Talon: The War for Freljord – 18

25 Jul

The cry from overhead was piercing. The entire battle stopped for a moment to see what was making that sound, and Talon was dismayed to see a cryophoenix and a minotaur dropping down from the sky. He knew then that he would be needing the reinforcements he had prepared to come in earlier. He looked back at the ursine chieftain he had been dueling with and determined he couldn’t take too much more. Even though he had stabbed the bear well in the back by Talon’s knife, and had taken a shot to the gut from a spear, the ursine seemed unruffled.

Talon quickly began to run at the bear, who looked surprised for a moment by his boldness. The chieftain ran to meet him but just as Talon ducked within range, he dove sideways and rolled out of sight, hidden by a mass of bodies. He quickly got to his feet, ducked between the groups fighting each other and navigated the battlefield quickly. He wanted to get back to the castle and unleash his minotaur allies he had waiting in reserve.

His plan had been highly dependent on the invading army being weakened by his trap at the canyon mouth. Talon was furious with himself for underestimating his opponents, for they had sent another detachment to invade from the canyon walls. It was basic strategy, and he knew he was smarter than that, but allowed his species’ bias to get in the way. It was a mistake he would not make again.

As he dove through the battle, stabbing any ursine and yeti he could see, he spared a glance backwards to see what he could gather. The ursine looked to be in trouble, for there was only half of their original contingent left, surrounded by several thousand Noxian soldiers. Talon was alarmed to see that the death toll would be much higher than he had been hoping, but knew eliminating the threat from Freljord would be well worth it in the long run.

The minotaur and the cryophoenix were both over fighting with the group of yetis on the west wall, and there was a great commotion from his soldiers as a small ice storm seemed to appear on top of them. As they cowered slightly, trying not to be struck by ice shards, the yeti would come in and rip them apart. Talon knew they were in trouble and sprinted the distance to the castle, ignoring the fight around him. He smashed through the oak doors quickly and yelled for the minotaur chieftain to get down here.

The minotaur leader came running down the stairs with Draven. The two quickly saluted to Talon who wasted no time before saying, “We need your contingent to go in. The ursine and the yeti are putting up a better fight than we would have hoped.” Draven spoke up, signifying that the minotaur leader was already deferring to him. “Of course sir. We’ll show them a spectacle like they’ve never seen before.” He grinned maniacally and Talon knew the bloodthirsty executioner would get the job done.

Talon quickly ran up the stairs to the same balcony he had addressed his people from earlier in the day. He wanted to get a bird’s eye view of what was happening on the battlefield below, as well as be ready to address everyone when the time came. Just as he reached the balcony, he heard a yell and looked down below. The minotaur were pouring out of the castle and charging into the fray. They immediately ran to the canyon sides and began to push the yeti back.

Every moment Talon saw them ceding more and more territory, getting pushed back by the reinvigorated Noxian forces. He laughed to himself, enjoying the thinning numbers of the enemy. After a short time, the combined forces of the minotaur and the Noxians had the entire enemy number pinned against the wall of debris, leftover from the earlier explosions. Talon called down, his voice booming and echoing across the canyon.

“Halt the attack!” Immediately upon hearing his words, he saw his forces pull back slightly. The enemy, still contained, gathered together in a circle, holding their ground. They looked weary, and considerably smaller than when they had started. Talon guessed there couldn’t be more than a thousand of them combined. He smiled, then continued, “Yetis, ursine, you have fought valiantly today. Although you have come to invade our beautiful lands of Freljord, I must commend you on your display of fighting prowess. It would be a shame to see you fall here today, when you could be put to better use serving us. I ask you, please submit and join our cause.”

Talon let the words hang in the air, and gave the enemy time to consider. He knew that they would refuse, but even this moment of mercy would convince the Freljordians in his army that he truly wanted peace. It would make assimilating them even easier when the time came. He heard a roar come back that echoed down the canyon and a strong, deep voice rang out, “Enemy of Freljord, you will never earn our allegiance. We will fight you today to the last man… If we are eliminated here today, it will not go smoothly for you. We will inflict such a toll upon you that every man who lives through this day will be plagued by the memory of us. Stories in Noxus will tell of the ursine and yeti to frighten small children to sleep. We shall not yield!”

Talon was about to give an order to attack when something he did not understand happened. An enchanted ice arrow, the size of a human being came flying out from the ledge on top of the canyon. It struck in the middle of a group of minotaurs and exploded upon impact. Just then, a large group of humans began to appear at the top of the debris pile. At their front was Tryndamere, king of the barbarians, and Sejuani, leader of the Winter’s Claw. The two looked imposing in front of an army of barbarian warriors and Talon knew the battle had now begun in earnest.

Tryndamere let out a battle cry and the barbarians began to charge down the hill. He yelled to his own army and they pressed inwards, looking to finish them off. Talon smiled, knowing that regardless of the outcome, Freljord was finished.

Here you go, another day, another post. Unfortunately, this one is largely exposition, but we’ll back in the thick of things tomorrow. Sorry it’s another late post, but at least we’re still getting em out! Have a good one summoners!

-Tale Master


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