Vladimir: Ionian Fervor – 10

9 Aug

They had been training for a week, and already Lee Sin had shown clear improvement. He was strong, fast and knew how to use all of his senses to make up for his lack of sight. Vlad knew that there wasn’t more he could get out of this without the two of them truly fighting to the death. During this time, the two had gotten to know each other quite well and were becoming extremely close friends. After they finished their training for the day, they sat down to talk.

“I think you’ve learned as much as you will from sparring with me. At this point you’ll need different opponents.” Lee Sin smiled and said, “Thank you. It no longer feels as though I am disadvantaged. While I’m not quite the same as I was before, I certainly grew stronger in other ways.” Vlad was glad to hear it and said, “So what now? I need to save Riven, but I really don’t want to assault the compound and kill everyone.”

The two men sat there and considered their options for some time, unable to find a good choice. Finally Lee Sin said, “I really don’t know what else we can do. Perhaps you could try to find somewhere-“ He stopped mid sentence. “Wha-“ Vlad started, but Lee Sin raised a hand and cut him off. He leaned in and whispered to Vlad, “I hear voices. I don’t believe it’s safe here anymore.” Vlad nodded, trusting Lee implicitly and tugged on his arm.

Lee followed, so he must’ve gotten the hint, and Vlad headed west. The voices had come from the east, the direction of the prison, and from what Lee had told him, the western central coast of Ionia was largely uninhabited. As they hurried along, Lee kept his hand up, trying to keep things quiet. Finally, he stopped and whispered, “I don’t hear them anymore.” Just as Vlad was about to speak, a voice called out from behind. “Stop where you are.”

Vlad turned around and was relieved to see Irelia standing there. “Irelia! I’m glad it’s you. We were afraid that you were after us because of the prison break.” He laughed, feeling better and glad to see the woman again. She, however, stood there looking slightly unsure of herself. “Vladimir, I’ve come to take you in.” She looked very awkward, and Vlad was unsure what to say. He looked over towards Lee and was surprised to see he wasn’t there.

Facing Irelia again he said, “Are you sure this is how you want it to be? You know I didn’t do anything.” He sincerely hoped she would reconsider. He liked Irelia and he didn’t want to hurt her. She hesitated, “I have orders from the Duchess, and I must follow them.” Vlad was disappointed but said, “That is… unfortunate. I can’t let you take me.” Before he had even finished speaking, he attempted to hurl a blood bolt in Irelia’s direction, but found he could not sense the blood around him. He panicked, and tried his best not to let it show.

Irelia looked to him and said, “Well, of course I came with backup. That’s what we call being silenced. Soraka focuses all her energy on taking away your abilities to manipulate magic.” Vlad was stunned. He had been in control of blood for so long that he hadn’t remembered what it felt like not to be. He felt naked and vulnerable. Irelia readied her blades, preparing to engage, when they heard a loud scream from thirty yards back.

A horned woman appeared around the side of a tree, who Vlad knew from tales to be the Starchild. Carrying her by the scruff of her neck, Lee Sin followed and said, “I caught something.” Vladimir could feel the blood around him in the air again and was relieved. “As you can see, Irelia, I had help as well. Thanks Lee.” He smiled a cocky smile at her. “Now, if you would; listen to my story, then you can try to take me in if you’d like.”

He told Irelia the entire story, beginning from the time he was recruited by Talon in the Crimson Elite, up until meeting Irelia in the restaurant. She listened attentively but it was Soraka who spoke up first. “Your friend Riven is being held in the Placidium with the Duchess. I tried to go in to tend to her, but was not allowed. They’re essentially trying to blackmail you into complying with them.” Vlad looked angry and said, “She hasn’t done anything, and neither have I.”

Soraka said gravely, “That doesn’t matter to the Duchess right now. She’s been acting oddly ever since the Noxian invasion ended. Talon came to the capital that day to formalize the ceasefire.” This news worried Vladimir, as he knew what an excellent politician and assassin Talon was. He ignored it for now however and said, “Well, what now? You’re not really going to arrest us again, are you?” Irelia looked thoughtful before saying, “I know I should, but it just doesn’t feel right. I don’t understand why Karma is putting you on such a high priority with the Zaunite invasion underway.”

Vlad’s surprise must have been evident on his face, because Irelia immediately said, “Oh, you haven’t heard about it yet? Singed and a new general named Viktor have been leading Zaunite forces in an invasion of the southern and northern parts of Ionia. Karma isn’t taking it seriously because we defeated Viktor in the north and she’s assuming that’s all taken care of.” Vlad looked worried before Lee Sin said, “Does this seem too convenient to anyone else?”

Everyone looked over at him and he laughed saying, “I can feel your stares, even without seeing them. But it seems strange that Noxus would have a complete lifestyle change from what we’ve always known. Why would the perennial invaders back off only for their closest allies to begin their own assault.” Soraka asked, “What are you suggesting?” Lee Sin shook his head and said, “Honestly, I don’t even know. I feel like there’s something going behind the scenes that we’re unaware of.”

The four of them stood there, enmity forgotten, contemplating events in Ionia. Finally, Vladimir looked around and said, “Well, I’d like to help Ionia. During my brief time here, I’ve grown to enjoy it. First and foremost though, I want to save Riven.” A curious look crossed over Irelia’s face, but before Vlad could ask what it meant, Soraka cleared her throat and asked, “Do you really want to go back to the capital? Karma will not listen in her current state.”

Vladimir stood there, thinking through his options before suddenly bursting into laughter. “I’ve got it!” He walked right up to Irelia, their faces less than a foot away. Suddenly, he kneeled at her feet, bowing his head and held out his hands before saying, “Irelia, I submit myself to your martial prowess. You may take me prisoner now.” She stood there looking stunned for a moment before he raised his head and looked at her. He winked and she laughed, a look of understanding crossing her face.

“So, you want to submit to me eh?” She gave a wry smile before continuing. “Well, if we want to do something this suicidal, we’ll need a good plan.” Vladimir laughed and the four set about arranging their infiltration of the Placidium.

So, there hasn’t been a lot of action the last few days, but I feel like the story has really come along. Luckily, I can promise you tomorrow is going to be a post of almost entirely action, with a little story tacked onto it ;). I know I’ve already said this, but I’m REALLY enjoying this series so far. It seems like it is the most cohesive, the characters are getting more filled out than before and the plot teasers are just enough to keep you guys coming back for more (I think).

Also, I’d really like to thank anyone who comments, I’ve enjoyed getting to know some of you a bit through your responses :). Have a good one summoners.

-Tale Master


2 Responses to “Vladimir: Ionian Fervor – 10”

  1. Yuri_PT August 10, 2012 at 1:05 pm #

    Solid writing, mixing details with ever-evolving character development. Irelia finally has a change of heart (for the better, at least it would seem), stepping away from the Duchess’s shadow and becoming an independent actress on the Ionian stage (IMO, as one who mains Irelia, “as it should be”) 😀

    As usual, liked it a lot, keep them comming 😉 Was a bit too long for standard format but your 2 OCC paragraphs contributed to that too, so no problem 🙂 I can comment on any area you would like me to, so don’t feel shy to ask me about any storewriting topic 😉 Just did a short “romancized Diana lore” with very little development, but I think it came out nicely. Could serve as a filler here if you ever need one 😉 Peace!

    • League Tales August 10, 2012 at 1:14 pm #

      Actually yeah, that would be great! 🙂 As for the length, I’ve actually had several far longer than this one, just not lately. I felt like there was a lot to say in this one, so it just kept going.

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