Riven: Ionian Fervor – 18

19 Aug

Riven was fascinated by the city. The gleaming marble buildings made her feel as though she were in a futuristic utopia. She wandered the streets for a while, delaying her journey towards the Yordle academy. She wanted to walk around, enjoy the sights and contemplate about the whirlwind adventure she had been put on. It seemed only a few days ago to her, that she had been fighting for her life and had prepared herself for death.

The darkness had come and taken her, and she’d had odd dreams of blood and sacrifice. The world around her had appeared to be burning, and no matter how far she ran, the Exile of Noxus had been unable to escape it. Riven laughed inwardly; she didn’t believe in dreams being portents, they were just dreams. She shook the thought out of her head and looked up towards the academy atop the mountain.

If she was being honest with herself, she really didn’t want to go up there because facing this Yordle again would mean confronting her greatest shame. She had condemned a large portion of the Noxian population to death with this Yordle, and helped Talon take over. ‘You’re just going to have to get over it Riv,’ She thought to herself. She took a deep breath and began her way towards the tower.

During her walk she thought about how much she had enjoyed getting to know Lee Sin during the journey, and she could see why Vlad had taken the man with him during his prison break. There was something about him that made him seem very trustworthy, and Riven had found herself spilling more of her own story than she meant to. Although he had not confided in her too much, Riven could tell he was hiding the shame of some unknown event that happened long ago, and decided not to pursue it too much.

Before she even realized it, the doors to the Yordle Academy of Science and Progress loomed before her. She breathed deeply again, preparing herself and entered the building. The lobby was a very basic, stark white room and there was a female Yordle sitting behind the desk. She smiled politely as Riven walked up and said, “How may I help you?” Riven hesitated before saying, “I was told that someone named Ziggs works here. Do you know where I could find him?” The Yordle smiled sweetly and said, “Of course. His class actually just finished up, so he should be ready to see you right now.”

She handed Riven a sheet of paper with a room number on it and gave her directions. Riven wound her way through the academy and was amazed at the amount of Yordles that attended. She had known that there was a small contingent of them outside of Bandle City, but she hadn’t realized there were this many. She kept receiving strange looks from many of the Yordles she passed, and she supposed they didn’t’ see many humans inside their hallowed halls of learning.

After a bit, Riven found the door to Ziggs’ room and knocked. She heard his gravelly, yet somehow still squeaky voice tell her to come in. She opened the door and saw a very peculiar sight. Instead of the body armor she had last seen him in, Ziggs appeared to be wearing a lab coat and the strangest hat she’d ever seen. It was a helmet that had glowing red eyes over it and three green bulbs attached at the top that were sparking.

He looked over at Riven and upon seeing her immediately adopted a defensive stance. “What are you doing here? If you’re trying to recruit me again, I suggest you leave before this gets ugly.” The Hexsplosives Expert spoke at a fast clip, but his tone suggested a strong will. Riven put her hands up and said, “Just hear me out.” The Yordle didn’t respond, so she continued on, “You and I were both tricked by Talon, and in the end, we are both at fault for what happened that day. I’m actually here to ask you for help, but as a representative of Ionia.”

The scientist appeared to be staring at her, although she couldn’t know for sure because of his glowing goggles. “What is it that you want me to do? And I don’t work for free.” Riven smiled, knowing that he was always itching for a chance to use his hexsplosives. “Well, I doubt word has gotten out, but Zaun has invaded Ionia.” Ziggs twitched a bit upon hearing the word Zaun and Riven knew she had him interested. “They have brought cyborg warriors headed by a man named Viktor, and chemical weaponry headed by Singed, the Mad Chemist. I need your help to stop them.”

The Yordle regarded her silently for a long time before saying, “This sounds like something that would be mutually beneficial for us to work together. Now the matter of my price.” Riven replied, “I have been authorized to tell you that if we’re able to retake the city of Malthrir, we will make a new Yordle academy with no government interference.” Riven had been given no such clearance, but was sure that the Ionians would consent if it meant saving their country.

Ziggs thought about it for a moment, and said, “Let me speak to the board here at the Academy. I’ll let you know as soon as we reach a decision.” Riven smiled and told him she’d be staying at the inn just south of the Academy. She left the room feeling slightly better than she had before entering and was sure the board would say yes. If they assented, she’d be sending them back with Lee Sin, while she went on towards Demacia.

She had been intrigued upon hearing about the region since she met Shyvana in the Howling Marsh. Finally, she’d be able to see with her own eyes what this place was like.

More of a small break, but getting back into the meat of things. Hope you’re enjoying this :).

-Tale Master


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  1. Yuri_PT August 20, 2012 at 6:08 am #

    Cool stuff 😀

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