 2012 at 5:30 am #

    Bomb. Nothin else to say.

    • League Tales July 18, 2012 at 5:33 am #

      I’m not gonna lie, I was rather pleased with this one :). Glad you agree!

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