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Ask and You Shall Receive

29 Sep

I’m sorry guys, I’ve been exhausted with working (2 jobs!!) and haven’t felt up to writing.

But I have free time this weekend, and I’ll make sure I get back on track!


Bad Timing: I left you with a cliffhanger or two.

18 Sep

And my life has been crazy and hectic. Sorry Guys :(. I might have to change the schedule to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday deal. We shall see, but I will be back on one soon.

I need your help.

11 Sep

That break really made me lose my way with this story. Hence I need feedback much earlier than I normally do. I’m going to try and get a good long one out tomorrow, but I hate putting out something I don’t like. I felt connected to the storyline from Piltover, but stopping really derailed me.

Please let me know what your thoughts are.

-Tale Master

Vladimir: Ionian Fervor – 28

10 Sep

Vladimir grabbed Irelia’s hand and gently pulled her back towards him. The Kinkou continued marching in front of them, apparently not noticing that the two had slowed down. The evening light was waning and the sunset on the horizon was beautiful. In the final, soft rays of sunlight, it was easy to forget what they had to do.

Irelia looked surprised at first, but smiled and said, “What is it?” Vlad looked ahead, not wishing to be overheard. “I just wanted to know how you’re feeling. Tomorrow is going to be a big day.” Irelia’s face didn’t betray any emotion, and she said softly, “It is one of the most important in Ionian history. We have to trust that the others are taking care of business and none of this will be wasted.”

Vlad smiled at her and they walked in silence for a few minutes. He thought back throughout his life. Until a few months ago, everything in his life had been dedicated to himself. He had killed for the thrill, become a hemomancer to fill that gaping hole inside of him, and then had become a Noxian mercenary just to have a home. When he first joined Talon, he had felt a sense of purpose greater than anything he had experienced before.

Then Riven came. At first he had only been doing his job of trying to bring her into the Crimson Elite fold, but as he got to know her, things had changed. She had been so honest and straightforward. Her actions were sincerely for the good of Noxus, and seeing the way she worked made Vlad want to change. As they got to know each other, she became his first real friend. He had sacrificed his new home to protect her, and once he’d ended up here, Irelia came into his life.

Maybe he was simply more open now that he’d made his first friend, but Irelia had simply caught his attention. He wanted to protect her now from this battle, but he knew there was nothing he could do. Irelia was fighting for her home, and Vlad would do whatever it took to help her with that.

They kept walking and the sun went down. They reached an area just outside of the town when Akali stopped before them. “We must wait here for tonight.” Vlad merely nodded and everyone settled in to rest. Vlad sat up against a tree and Irelia leaned against his chest. He smiled and drifted off to sleep, enjoying the calm before tomorrow’s whirlwind.

I’ve gotta admit, those sarcastic comments made me laugh :). Have a good one summoners, and I promise there’s a long one coming tomorrow.

-Tale Master

Filler 14: Volibear

8 Sep

Volibear is the best champ in the league.

Volibear is the beariest champ in the league.

Volibear is saying that Tale Master may or may not be slightly tipsy.

Volibear knows there are no spelling errors thanks to autocorrect.

Volibear would like to publicly apologize for the lack of a post, because it is clearly all Volibear’s fault.

Anyone who has a Volibear story should share it to make everyone else slightly happier.

For now… I leave you with this. Volibear fighting for his crown.

And just for funsies… This: The title will ruin it on the page… But this is completely Volibear of him.

-Tale Master

Edit: That silly bear. Coming in and stealing the blog last night. Who does that?

Soraka: Ionian Fervor – 27

7 Sep

The enemy, they were closing in…

What was happening? They walked right by her and slaughtered her comrades…

She turned around, saw the Ionians lying dead all around her. Singed was walking towards her, wearing a smile so broad she could see it behind his cloth-wrapped mouth. She wanted to attack him, to heal those around her…

Her eyes rolled up into her head and she collapsed.


She saw Warwick, that evil man and the destruction he had wrought on her homeland. She looked around and saw the devastation. Women, soldiers, children… corpses lay scattered around her. A fury burned inside her and Warwick laughed. He laughed deeply and before she could control it, a fiery scream escaped her lips.

The man’s expression turned serious, and she focused all of her energy on him. A look of worry crossed his face and he turned and ran, but it was too late. She focused her entire divine essence into cursing that abomination of a human being. A blinding light shot out from the end of her hands and chased the man down. He didn’t get far before it struck him squarely in the back.

