Vladimir: Ionian Fervor – 2

1 Aug

His head was on a swivel, taking in all of his surroundings. He had just arrived at the base of the mountain, carrying Riven on his shoulders, her body draped around him like a shawl. It was not the most graceful way to carry her, but it was certainly the most effective. He figured she’d understand even if she woke up a little bruised. He was not wearing his Crimson Elite armor, figuring that would make him stand out in a crowd. He simply wore a red tunic with silver buckles, on top of crimson and white streaked pants. His boots crunched loudly on the ground beneath him.

It had just reached twilight, and the sun sent an orange glow cascading over the mountainside. As he trekked up the mountain towards the temple, his thoughts strayed towards his journey to this place. He had left Noxus in a hurry, and after taking Riven to his home he had hastened to Ionia. The trip proved uneventful, which Vlad had been thankful for. He’d gotten several weird looks hauling around a woman with him, but no one seemed to want to ask. He’d hitched a ride on a fishing boat and set off for the capital.

Upon arriving on the outskirts, he’d been told to ask at that restaurant about Soraka. His advances had been rebuffed for weeks before earlier today when he snapped. He was glad he did, and he was intrigued by this Irelia he had just met. He had felt her blood pulsing through her body and felt intoxicated by her vitality. There was something unusual about her, ‘Plus,’ he admitted to himself, ‘She was easy on the eyes.’

He shook off the thought and focused on the matter at hand. He saw the waterfalls off to the side and admitted that Ionia was a beautiful place. He felt peaceful here, something he’d never felt before. Reaching the temple door, Vlad stepped in and froze. There was a musty quality to the air, and it didn’t feel right. He gently lay Riven down against the side of the door and ventured forward. The room was dark and Vlad’s sense of foreboding grew.

He opened all of his senses and could find no fresh blood in this place. He continued forward cautiously, keeping an eye out for anything unusual when he stumbled slightly. Looking down, he saw the corpses of five priests, all with the same slightly consternated look on their faces. He quickly turned and began to walk back to the entrance. This did not look good for him. He grabbed Riven and quickly slung her over his shoulders again.

“Hey, you there, stop!” A voice cried out from behind him and he began to run. Bursting out the front door, he began sprinting down the mountain as fast as he could. ‘I really need to establish a blood rune network,’ he thought to himself wistfully. He could not hear any pursuers, but he didn’t stop until he reached the base of the mountain. He slowed down just enough to check over his shoulders and didn’t see anyone.

He walked briskly, heading back to the inn. Contemplating what this all meant, he knew he was in trouble. He was a Noxian in Ionia, shortly after the Noxian invasion ended. He had shown up at their most sacred temple and found bodies there. Yes, he was in trouble. Upon reaching the inn, he opened the doors and nearly dropped Riven. Sitting there at the table was Singed, the Mad Chemist of Zaun. His mouth was covered in rags, as always, and his shield was propped up against the table. Vladimir didn’t see his trademark bottle anywhere, but remained wary nonetheless.

“Ahh, Vladimir, I presume? I was hoping I might find you here. Come, sit down and have a drink with me.” Singed said in his deep, hypnotic voice. Vlad looked disgusted and said to him, “I’ll stay here, thanks.” His blood was boiling with hatred. Riven had told him during one of their nights together about this monster. He had been the one to send the chemical attack that had decimated Riven’s unit and begun her exile. Vladimir hated this man with every fiber of his being.

“I’m very sorry to hear that Vladimir.” He stood up, and calmly picked up his shield. Vlad set Riven down by the door and realized that he was making things very dangerous for her. “How about you and I take a walk then? We can discuss why you’ve been looking for me and why you’ve come here.” Singed chuckled and said, “No, I don’t believe I’ll be doing that.” He made a sudden lunge toward Riven on the ground and Vlad shouted.

Before he had time to think he was already firing a projectile of his own blood and it burned the flesh on the back of Singed’s head. The Mad Chemist let out an odd gasping sound and Vlad used a torrent of blood to draw Riven to him. As soon as he had her he flung her onto his shoulders yet again and sprinted out the door. Thinking through his options while he ran, he decided he would go back to the temple. Hopefully, if he explained himself, they’d see reason and know that Singed being here was not a good sign.

‘The Ionians are famed for their higher learning,’ He thought to himself. ‘Hopefully their compassion and intelligence lives up to its billing.’

Well guys, he’s back! Mister Vladimir will indeed be one of our stars of Ionian Fervor. We’ve got a new antagonist for the first time in my writing career (Talon we hardly knew ye), and I’m really excited for the overall shape of this story. Not sure I’ve quite hit the high gears yet as far as writing goes, but I’m happy enough with these two so far. Hope you’re enjoying them and have a good one summoners!

Tale Master


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