Irelia: Ionian Fervor – 1

31 Jul

The stranger came into the restaurant, inquiring about the Starchild again. His attire was simple, but elegant. Soraka always welcomed everyone who wished to find her, but there was something about this man that made the Starchild’s guardian pause. Occasionally when she looked over, she could swear his eyes were glowing red, but as soon as she looked again they were back to normal. It was not much more than a hunch, but it was enough to keep the Starchild’s guardian wary of the stranger.

The entire restaurant fell silent as he slammed his hands down on the counter top. “Dammit! I’ve had enough of this! My friend needs help, and the Starchild could help her. Why does she refuse?” The man’s tone started angry, but grew pleading as he went on, and the Will of the Blades was intrigued. She stood up, revealing sleek armor. It was colored red and white and had an odd attachment at the back. There was a seemingly ornamental contraption connected to her shoulder plates. Four blades hung from it, each looking sharp and deadly.

Everyone in the establishment watched the woman walk up to the stranger who had been demanding to see the Starchild. She paced her steps deliberately, attempting to get a measure of the man in case trouble broke out. “Who are you stranger? Why do you seek our healer?” She looked him directly in the eyes, unsure whether she wanted to see what she was looking for.

“I am here because my friend is close to death. I had to perform some…” He paused, clearly looking for the right words. “creative magic to heal her. Unfortunately, it was not enough to restore her completely and I’ve heard that the Starchild can bring people back from the brink of death. Please, if you can, help me.” He looked entirely sincere, and she did not sense he was lying to her, but decided to give him one last test.

“I’m afraid you cannot see her now. Come back in a few days and I’ll consider bringing you to her.” There it was. His eyes flashed red for a moment before he took a deep breath. She prepared herself for the attack, but it never came. He hung his head and said, “Then I’m afraid my friend is simply lost.” With that, he turned away and walked out of the restaurant. Irelia was surprised and quickly ran after him. She caught up to him as they stepped outside. “Who are you stranger?” She asked for the second time.

He looked surprised and turned around, “I am a humble traveler who is concerned for his friend.” The woman looked around at her homeland; she saw the beauty of the pink blossoms in the trees all around, the green grass beneath their feet. The restaurant behind them was made from the wood of trees that shed their bark every season, leaving as small of an impact on the environment as possible. Seeing her homeland reminded her that she should help all those who were in need.

“I apologize. I am Irelia, Will of the Blades. I can take your friend to see the Starchild right away. Please, tell me your name first.” She held out her hand and the man hesitated a moment before shaking it. “I am Vladimir, the Crimson Reaper. I come from Noxus, but as an outcast, not an invader.” She momentarily gripped his hand harder, but quickly released it. Being Noxian didn’t necessarily mean he was evil. “I will ask no more for now, but I am interested as to how you came to be in our lands.”

He nodded and said, “My friend is back at the inn just a mile south of here. What should I do?” Irelia regarded him and told him, “Bring your friend to the temple just north of this restaurant. There is a nexus there and I will bring Soraka to you by nightfall.” The man nodded and thanked her profusely before rushing away. Irelia was intrigued by this man. It was not often that people met a Noxian who showed compassion for others.

Irelia began to trek northwards, knowing she’d need to travel several miles north of the temple to get to the main city of Ionia. The temple she was sending Vladimir to was the Placidium, which housed the School of Transcendentalism. Soraka was on the board of regents for the school and it produced many of Ionia’s greatest thinkers and philosophers. The nexus it housed was the most powerful in the entire city state, and when used to channel Soraka’s healing arts it could perform miracles.

Irelia briefly thought back to the moment when she had been on the precipice of death and Soraka saved her using this exact Nexus. An unexpected side effect of the powerful energies had bound Irelia’s blades to her. She now controlled them as easily as if they were her own limbs. Absorbed in her memories, she paid no attention to the beautiful scenes around her. The mountains in front of her loomed high, with several cliff faces creating brilliant waterfalls. The temple itself was set in the mountain and had fascinating architecture heavily utilizing gems.

Irelia had seen all this before, and passed it by without paying much attention, skirting around the bottom of the mountain towards the city on the far side. The walk was uneventful, but for some reason she felt uneasy. As she approached the outskirts of the town the feeling deepened. She began to proceed cautiously as she walked down an alleyway. She heard voices around the corner and couldn’t make out what they said at first. She slowly came closer and heard, “-at’s too bad. I guess we’ll just have to take it by force.”

Concerned, Irelia immediately decided to take action and revealed herself. Stepping around the corner she saw two men standing over a cowering woman. Before any of the three could react, Irelia’s blades sprung to life off her shoulder plate. Hovering in front of her, the four blades created an x, connected at the middle by a red glowing circle. She sprang forward, striking the first man dead, impaling his chest with ease. The second was groping inside his jacket for something, but Irelia quickly slashed across and his head went rolling down the alley. She stooped over to examine what he had been grabbing when she heard glass breaking behind her.

She quickly looked up and saw a hooded figure run away from the window above. Irelia was about to give chase when she noticed a greenish gas rising from the broken bottle on the floor. Almost immediately, her knees felt weak. She attempted to keep herself up against the wall, but her hands would not listen to her mind’s commands. She slumped against the wall and her head hit the ground with a crack.

Feeling somewhat delirious from both the gas and the head injury, she couldn’t help but think that the hooded figure’s mouth had looked funny wrapped in rags. She wondered briefly if he had been a walking mummy before closing her eyes and surrendering to the darkness.

Well, here we are. A new story arc. This is counting as my post for Tuesday the 31st, so don’t be expecting more in the afternoon :). I just thought I’d give you guys this one early because I’m such a nice guy!

As you can see, (or may have guessed from the title) Irelia is going to be one of our main characters for this new series. I’m hoping I can really blend what I liked about the past two stories in order to make this the best one yet! I have some ideas, and we’ll see how they pan out.

Have a good one summoner’s, and here we go again! 🙂

-Tale Master


4 Responses to “Irelia: Ionian Fervor – 1”

  1. Kwazin July 31, 2012 at 6:22 am #

    Awww yeaaaaaaahhhh

  2. Yuri_PT August 1, 2012 at 12:36 pm #

    So far I’m loving it. Love me some Vlad xD Very charismatic character 😀

    • League Tales August 1, 2012 at 1:47 pm #

      Heh, I like Vlad too. It was time to bring him back.

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