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Lee Sin: Ionian Fervor – 8

7 Aug

Lee Sin did not dream, nor was he aware of his surroundings. Normally when he went into a meditative state, he kept himself open to the world around him. Right now, he was focused on nothing else but urging his body to heal as much as it could. He knew his eyes would never work again. They had received far too much damage. Despite this, he knew that much of his training with the Shojin meant he could overcome this. This knowledge made him keen to heal as much of himself as he could.

He didn’t know how long he had been out, but he knew that it was time for him to come out of his trance. He had done all he could. Lee Sin allowed himself to wake up and tried to look around. It was disconcerting having no vision, but he felt a cloth on his eye sockets. He called out, tentatively at first, “Vladimir?” He heard no answer and thought to himself, ‘Oh no… He abandoned me.’ Then he heard a yell, “Be there in a second!”

He heard a small scuffle and approaching footsteps. Vladimir’s voice rang out from somewhere to his right, “Glad you’re up. You had me worried there.” Lee Sin gave a small smile, and asked “How long was I out?” Vladimir was silent for a moment, no doubt making a facial expression Lee Sin could not appreciate. “It’s been about three days. I’ve been keeping watch over you in case the nine-tailed fox came back, but it looks like she decided we weren’t easy prey.”

Lee Sin could hear the smile in his voice before a quick, “Oh, I’m sorry Lee. I didn’t mean anything by it-“ but the monk cut him off. “I know what you meant Vladimir. This was not your fault, it was mine. I grew cocky due to my fighting skill. I should know better than to take it easy, especially when facing one as tricky as the fox. I’ve learned my lesson in one of the most difficult ways possible.” He gestured towards his face.

Vladimir laughed and the two sat there for a few moments, enjoying the warm weather. Lee Sin stood up and said, “I do have a favor to ask of you now.” Vladimir’s reply sounded surprised. “Alright, what can I do for you?” Lee Sin gave a sheepish look, “Well, I must relearn to fight with my new… ailment. Can I spend some time sparring against you until I can at least fight passably?”

There was a silence in the air for a moment before Vlad replied. “Of course I can do that for you, but only on one condition.” Lee Sin raised his brow and looked slightly amused, so Vlad continued. “I want you to come with me to save my friend. She was taken from me when I was thrown in prison and I need to help her.”

Lee Sin responded after a few seconds, “Yes. I will help you find your friend. Perhaps together we can uncover what is rotten in the state of Ionia.” Vladimir laughed and said, “Deal. When would you like to start?” Lee Sin responded by throwing his ball of energy at Vlad. It struck Vlad squarely in the chest and something amazing happened. By the sound energy bouncing off of Vladimir, Lee Sin had a clear picture of him in his head for a moment.

“Whoa! Apparently now is when we’re starting. That thing packs a punch.” Vlad began to circle slowly and Lee Sin was amazed to find how well he could track Vlad’s movement based on sound alone. He heard something whistle through the air towards him. He tried to duck, but took a rock to the leg for his efforts. Vlad commented, “Well, I’m impressed you knew it was coming, but your dodging could use a little work.”

Lee Sin laughed a little and said, “Again.”

I’m starting to change my style a tad bit, and I’d like some feedback on this. I’m sure you guys have noticed several of the last few have been slightly shorter. Is this good or bad? My reasoning behind it is that I don’t want to overdo it on some (I have a tendency to just write and write and write), but if these are two short, I’m sure I could find a happy medium. Obviously some will still manage to be long; the Irelia post from the other day was in the top five for length.

I’m just looking to see if you guys think these are too short, or if they’re alright! Have a good one summoners.

-Tale Master