He let out a gasp of pain and doubled over onto his hands and knees. He cried out as his form shifted, and hair ripped out onto his body. Suddenly, he was no longer screaming, he was howling. Soraka looked across and saw a wolf with dark blue fur in front of her. Her knees became weak and she collapsed to the ground, unable to stand any longer. The last thing she saw before passing out was a hideous purple tinge to her skin.


The next few months, she had been adjusting to her new look. She had grown a prominent horn on her forehead, and she knew the act of cursing Warwick had cost her the divine protection she once enjoyed. At first she tried to make the best of it, but the loss of her once collosal power, coupled with her hideous new visage slowly drove her insane.

It started with a few blank spots in her memory, but as time wore on, the black outs became more and more frequent. She knew she should’ve told someone, but she didn’t share with anyone what had happened on the battlefield, and the longer she went, the more difficult the prospect of coming clean seemed. Before she knew it, she was trapped. Events kept passing her by, and she didn’t have any way of stopping it.

She felt like a prisoner in her own mind, and she was screaming to get out, to tell Irelia what had happened, what she feared she had done. Seeing the Ionians dead around her, and the Zaunites invading her home soil, she realized what had happened. She was the same as Warwick now. Somehow, during her blank periods, she had caused the deaths of several thousand Ionians.

With that realization, Soraka retreated into the darkest depths of her own mind. The light vanished within her, and all that remained was darkness.

Ooooh, dark and confusing. Hopefully this isn’t too bad, but I felt like it was high time to give an answer or two. We’re starting to gear up towards the end of this series (boy it’s a long one). Have a good one summoners!

-Tale Master

Viktor: Ionian Fervor – 26

6 Sep

A metallic clang rang out through the air as his attacker’s hammer crashed onto Viktor’s conducting rod. The force of the blow made Viktor skid backwards, and a horrible scraping sound came out from his metal legs. The attacker straightened himself up and smiled. He had chiseled good looks and wavy brown hair that somehow looked freshly done, despite his physical exertions. From the instant he saw him, Viktor knew this man was everything he hated about the human race.

“General Viktor, your reflexes are quite excellent.” The man spoke with an over the top, almost campy, demeanor that set Viktor’s now non-existent teeth on edge. “And who might you be?” Viktor asked, hoping his disdain would manage to be conveyed through his metallic rebreather. “I am General Jayce, commander of the Piltover forces. Consider your reign here, terminated.” He smiled an ingratiating smile and suddenly charged forward at Viktor, swinging his hammer.

Viktor blocked it again and quickly shot a blast out at the general from the laser on his back. Jayce dodged to the side and laughed heartily. Everything this man did was causing Viktor’s blood to boil, and his own anger surprised him. One of the reasons he had opted to become cybernetic was to eliminate these useless emotions, which caused sloppy mistakes in battle.

Just as Viktor was about to attack again, he heard a slight whirring noise coming from the smoking crater behind Jayce. Wondering what it was, he paused for a moment before a sniper bullet came roaring forward and penetrated his chest armor. It struck one of his lungs, and Viktor knew he was in trouble. He immediately lay down a gravity generator and began to run from the fight.

Looking back over his shoulder, he saw Jayce and three others climbing out of the crater get caught in the generator’s field. ‘At least that will slow them for a moment,’ he thought to himself. He hurried forward and saw an army in the distance. Though he could not see that far away, the infared sensors on his optical eyes didn’t sense any heat, so he knew it was his cyborg army coming.

Running towards them, he expended most of his energy getting there. As he reached the commander he said, “An advance force.” He coughed through his rebreather, “Deal with them.” With that, he summoned over medics and told them to do what they needed to repair him. His human remains were becoming more of a bother with each passing day.

The medics ripped open his chest and began to repair the collapsed lung. Another explosion rang out in the distance and Viktor knew his forces had met the group. Though his chest was throbbing with pain, he kept himself focused on ways to deal with General Jayce, and the pain he could inflict on that insufferable man. He even managed a small smile behind his mask when he heard another explosion come from the opposite direction.

Confused, Viktor sat up in the middle of his makeshift operation, collapsing the lung all over. Though he ached with pain, he reached inside his own chest and ripped out the worthless organ. The medics cried out and attempted to get him to sit down, but all the General said was, “Solder the wound for now. I’ll replace it after this battle.” The medics protested and he merely shot one of them with a laser blast, killing him instantly. He turned towards the other. “Do as I command.”

The medic, looking frightened, complied and Viktor lay back down. As soon as this was done, Viktor would take charge again. Malthrir was his.

I think Viktor is pretty awesome. Jayce isn’t too flashy, but he makes for a great character foil. This should be fun. I like writing. Have a good one summoners.

-Tale Master