Irelia: Ionian Fervor – 12

12 Aug

Hey guys, very quick update. Ionian Fervor 12 will be coming out later today, so stay tuned!

As they arrived at the capital, she knew something about the mood was wrong. The usually peaceful city was frantic and everyone seemed wary of the people around them. She turned and looked at her two “captives”. They were cuffed and she moved to take them off. Vlad stopped her and said, “Hey! What about our plan?” Irelia cast an eye on her surroundings and said, “While I’m sure the two of you can take care of yourselves, I’d rather have you free and ready to go. I think our plan is moot given the new circumstances.”

Vlad looked concerned, but Lee Sin nodded immediately. Irelia undid his first, but when she went back to get Vlad’s, he still looked hesitant. On his other side, Soraka said, “I know you only wish for your friend to be ok, but I promise you, things haven’t been right lately. I agree with Irelia that you’re probably better off not throwing yourself at their mercy.” Vlad consented and Irelia took off his cuffs.

He laughed, somewhat nervously but said, “So, time for a new plan, or are we just going to play it by ear at this point?” Irelia said, “We will simply go in and speak the truth. If anyone tries to stop us, we get them out of our way without killing them. Is that clear?” Vlad’s smile turned wolfish and he said, “I don’t know where you’d get the idea that I would ever do something like that.” Irelia felt the blood rush to her face when he looked at her like that, but quickly regained her composure, “Let’s just say I heard the details of your prison break.”

The four of them laughed, and were obviously nervous. Despite this, they continued on, keeping a close eye on everyone as they passed by. Although everyone was talking, they used hushed voices and it made for an eerie effect in the once warm and welcoming city. They reached the base of the mountain and Irelia looked up at the Placidium. It appeared that even the normally vibrant colorful gems of the architecture had given in to the gloom settled around the place.

As they went up the steps, two guards outside stepped in the way. “Captain, we can’t let you pass without those two restrained.” Irelia gave them a withering stare and said, “If you’re not out of my way momentarily, I’m going to show you how I got the name Will of the Blades.” On cue, her magical weapons floated off their perch on her shoulders and began to whirl around her. The guards looked nervous but stood their ground. “I’m sorry Captain, but I have strict orders from the Duchess herse-“ Before he could finish his words Irelia had knocked them both out with the flat side of her blades.

She turned and saw Vlad looked impressed. “This way please,” she gestured forward and Soraka took the lead. They went through the tunnel quickly, but met no opposition from anyone. They hastily made their way to Karma’s chambers and were surprised to see no guards. Irelia pushed the door open and saw that the room was black. Alarmed, she began to back away, but it was too late. A large contingent of guards appeared and trapped them where they were.

Karma glided gracefully out of the door and said, “Well done Irelia, Soraka. Thank you for bringing the traitors here to me.” Lee Sin’s face remained impassive, but Vlad shot her an angry look that made her feel awful. Thinking quickly, Irelia made a snap decision and said, “It was very easy, Duchess. They seemed to think we were gullible enough to believe their innocence and would bring them here to help. I had hoped you would be ready for it, and you’ve proved me right. Guards, take them away and make sure they are held under tight surveillance.

Irelia tried to catch Vlad’s eye and give him a look, but he seemed to be avoiding her gaze at all costs. Frustrated, she turned back to Karma and smiled. “Well, I’ve done what you asked. What are your plans for them now?” Karma returned her smile, but as she did, it made Irelia shiver. “I have the perfect plan for them. Soraka?” The Starchild turned to her and respectfully waited for instructions.

“Please go get the Noxian’s friend. You’ll find her down the hall. I believe it’s time to wake her up.” Irelia knew this should’ve been good news, but for some reason the bottom of her stomach seemed to drop out. “What shall we do with the prisoner, Duchess?” She turned and a sinister look fell across her face. “The man clearly cares more about this woman than anyone else.” Irelia felt a stab of hatred but kept it stifled. “So I say we use that. We can use her and her pain to compel him to tell us whatever we need.”

She made sure she let nothing show on her face, but at that moment, she knew Karma had fallen irredeemably. She would have to kill this once wise-ruler turned dictator.

Still not my favorite, but I think it’ll do. I’m still not on my normal schedule, but I definitely didn’t dislike this one as soon as I was done :). Have a good one summoners.

-Tale Master


4 Responses to “Irelia: Ionian Fervor – 12”

  1. Reader August 12, 2012 at 7:28 pm #

    “This was please” -> “This way please”
    (You can remove this comment)

    • League Tales August 12, 2012 at 7:30 pm #

      I think you’re taking advantage of my editor not getting to read these in advance for the past several days xD.
      But thank you. I do appreciate it!

  2. Yuri_PT August 13, 2012 at 5:12 am #

    Ah, Karma, that biatch xD Employing blackmail techniques is as low as it gets for a Ionian ruler :/

    Also, “Karma returned her smile, but she did, it made Irelia shiver”… should it br “but as she did?” Thank you 🙂

    • League Tales August 13, 2012 at 7:31 am #

      You are correct. As I told reader, because of the weird timing of the posts, I’m getting them out before my editor can read them! So any help is appreciated.

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