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Karma: Ionian Fervor – 14

14 Aug

Karma’s tale began at the end of the Noxian invasion. Talon had just become leader of Noxus, and true to his word, immediately began withdrawing troops from Ionia. “I was sitting in my study when I had a dream.” Vladimir eyed her suspiciously and said, “I’m warning you Karma, do not lie to me. I can sense your pulse quickening, so I figured I’d warn you now and save you the trouble.” Karma shifted guiltily and knew she would not be getting away with anything.

“Yes, well I was sitting there meditating when a powerful magical current flew through the Nexus. Given that I was channeling it, the burst hit me strongly and I passed out. I saw a vision of Ionia falling under the iron fist of a faceless shadow, and became worried.” She looked around the room and met everyone’s eyes, growing in confidence as she spoke. “This vision has prompted me to take further action against all of the threats Ionia has come under lately.”

She waited, hoping they would accept this explanation but the Noxian with the blood fetish said, “Tell us the rest.” Karma hesitated and said, “Very well. Worried as I was about the vision, it didn’t make sense at the time. I called for a meeting with the new Noxian leader and he graciously agreed to come to Ionia. During his time here, we spent hours together, and it became apparent that their new leader was both strong and caring.”

The woman she had tried to torture, Riven, scoffed from the bed. “Right, he’s a real sensitive guy that Talon.” Vladimir chuckled, giving his companion a warm look before turning back to Karma. “Ok, then what happened?” Karma hesitated, knowing that this would sound bad. “We fell in love. The man was independent and powerful. He was unafraid to stand up to me and we had many long talks about the fate of the realm.”

She paused, embarrassed. Vladimir’s mouth was slightly open from shock and Irelia was giving her an undisguised look of disgust. Her former captain said, “You seriously have been selling us out because you’re banging the most despicable man in Noxus? Our country is standing on the brink of defeat because you’re too desperate to think straight?” Karma hastily defended herself, “No, I knew we were safe because of it. I’ve been keeping relations with Talon through visits both ways and I’ve been establishing a rapport with Noxus.”

Soraka and Lee Sin had remained quiet this whole time but the monk finally spoke up. “Why was I left in prison after the Noxian invasion ended?” Karma shot him a dirty look and said, “Talon told me all about your betrayal, how you were working with Boram Darkwill for a position of power. They put you in prison to keep up your cover.” Even as she said the words, she realized how ridiculous they sounded. The monk merely shook his head.

“Look, we were never in any real danger, because now we have our Noxian allies to come and weed out the Zaunites. We’re in no danger!” Karma’s protests grew more and more feeble. Vladimir came up to her, face to face and said, “Would you like to know the real story of your love?” He told her the story of the Crimson Elite’s founding, and all the details of how Talon betrayed Riven and what the result of trusting him had been.

Feeling overwhelmed and hurt, Karma said nothing for a long time. She tried one last defense, “But what about Freljord? Noxus stepped in to help stop the infighting, they truly are trying to change.” Vladimir looked disgusted and said, “Did the country not fall? I’m sure Noxus was really a big help there.” Karma was silent and began to realize how badly she had handled the entire situation. Finally, Soraka broke the silence. “Duchess, though I was once your staunchest supporter, I’m disappointed in you. You are very clearly unfit to rule. Please step down of your own accord, and help us rally Ionia to avoid annihilation.”

Karma said feebly, “All I wanted to do was to stop Ionia from falling…” Soraka’s voice was hard and she said, “Here is your chance to do it.” Karma looked down at the ground, humiliated that this had happened to her inside of her own home. She said quietly, “Very well. I will address the people tonight.”

‘Yes,’ She thought. ‘They’ll wish they had just let me die.’

Well Yuri guessed it xD. But there’s definitely more to come on the subject, and I just realized we’re nowhere near the end of this series. It shall keep going!

I hope you guys enjoyed getting SOME answers. Have a good one summoners.

-Tale Master