Filler 8: The Raven (of Midlane)

29 Jul

Ok guys, this is just a quick update. There will be something new out, a little later tonight. I just got home, but I’ve had the idea for a few days now, and I hope you guys will like it. I’m going to edit this post when I do, including changing the title to it’s REAL title. Just wanted to update you so you guys knew I wasn’t abandoning you :).

Alright, and here it is! It is another poem, this time styled after Edgar Allen Poe’s the Raven. If you are in need of some help understanding the flow and the rhyme scheme, go to this link . While I’m sure mine is not perfect, it does follow the rhyme scheme and the syllable layout, so I hope you enjoy it :).

This is, the epic poem:

The Raven (of Midlane)

Once upon a field of battle, the champ’s armor did a-rattle.

A master tactician, his name the great general Swain,

Did plan a feat of much import, that would for sure, the blue team thwart.

He faced a foe of great strength and sought his head in the mid lane.

Though Fiddle the crow was alarmingly skillful, not mundane,

The Raven abused his brain.

The Scarecrow’s head was a hollow shell, the plan he could not follow.

He would ensnare this evil creature, the great general Swain.

First he must force the loss of cd’s, joking and taunting with ease.

The crow did waste all his powers at once trying to cause pain.

The raven was pleased with this turn of events, in his mid lane.

Now ’twas time to bring the pain.

He lay his snaring skill nevermove, the crow was caught, he made his move,

Lets loose his raven, “Decrepify” shouts great general Swain.

The tether that’s made ‘twixt the crow and raven, sets midlane aglow.

With an evil laugh he torments his foe, enjoying his bane.

The ravenous flock, cast upon himself made him laugh again,

He knew he had won midlane.

Just as he went in for the kill, it appeared to ruin his thrill.

The enemy jungler went after the great general Swain.

Killing the plan, out of the brush, Udyr used ghost and made a rush,

For our hero, the raven. With bear stance he came, down the lane,

Headbutting our raven with near doubled speed like a freight train.

Swain could not hide his disdain.

The crow and the jungler moved in, on our stunned midlaning raven.

‘Why did I not buy a ward?’ lamented the general Swain.

The damage was done and he died, hurting his health and his mind’s pride.

A voice from the heavens announced to the world, “You have been slain”

There’s a lesson for you, young summoners, buy wards for your lane,

Or die like general Swain.

This actually didn’t take that long to write, but I didn’t make it as long as I originally thought it would be either! So, I hope you enjoyed it :). Have a good one summoners, we have reader content for you tomorrow, and then I believe I will be starting the new story on Tuesday.

-Tale Master


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