Riven: Ionian Fervor – 15

15 Aug

There were a lot of things she was confused about. The last thing she remembered was bringing her blade down through Cassiopeia’s chest and then the world had gone black. Upon waking up, this woman had been about to interrogate her before Vlad and a blind monk came bursting in. They quickly turned the tables on the so-called Duchess and she revealed that she had been working with Talon. Despite this whirlwind turn of events, Riven was only bothered by one thing. When the duchess told them she was going to step down, she wore an expression that was just… wrong.

Riven couldn’t come up with another way to describe it other than the shame in her voice didn’t match the look in her eyes. They finished interrogating her and Vlad had the other two women in the room take the Duchess to the prison. He turned to the blind monk and told him to go round up the guards and see if they could explain what had happened. She was impressed with how well he was taking charge and the ease with which he was leading.

Finally, he turned towards her and broke into a wide smile. “Riven, it’s good to see you.” She stood up for the first time and walked over to him, hugging him closely and said, “It’s good to see you too. What on earth happened?” Vlad laughed and told her a quick synopsis of how the two of them had ended up in Ionia and Riven was amazed. “Why didn’t you just leave me? I was as good as dead and all you did was risk your own life.”

Vlad’s look was reproachful and he said, “If I left my first real friend to die, I don’t think I’d be a very popular man.” Riven laughed and suddenly realized, “My rune blade! Where is it?” Vlad said, “Ah, actually I was going to see if that might be something you wanted to do. I had to leave behind my armor and your blade when I ran into Singed at the inn south of here.” Riven’s face grew incredulous, “You ran into Zaunite Singed? What on earth is happening here in Ionia?”

Vlad’s face grew serious and he replied, “Too much to explain thoroughly, but the short version that you got from Karma is, Zaun is invading. I believe they’re winning as well, so we need to rally the people starting tonight.” Footfalls echoed down the corridor outside and Riven immediately tensed herself for a fight. She saw the monk peer his head around the door and relaxed a bit until she saw his expression. “Vlad, we’ve got news. Let’s get Irelia up here.”

Lee Sin took off down the hall and the two former Noxians followed him closely. They headed down towards the holding cells when they got to Irelia and Soraka. The two looked surprised and asked what the hurry was. Lee Sin looked grave and said, “Malthrir has fallen. Master Yi gave his life protecting the province, but shortly after his death it fell completely. They have a large foothold in our country now.” The five warriors stood there, contemplating.

Riven spoke up, “Well, I know I’ve been absent up ‘til now, but it sounds as though Talon is up to his old tricks. It just feels like he orchestrated this whole thing, even if Zaun is the one doing the heavy lifting.” The group nodded and Vlad said, “We need allies, plain and simple. If Noxus lends their backing to this, we don’t have enough to stop them from conquering us.”

Lee Sin spoke up, “Well, I do have a, um… Friend in Piltover.” He sounded slightly nervous and Riven thought about it, “I might have a contact there as well. Plus,” She paused and said, “…from there, I may be able to get Demacia on board to help.” The group looked impressed and Vlad said, “That’s right, Shyvana may be willing to help you.” He looked excited and the group seemed to exude optimism. “Well, there it is. Lee Sin and Riven will travel to Piltover. We need to tell them it’s urgent, and that Runeterra could very well fall if we don’t receive help.”

Riven laughed out loud and everyone looked straight at her. She paused briefly and said, “Well, it appears there’s no rest for the weary. Let’s go get us some allies.”

Alright guys, this is the last one that is part of my strange schedule. As of tomorrow, it’ll be another late post, but it should be a nice long one. It should be nice and action-y as well :). I hope I managed to make these ones interesting, while still keeping em nice and short!

Have a good one summoners.

Tale Master


4 Responses to “Riven: Ionian Fervor – 15”

  1. Merandil August 16, 2012 at 8:08 am #

    Dont know why, but i suddenly think Karma is actually lb and she tricks them all.

    • League Tales August 16, 2012 at 8:10 am #

      Riot took that one with J4, but welcome to the blog :).

      • Merandil August 17, 2012 at 2:38 am #

        OH, yes, they did, sry x)
        Well, yeah, hi, reading since a while allready 😛

  2. Reader August 16, 2012 at 4:51 pm #

    Maybe a Singed insanity potion 🙂 Though she would possible be running around like a hyperactive kid in that case…

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