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Short Break

27 Aug

I’m sorry readers, but there has been a large change in my life in the past day. I will not be able to write for the next few days, but I may be able to have a guest poster put something small out there. Rest assured, this story will finish, and it should only be off for a few days.

I hope you’re all doing well, and I will be back!

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Not sure

26 Aug

If I can make one tonight. Maybe tomorrow. School starts, so I’m trying to get settled!

Singed: Ionian Fervor – 23

25 Aug

He watched as the soldiers clashed yet again. The Ionians had dug into the southern province of Navori and weren’t letting it go without a fight. However, Singed knew the province would soon be his. His contact in the Ionian capital had been sent down to bolster the enemy’s defenses in the south. His contact had been slowly going crazy after losing something precious to Singed’s old master Warwick, and had been ripe for the taking when he met them.

Singed had railed against Warwick and his policies, despite still being on excellent terms with the wolf, and it had won over the newly fragile mind of his contact. By all accounts, no one had noticed any strange behavior other than the woman becoming far more introverted than she used to be.

It had been the previous night that the woman managed to slip away into Singed’s tent and tell him that the defenses would fall shortly. Singed had been on the lookout all day when suddenly, the barricade they had built to keep invaders out collapsed of its own accord. Singed had already marshaled his troops and gave a triumphant yell, urging them onwards.

Although the Ionians had all taken to wearing masks, avoiding the effects of the chemical weapons, there was nothing they could do when taken by surprise. It was a bloodbath, and Singed saw General Wukong appear at the head of the lines. His contact was nowhere to be seen, though that didn’t surprise him. If she could manage to stay under cover longer, she may be able to deliver the capital as well.

General Wukong attempted to get his forces under control, but the swiftness of the attack quickly wore down the Ionian’s defenses. The Monkey King roared out “Retreat! Retreat to the rendezvous point.” The bulk of the Ionian forces began to exit the battlefield and Singed called out for his forces to give chase. He smiled. ‘Only two more provinces until I reach the capital,’ he thought.

Yes, the invasion was going swimmingly.

My editor was upset. She thinks it’s a mean teaser. I think you guys are smart enough to figure it out ;).

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Lee Sin: Ionian Fervor – 22

24 Aug

Sorry guys, my editor is currently working, so this one will be posted tonight, just in a bit!

The woman from his past invited Lee Sin in and offered him tea. He assented and asked where her parents were. She responded, “They went for a night out. I came to see them myself. So honey, what brings you back here after all this time?” Though her tone was playful and light, Lee Sin knew he had seriously hurt her emotionally, and chose his words carefully. In the end he decided to tell her the full truth.

“Caitlyn, I’m sorry, I didn’t come back to reconnect. Honestly, I was too ashamed of what I did to face you then, and too ashamed that I didn’t face you to come back.” She dropped her smile and her tone became much more formal, her Piltover accent coming out slightly stronger. “Alright. Now we’ve established why you’re not here, but that’s not what I asked.” Lee took a deep breath and carried on, “Ionia is under attack from Zaun. We are losing, and desperately need reinforcements. I know you carry a lot of clout around here, and I was hoping I could convince you to help us.”

The Sheriff of Piltover eyed him thoughtfully but said, “Why haven’t we heard any word of this?” Lee Sin looked slightly surprised and said, “I suppose it’s because Karma didn’t take the invasion seriously at first. She was having an affair with Talon, the new leader of Noxus.” Caitlyn raised her eyebrows and said, “Well this is very serious. I have no doubts that Piltover will lend aid. Our countries form a bit of a protection for each other in these times.”

Lee Sin nodded and said, “Thank you. When can we see the board of directors for Piltover?” Caitlyn looked at the clock on her wall and said, “They’re likely finishing up for the day. I think it would be wise to wait for the morning because we need to prepare what we intend to tell them.” Lee Sin nodded again and said, “Alright then. I suppose I shall let you go for the evening.” He heard Caitlyn stand up and say strongly, “No!” She paused and Lee Sin could sense her embarrassment. “I mean, you don’t have to leave right away. I’d like to catch up if there’s nowhere you need to be.”

Lee Sin smiled and said, “I think I would like that too.” She sat back down and the two conversed for hours. Lee Sin told her of his new companions he had met, and how he had been blinded. Caitlyn’s voice quaked with fury upon hearing about the nine-tailed fox, but Lee Sin told her it had been his own fault. Caitlyn then described to him how she’d become the town’s Sheriff and that the crime-rate had hit an absolute minimum since she’d taken over. Lee Sin was impressed and voiced that he knew she’d do great things.

After a long time Caitlyn’s parents came home. They were delighted to see Lee Sin again, and Lee Sin caught them up all over again. Caitlyn sounded amused when she told her parents that she needed to work with Lee Sin on their speech, and the two excused themselves. Out in the fresh air, Lee Sin said, “So where are we going?” Caitlyn suggested they return to her home and they walked together silently. Lee Sin’s mind was racing, circling between worry for Ionia and elation to be back in Caitlyn’s company.


