Lee Sin: Ionian Fervor – 17

18 Aug

Their journey had been uneventful so far. The duo had managed to reach the west coast of Ionia with ease, and stowing away on a cargo ship was not difficult. During their journey, the two travelers had gotten to know each other, and Lee Sin was able to find out more about the Noxian power shift. From the sound of it, Riven held a grudging respect for the new leader Talon, despite his several betrayals. He seemed to be a very intelligent, powerful ruler with a true goal of domination. Given the Freljordian meltdown of late, Lee Sin felt confident that Noxus was in a position for global domination.

As the two spoke, Riven made it sound as though she had heard the Demacian ideals from Shyvana, and was considering their merits. Lee Sin attempted to tell her about the Ionian way, but she stated that peacetime was not her strongpoint. The two laughed and shared stories of their times with Vladimir, and Lee Sin quickly realized that the man he’d gotten to know had changed greatly in a short amount of time. Riven had a tendency to bring out the best in others, and she had certainly managed it with the Crimson Reaper.

After several days on the Guardian’s Sea, they arrived at the port in Piltover. Riven gasped next to him and he laughed. He remembered his first time seeing the city of Piltover, and it had taken his breath away. He remembered the city perched on a small mountain, buildings made of gleaming white marble. The Academy sat on the top of the mountain, seemingly in a precarious position. It had been built that way to impress visitors, and hopefully spark their thirst for knowledge.

Riven said, “Is that the academy? The contact I’m looking for should be working up there.” Lee Sin was listening, taking in all the sounds of the city, but said, “Yes, it is indeed. How would you like to go about our business here?” Riven was silent for a moment; thinking, Lee Sin assumed. “Well, I need to head to the Yordle academy, and you’ve obviously got some business you’d like to attend to.” Lee Sin had remained silent on the nature of his contact within the city. “I suppose that means let’s establish a meeting spot.”

The two agreed to meet each other at the front entrance to the Yordle academy in two days time, and went their separate ways. Lee Sin took a deep breath and braced himself. He had not seen this woman in a few years, and the last time he had, he’d still been a summoner in training. It had all changed when the accident happened. He had tried to push the boundaries of his newfound magic too fast, and it had caused a devastating accident which left a young boy dead.

He had never been able to forgive himself for the accident and had made the decision to change his life at that moment. He dropped out of summoner’s training, left behind the life he knew and dedicated his life to the Shojin monastery. The young woman he’d left behind had never even heard what happened, and he’d always regretted the way he handled it. Unfortunately, this was the first time he’d see her since then, and now he would be asking for a favor. He felt nervous to say the least.

He decided to start his search by heading to her parents’ house in the south end of the city. The journey was easy, and Lee was impressed with how well his body had adapted to being blinded. He was able to walk easily, letting his ears act almost as sonar for him, alerting him to the locations of everything around him. The sounds of the city were happy and energetic, and Lee Sin felt this was a place he would have been very happy settling in, were it not for his tragic accident years ago.

The Blind Monk arrived at the house after a short walk and hesitated for a moment, collecting himself before knocking. He felt like a sixteen year old boy again, and laughed inwardly at his loss of composure from the mere thought of the woman. Finally, he summoned his courage and knocked on the door. He only had to wait a moment before the door opened and he heard an elegant voice say, “Yes, how may I help you?”

Lee Sin smiled when he heard a gasp and then the voice said playfully, “I wondered when I’d get you back in my sights.”

This is a much lighter one after the last few rather heavy ones. Hope you enjoy it, and the direction it’s headed ;).

-Tale Master


4 Responses to “Lee Sin: Ionian Fervor – 17”

  1. Merandil August 18, 2012 at 4:43 pm #

    Lemme guess, Caitlyn?

  2. Yuri_PT August 19, 2012 at 8:49 am #

    Indeed, a bit of relief was getting necessary 🙂 Good job

    • League Tales August 19, 2012 at 8:51 am #

      Especially if these are going to be so long! 🙂

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