Lee Sin: Ionian Fervor – 25

4 Sep

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The explosion from the yordle’s bomb rocked the city, and Lee felt the ground tremble above him. He knew now that they had to wait. General Viktor, quickly gaining a reputation as the “Machine Herald”, was sure to underestimate any Ionian resistance. He had taken the territory of Malthrir with little fuss, and Lee Sin was banking on him growing overconfident.

They had arrived in the city a week ago with the full force of Piltover behind them. Caitlyn had gone with Lee to deliver his speech to the board of directors that ran Piltover. The eloquent speech was perfect, striking the leaders using both ethos and pathos. He knew he would have been unable to do it without Caitlyn’s help, and he also knew he wasn’t going to be leaving her again.

Later that day, he met up with Riven and she told him about her meeting with the yordle Ziggs. Apparently it had gone quite well, and although Lee Sin cringed when she told him the price, he agreed that it was good thinking on her feet. It would have to be done, and it would be better than an Ionia governed by Zaun. With that, she told him where to meet Ziggs and left for Demacia.

It had not take long for the Piltover army to get assembled, and Lee Sin was allowed to relax for a few days with the Sheriff of Piltover. The two spent the days catching up, making new memories and the Blind Monk was as happy as he’d been in years.

Two days after the agreement, Lee Sin was approached by a man with a deep, powerful voice. He had introduced himself as Jayce, the newly appointed Piltover general. They discussed what their strategy would be, and Lee Sin was impressed. The man exuded confidence and had a plan set up before Lee could suggest anything. The two shook hands and cemented their attack plan quickly. After the man had left, Lee asked Caitlyn why he’d never heard of him. Caitlyn’s answer was cryptic.

“Jayce seemed to come from nowhere. All I know is that he was once a talented blacksmith, but upon reaching Piltover he enrolled in a competition for showing off manufactured weapons. He came with an amazing hammer that was secretly a pulse rifle.” She paused and Lee could hear how impressed she was. “He blew the competition away with ease and the Piltover high command called on him. After two days, he was appointed the leader of our armed forces. It was quite a shock to the people, but the Board of Directors aren’t exactly stupid. They must have had their reasons… Even if no one knows where he came from.” Lee had found this odd, but declined to comment.

Soon they had found themselves ferrying over towards Ionia and carrying out their plan. A small strike force had assembled at the eastern edge of town, consisting of himself, Caitlyn, Ziggs, and Jayce. Taking a secret underground route into the city, the group prepared. Ziggs had gone topside quickly to set off his bomb and then they had waited. Perfectly at midnight, the bomb went off as planned and the group grew silent and tense.

They did not have to wait long before Lee felt the group’s anticipation around him. He had heard the sound of metal steps approaching, and from their reactions, he knew his comrades were aware. He heard general Jayce say beside him, “Ah, General Viktor. I’ve been waiting for our meeting on the battlefield. Feel free to give up now.” Lee Sin heard a slight intake of breath above him and felt a small shockwave hit the ground.

Jayce had leapt up, and Lee Sin heard a loud clash as metal met metal. He smiled to himself. The War for Ionia had begun in earnest.

In case anyone can’t tell, I’m changing Jayce’s backstory a bit. Obviously I’ve done this before when I see fit, just warning people. This has been set up for a while, (like before Jayce had a released lore, so technically this one isn’t really my bad… cough) so I hope you all enjoy over-the-top foreshadowing :). Personally, I’m ecstatic to be back and I’m glad you all stuck around. Have a good one summoners, and I think I can say I’m back on a daily schedule.

-Tale Master


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  1. Yuri_PT September 5, 2012 at 12:55 pm #

    Enjoyed it as usual 😉 I have sent the chapter to you too

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