They reached Caitlyn’s home halfway across town without any problems, and began planning what they wanted to say. Lee Sin had wanted to keep it simple, but Caitlyn had insisted they’d be more impressed with an impassioned plea, and they got to work.

Though it took half the night, the time flew for Lee Sin, and he was glad he had Caitlyn’s input. Suddenly, a small device at her side began to ring furiously and she threw it a dirty look. “I haven’t had any calls in two weeks, and this joker has to pick tonight?” She sighed heavily and paused. Before Lee Sin could react, she pressed her lips against his and kissed him hard. She withdrew just as suddenly and Lee Sin could hear the devilish smile she wore in her voice.

“Now, if you leave again, I’ll find you. I’m a damn good detective, you know.” He heard her footsteps heading towards the door and she called back over her shoulder, “The speech sounds good. Keep rehearsing, and you’re welcome to stay here tonight.” With that, the door closed behind her and Lee Sin sank back in his chair.

A smile spread across his lips and he thought, “Man, am I glad to be back in Piltover.” He put his hands behind his head and focused on remembering his speech.

I think Lee deserved a bit of happiness. Sorry it’s so late today, but at least one got out! Have a good one :). 

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Irelia: Ionian Fervor – 21

23 Aug

The two stood still, peering around. Irelia couldn’t see anything around her, but pressed her back against Vlad’s, to keep as much of their surroundings in their vision as possible. A projectile flew out from her left and she ducked to avoid it. She felt Vlad do the same and saw an electrified shuriken fly above her. She knew well that the Kinkou did not take kindly to people finding their temple home, and she’d been foolish not to think of them.

Suddenly a green blur came flying out of nowhere and crashed into Vlad with a strong kick. He flew backwards, hitting the ground hard. Irelia turned to try and help him, but suddenly heard a sound behind her. She instinctively ducked and a sword went flying over her head. Turning, she saw a ninja dressed in dark blue standing there. She turned to fight him and her blades danced around her hands, ready to strike.

The ninja, who Irelia knew as Shen, suddenly dove forward after her. Irelia sidestepped and thrust her blades into his side. Before she could make solid contact, his swords seemed to move of their own accord and blocked the stab immediately. Irelia desperately wanted to help Vlad, but knew she didn’t have any option, with Kennen still lurking somewhere unseen. She swung her blades again, but felt a stabbing pain in her side as she tried.

Looking down, she saw a shuriken sticking halfway out of her. She grimaced and focused on the fight again. She saw Kennen off behind Vlad and quickly dashed to him. She stabbed him directly in the side and he let out a small yell before changing his body into a small ball of lightning. He zipped away and Irelia had to refocus again. She saw Shen and Akali going towards Vlad, and he appeared to melt down into a pool of blood. The two ninjas were caught in it, and both appeared to fall slightly into a vortex, their feet getting caught.

Suddenly Vlad was whole again and launched out blood projectiles, hitting both of them. They recoiled slightly upon getting hit and Irelia jumped in towards Akali. She threw her enchanted blades towards her, forcing the ninja in green to dodge left and right. Finally, the third and fourth blades struck her in the leg and the stomach, causing her to double over. Irelia went in for the killing blow when she ran into an energy shield.

It caught her by surprise, and she had the wind knocked out of her slightly. She looked around and saw Shen standing in one spot with his hands pressed together. Suddenly he teleported to Akali’s side, and Irelia realized he had been putting up the shield. At this point, Kennen came running back out and the three ninjas stood side by side. Vlad walked up to Irelia’s side, and the two prepared again for a fight.

The woman in the middle, Akali, stepped forward and said, “You fight well. Hesitation is the seed of defeat, and you showed none.” Irelia eyed her warily and Vladimir said, “Why have you attacked us?” Shen answered from behind, “You are inside our ancestral temple grounds. We defend it fiercely.” Irelia called out, “We merely stumbled here by accident. Ionia is in an upheaval, and Karma has attempted to let us fall to the Zaunite invasion.”

Kennen answered, “We know. We’ve seen everything.” Vlad looked confused, so Irelia stepped forward and said, “If you know, why have you done nothing? The balance of Ionia has clearly been upset, and that is your only job!” She grew angrier as she spoke, feeling the pain in her side and letting it fuel her. “Instead, you sit here, guarding your home, and attacking loyal Ionians as they pass? You all should be ashamed of yourself.”

Akali’s head dropped slightly, and Irelia knew she had hit a nerve. “We did try to help. We were ordered back.” Shen spoke, “It was my opinion that if Ionia didn’t want our help, we were not obliged to give it. I always had feeling the Duchess is frightened of us, and is punishing the people for it.” Vlad stepped forward, causing all of them to be rather close to each other. Irelia tensed in case the fighting broke out again, but for now it appeared they wished to speak.

