Soraka: Ionian Fervor – 27

7 Sep

The enemy, they were closing in…

What was happening? They walked right by her and slaughtered her comrades…

She turned around, saw the Ionians lying dead all around her. Singed was walking towards her, wearing a smile so broad she could see it behind his cloth-wrapped mouth. She wanted to attack him, to heal those around her…

Her eyes rolled up into her head and she collapsed.


She saw Warwick, that evil man and the destruction he had wrought on her homeland. She looked around and saw the devastation. Women, soldiers, children… corpses lay scattered around her. A fury burned inside her and Warwick laughed. He laughed deeply and before she could control it, a fiery scream escaped her lips.

The man’s expression turned serious, and she focused all of her energy on him. A look of worry crossed his face and he turned and ran, but it was too late. She focused her entire divine essence into cursing that abomination of a human being. A blinding light shot out from the end of her hands and chased the man down. He didn’t get far before it struck him squarely in the back.

He let out a gasp of pain and doubled over onto his hands and knees. He cried out as his form shifted, and hair ripped out onto his body. Suddenly, he was no longer screaming, he was howling. Soraka looked across and saw a wolf with dark blue fur in front of her. Her knees became weak and she collapsed to the ground, unable to stand any longer. The last thing she saw before passing out was a hideous purple tinge to her skin.


The next few months, she had been adjusting to her new look. She had grown a prominent horn on her forehead, and she knew the act of cursing Warwick had cost her the divine protection she once enjoyed. At first she tried to make the best of it, but the loss of her once collosal power, coupled with her hideous new visage slowly drove her insane.

It started with a few blank spots in her memory, but as time wore on, the black outs became more and more frequent. She knew she should’ve told someone, but she didn’t share with anyone what had happened on the battlefield, and the longer she went, the more difficult the prospect of coming clean seemed. Before she knew it, she was trapped. Events kept passing her by, and she didn’t have any way of stopping it.

She felt like a prisoner in her own mind, and she was screaming to get out, to tell Irelia what had happened, what she feared she had done. Seeing the Ionians dead around her, and the Zaunites invading her home soil, she realized what had happened. She was the same as Warwick now. Somehow, during her blank periods, she had caused the deaths of several thousand Ionians.

With that realization, Soraka retreated into the darkest depths of her own mind. The light vanished within her, and all that remained was darkness.

Ooooh, dark and confusing. Hopefully this isn’t too bad, but I felt like it was high time to give an answer or two. We’re starting to gear up towards the end of this series (boy it’s a long one). Have a good one summoners!

-Tale Master


3 Responses to “Soraka: Ionian Fervor – 27”

  1. Yuri_PT September 8, 2012 at 5:16 am #

    Very, very confusing. I don’t understand if this is in the time or in the future (I mean, I know that WW’s transformation is in the past, but the Irelia part and the death of the Ionians is in the present or in the past Ionia vs Noxus war?

    • League Tales September 8, 2012 at 5:17 am #

      Yay! I was hoping I was still being kinda cryptic :).

    • theguyformerlyknownasreaderwhichwastaken September 8, 2012 at 3:57 pm #

      I think the part between ***’s is a flashback to the invasion in Soraka’s now twisted mind. The part about Singed and her blacking out are the present. She is suffering from soft of schizophrenia, the evil half of which is helping the invaders, which the other half now realizes.

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