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So Guess That New Job…

25 May

Meant that I would completely neglect you all. I will fix that starting tomorrow morning. If I don’t, I give you permission to publicly humiliate me or something like that. Hopefully you guys aren’t too angry with me and find your way back after all this time :-D.

Hope you’re enjoying the all-stars as much as I am!


I Have a New Job, Which Means…

19 Nov

I’m back. I just got a job writing for a certain e-sports team, so I will be back. My posting schedule will be hectic, but I can officially put time away to write again.

Sorry for the extended absence. I appreciate all the love and feedback from you guys.

See you soon.
-Tale Master

Lee Sin: Ionian Fervor – 29

2 Oct

He threw out a sonic wave and it collided with a cyborg. The Blind Monk smiled as the robotic being turned to run. He dove in with a resonating strike and smashed his enemy to the ground. He heard more cyborgs coming and steeled himself, getting into a combat pose. They began to circle him when he heard a whirring sound.

There was a sharp noise of metal hitting metal and then a collapse. The sounds let off enough for Lee Sin to grasp the situation, and he knew that Caitlyn was looking out for him. Her gun went off several times in quick succession, each shot followed by a cyborg crashing to the ground. Lee Sin called up “Maybe you can save some for me next time?”

Caitlyn laughed and said, “Maybe if you were a little quicker, I wouldn’t need to clean up after you.” Lee Sin laughed and began running further into the city. The attack on the far side would have already started, and he knew that the battle would go on until they had managed to take out General Viktor.

Sorry, it’s really short and not great, but at least it’s something, RIGHT?! 🙂 I’m actually thinking I might have to ignore the lore change, because it doesn’t really work with the last Soraka post I wrote. Oh well.

-Tale Master

Changed the Lore, New Direction Instead!

2 Oct

I have something written, but it was pointed out to me that scumbag riot changed Soraka’s lore… I think I can still make this work.

Ask and You Shall Receive

29 Sep

I’m sorry guys, I’ve been exhausted with working (2 jobs!!) and haven’t felt up to writing.

But I have free time this weekend, and I’ll make sure I get back on track!

Bad Timing: I left you with a cliffhanger or two.

18 Sep

And my life has been crazy and hectic. Sorry Guys :(. I might have to change the schedule to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday deal. We shall see, but I will be back on one soon.

I need your help.

11 Sep

That break really made me lose my way with this story. Hence I need feedback much earlier than I normally do. I’m going to try and get a good long one out tomorrow, but I hate putting out something I don’t like. I felt connected to the storyline from Piltover, but stopping really derailed me.

Please let me know what your thoughts are.

-Tale Master