Singed: Ionian Fervor – 23

25 Aug

He watched as the soldiers clashed yet again. The Ionians had dug into the southern province of Navori and weren’t letting it go without a fight. However, Singed knew the province would soon be his. His contact in the Ionian capital had been sent down to bolster the enemy’s defenses in the south. His contact had been slowly going crazy after losing something precious to Singed’s old master Warwick, and had been ripe for the taking when he met them.

Singed had railed against Warwick and his policies, despite still being on excellent terms with the wolf, and it had won over the newly fragile mind of his contact. By all accounts, no one had noticed any strange behavior other than the woman becoming far more introverted than she used to be.

It had been the previous night that the woman managed to slip away into Singed’s tent and tell him that the defenses would fall shortly. Singed had been on the lookout all day when suddenly, the barricade they had built to keep invaders out collapsed of its own accord. Singed had already marshaled his troops and gave a triumphant yell, urging them onwards.

Although the Ionians had all taken to wearing masks, avoiding the effects of the chemical weapons, there was nothing they could do when taken by surprise. It was a bloodbath, and Singed saw General Wukong appear at the head of the lines. His contact was nowhere to be seen, though that didn’t surprise him. If she could manage to stay under cover longer, she may be able to deliver the capital as well.

General Wukong attempted to get his forces under control, but the swiftness of the attack quickly wore down the Ionian’s defenses. The Monkey King roared out “Retreat! Retreat to the rendezvous point.” The bulk of the Ionian forces began to exit the battlefield and Singed called out for his forces to give chase. He smiled. ‘Only two more provinces until I reach the capital,’ he thought.

Yes, the invasion was going swimmingly.

My editor was upset. She thinks it’s a mean teaser. I think you guys are smart enough to figure it out ;).

-Tale Master


2 Responses to “Singed: Ionian Fervor – 23”

  1. Yuri_ August 26, 2012 at 4:50 am #

    Sadly, I can’t figure this one out. Guess I’ll have to wait xD

  2. theguyformerlyknownasreaderwhichwastaken August 26, 2012 at 6:24 am #

    I thought about Riven but she’s far away and was attacked by Singed rather than Warwick. Ahri seems too anarchical, Syndra is probably not allowed into the Ionian capital. Katarina could spy on people but it appears to be an Ionian. Any random citizen could have lost something to Warwick, but they usually don’t have roles besides dying. Soraka is headed in that direction and wasn’t heard from a while, was a Karma supporter and she said to let Karma give her speech against Irelia’s will, which turned out badly. She lost her trans-humanity to Warwick by getting angry at him and cursing him, which would also explain why she would be corruptable after being a Ionia strong supporter for so long (though not why she was in fact corrupted).

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