Sejuani: The War for Freljord – 13

19 Jul

She had been getting back reports of failure after failure. The Winter’s Wrath lay down in her bed, unable to sleep. The attack she had led on the Freljordian capital had been a success. She had taken Tryndamere, and he still stood there, trapped in a prison of ice. The detachment she sent to the ursine had not reported back, but she had learned why this morning. Katarina had come back, grievously injured, and reported that the ursine had intruded upon their annihilation of the yetis. Sejuani was furious to find out that not only had her soldiers failed to subdue the ursine, but had likely been eradicated.

This meant that her only allies at this point were the minotaurs. Luckily she still had a force of twenty thousand Noxian and Winter’s Claw soldiers under her command. She knew that her forces had effectively been halved, but it was still enough to do some damage where it was needed. She had gone to bed, livid with the day’s events, but knowing she’d need some rest. If Queen Ashe and her army of ursine and yeti were planning to come here, they’d get here in the morning.

Restless, Sejuani sat up on her bed for a moment, wondering how everything could have gone so wrong. It had seemed like a godsend when Noxus offered to help her, but she hadn’t expected the other native Freljordians to put up such a fierce resistance. She ran her hands through her hair, exasperated and gave up on the idea of sleep. She stood up, dressed herself in full armor as she always did when appearing in front of her people. She began to walk down to the main hall of her underground cavern.

The entrance was ingeniously hidden, inside of a cave with a fake rock wall in the back. To enter, you needed to flip a switch hidden in the top right corner that looked exactly like a crack in the rock. If intruders didn’t know what they were looking for, it was nearly impossible to see. Once you were past that, there was a long hallway that only fit four people abreast of each other at a time. It was quite safe from sieges and Sejuani was very pleased with the Zaunite inventor she had paid to come up with the plans. She heard that he was now embroiled in a war with the former Noxian blacksmith now residing in Piltover, but she was not too concerned with their business.

As she reached the main chamber, she immediately knew something was wrong. Although it was the middle of the night, there should have been at least one hundred soldiers bustling about, doing their duties. She stood there for ten seconds, waiting, and nothing moved. Sejuani bellowed, “Winter’s Claw, in formation!” Her voice echoed throughout the cave and she waited. When no one responded she grew furious, not believing that her people would dare to defy her. Looking around she saw no trace of anyone other than Tryndamere, the light shining down directly upon him.

On a rampage, Sejuani proceeded directly to the soldiers barracks on the far side of the stronghold. Opening the metal door with a loud bang, she peered inside, ready to give hell to the first person she saw. In an instant, it became clear that things had changed. The rows of bunk beds, lined up should have been full of sleeping soldiers, but were completely empty. She grew more cautious as she walked down the main aisle, looking for a clue of what might be wrong. Faintly she heard a low moan carry across the seemingly empty room.

Looking around, she finally spotted a soldier lying in a pool of blood. She ran over as quickly as she could and said, “What happened here?” The soldier looked up at her with blank eyes, clearly on the precipice of death. “The Noxians… took everyone. I resisted… she stabbed me.” With that, the soldiers breathing became bubbly. Sejuani knew she only had time for one more question and asked, “Where are they going?” The soldier’s head hung, but he answered almost inaudibly, “The capital. They’re taking cont…” Before he could even finish his sentence, the soldiers eyes closed and his body slumped.

A chill raced down Sejuani’s spine. She should have seen it coming. Noxus didn’t want an ally, they wanted Freljord out of the way. This ridiculous infighting was just a way to keep the different tribes apart and unable to help each other. Without an early warning system, the capital of Freljord would be very easy to assault. They had at least twenty thousand with them, and possibly more if reinforcements had come. In that moment Sejuani felt another rage spark up inside of her. ‘They played me like a fool!’ She thought impotently. ‘What can I possibly do to counter this?’

As she went over the scenario in her head, she realized her only chance was to swear allegiance to Ashe. They needed to get back to the Freljordian capital as soon as possible to prevent it from being taken. Without the guidance of Ashe and Tryndamere, the capital would fall easily, taking away any advantage the Freljordians might have. If they could just get back first, they might be able to use the defensive advantage well enough to outlast and outfight the Noxians.

She despaired at the thought of giving up her right to rule, especially to her hated rival, but the thought of losing control of Freljord to an outsider was even worse. She resolved herself right then that she would do whatever it took to keep Freljord from falling. She would swallow her pride, beg for Ashe’s forgiveness and offer any help she could. The first step would be one of the hardest. She walked back out into the main hall and approached Tryndamere’s frozen body. She focused her mind and peeled back the layer of ice in which he was trapped.

She refocused on the scene in front of her and saw him sprawled on the ground, gasping for air. She waited, giving him time to adjust to the dim light before saying, “Tryndamere, I have set you free for a reason. Please, give me a moment before you attack.” He looked towards her and she saw the rage in his eyes building. She only had a moment to explain. “Freljord is under attack by Noxus. I am submitting myself to Ashe’s rule. She is headed here, we need to get back to the capital as soon as possible.”

He stopped where he was, surprised, his hands not leaving his sword hilt. He spoke with a voice as cold as the ice he had been imprisoned in, “Why should I trust you, butcher of innocents?” Sejuani met his gaze firmly and said in as even a tone as she could, “Because at this point, we have no other choice. If you will not trust me, Freljord will fall.”

Hmmm, ominous words Sejuani, very dark! 🙂 This one is getting realeased a little early today because I finished it early, so enjoy!

Tale Master


2 Responses to “Sejuani: The War for Freljord – 13”

  1. John Smith July 19, 2012 at 7:13 pm #

    You said the capital is in a valley ringed by mountains I believe. It would be wise to let Noxus take it and then siege them inside of it. The siegers would have the advantage of high ground as well as starving out the defenders. The best tactial plan (to me) would be to evacuate the city of all people and supplies. That way the Noxians would be screwed after taking it. This would guarantee victory for Ashe unless there is some unknown factor which is what Talon seems to be famous for now.

    • League Tales July 19, 2012 at 8:22 pm #

      Ah, I can’t say anything without giving it away :). Glad you caught how I felt the capital and it’s surrounding geography looked :).

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