“Why would you abdicate your duties to the people around you, just because of the slight of a leader?” Vlad’s voice was quiet, but carried conviction, and the ninja’s looked slightly ashamed. Kennen spoke up, “We know it was not the correct course, but by the time we realized our mistake, there was no way we could help.”

Irelia walked up to Akali’s face and kneeled, leaving her neck completely open to her. Still facing the ground she said, “Please, ancient guardians of the Kinkou; please come with us and help us repel the invasion.” She sat there for a long moment before she heard rustling in front of her. The three ninjas had all gotten down and kneeled before her.

Shen said, “Irelia, captain of the guard, let us serve you. We wish to help Ionia, and have lost our way.” Stunned, Irelia stood up and looked to Vlad. He wore a bemused expression on his face and she turned back towards the Kinkou. “Please, stand. We would love to have you, and if you can help us win back Ionia from the evil that invades our shores, all will be forgiven.”

The ninjas all assented as one and Irelia smiled. Turns out her intuition hadn’t been so off after all. Vlad muttered under his breath, “Well, like they always say, I’d rather be lucky than good.”

I will be adding the promised picture later. Gotta play some league now xD. Have a good one summoners.

Lol. These are how I pictured Vlad’s chambers swimming with the blood of etc etc. I believe this is from Crimson Elite 9 or so? Anyway, Enjoy. (Aren’t you glad you waited for this?)

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Filler 12: Sorry Guys

22 Aug

Life is getting really busy right now. Hopefully there won’t be too many of these, and I’m trying to keep with the schedule I set out :-/. I didn’t have time to do anything today, so I will make it up to you with a picture and a post tomorrow.

Have a good one.

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Vladimir: Ionian Fervor – 20

21 Aug

The two had run for two days straight, and according to Irelia were now near the coast. Vlad didn’t want to stay in any one spot too long, but the two needed a break, so he thought they’d settle in for the night a little early. He doubted anyone would follow, but at this point, they needed to regroup to figure out what they intended to do. He should’ve seen Karma’s double cross coming, but had been distracted by everything happening.

He was still furious with himself, but Irelia’s company made him feel a little better. He was falling for her, but was worried that it wasn’t a good idea. The two of them were very different, and he didn’t know what his plan was after helping Ionia through the war. He pushed all that aside and said, “Let’s camp here for the night.”

They were in the middle of the forest he and Lee Sin had stayed in, but much further west. As they sat down for the night, Irelia sat down hard against the tree, bumping her head. She exclaimed and rubbed her head lightly and Vlad started laughing. Irelia tried to give him an angry look but soon ended up laughing along with him. They began to laugh harder and harder, letting out all the tension they’d felt from the last two days, and by the end, were on the ground, holding their sides.

Irelia straightened up, tears coming out of her eyes. “Thank you. I needed that.” Vlad composed himself and said, “Well. What do we do now? We have no chances to do anything helpful while we’re outcasts like this.” Irelia nodded and said, “I’m worried now. We barely survived the last invasion, and we were all working together then. Losing Master Yi is a huge blow, and with us being outcasts…” She paused, taking a deep breath. “I don’t think we can hold out.”

Vlad got up, walked over to her and put an arm around her consolingly. “Well, at least we can have some reinforcements if Riven and Lee are successful. Riven’s also a tough girl. Talon would have failed without her on his side, and that’s saying something if a man with his talent needed her.” Irelia nodded and nestled her head in his chest. They didn’t say anything more, and slowly drifted off to sleep, enjoying each other’s company in these dark times.


The next morning, Vlad woke up to find Irelia gone. He panicked for a moment before he realized if she had been kidnapped, he would’ve been taken as well. He stood up, stretched a bit and Irelia came walking back into view. Vlad smiled, genuinely happy to see her. “Well, you know the area better than I. What should we do now?” She hesitated, a pensive look crossing her face. “I really don’t know. I don’t think we should stay in one spot, but where do you think we should go?”

Vlad shrugged and said, “Let’s go north. That seems like the dumbest way to go given the invasion forces, so I doubt they’d expect us to do it.” Irelia assented and the two began walking north. They walked for about an hour when Vlad saw a stone temple in the distance. He asked Irelia about it and she gasped. “Vlad, we need to leave, I’ve made an awful mistake.” He didn’t ask any questions and the two turned and began to run.

Suddenly, the sky around them went from a blazing midday sun to pitch black. A disembodied voice that appeared to be coming from everywhere at once said, “Tread carefully.” Another, slightly higher pitched voice rang out, “Their final moments approach.” Vlad wasn’t sure what was going on, but put himself on the defensive. He felt Irelia tensing up next to him and finally, a woman’s voice said, “We’ve found a necessary sacrifice.”

There you guys go :). Hopefully you’re still enjoying these, because the Ionian Fervor is going to be long xD. Have a good one summoners.

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