Talon: Ionian Fervor – 19

20 Aug

He sat in the Placidium, enjoying the weather in Ionia. Karma had gotten rid of the annoyances and still firmly believed that he was on her side, making all of this too easy. Talon was tempted to go find and eliminate Vladimir himself, but he didn’t believe it was wise to go out alone. ‘No matter,’ he thought to himself. ‘Ionia will soon fall regardless of the help they receive.’

He laughed inwardly as Karma walked into the room. “What’s got you so happy?” she asked. “Just thinking about our future together, with Ionia and Noxus as great allies.” She smiled and said, “It will all be worth it soon.” Talon smiled back, knowing he had another section of the world in his grasp.

It’s a shorty, but it serves the purpose I want ;). Have a good one summoners.

-Tale Master


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