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Filler 10: The Fall of Master Yi

11 Aug

Well guys, I made a decision. I’m very distracted and don’t think I’ll be able to put out a high quality post today. This is exactly what happened during the War for Freljord series, and I tried to continue on anyway. As you know, I was not a fan of that content that was produced, so rather than bring down the quality of this story (which I love), I’d rather just take a day off and give you a cop out.

So, without further ado, I present you with… The Fall of Master Yi

Hopefully this will entice you to come back tomorrow! 🙂

-Tale Master


Master Yi: Ionian Fervor – 11

10 Aug

His blade cleaved yet another robotic skull, and he was still amazed to see human brains inside. He looked around the burning city and saw another group of cyborgs slaughtering his men. He concentrated hard and time appeared to slow around him. He sprinted at full speed at the enemies and dashed to each one, slicing them through the middle. Dropping back into real time, his men gazed in awe. To them it had looked like he teleported to each opponent. He said powerfully, “We must hold out until the citizens have had time to evacuate.” The soldiers all nodded their agreement and took off back into the fray.

Just yesterday, he had received a message from the capital rewarding him for repelling the invasion. The messenger brought back news that the Zaunite army had invaded the southern shores as well, but his one-time pupil Wukong had managed to hold them back. He had been injured in the fight, but had recovered and was now fine, resting in the Placidium.

Because of this, he had been told Zaun had withdrawn, and Ionia had successfully repelled another invasion. Earlier today, they had been in the middle of a celebration in Malthrir when another Zaunite biochemical weapon landed in the crowd. Many died before they could get their masks on, but they’d managed to evacuate a good amount of the civilians. Master Yi, wearing his formal Ionian garb, had led his soldiers headlong into battle.

Going in, they had expected a similar fight to the one before, but found something even more horrifying. The invading army consisted of soldiers augmented with robotic weaponry and limbs. Initially, it had been a slaughter, but Master Yi had managed to retreat into the city. Once there, the Ionians engaged in guerrilla warfare, ambushing and splitting the Zaunite army. It had worked well for a time, but the cyborgs outnumbered the Ionians by a considerable amount. At this point, Master Yi estimated he only had one hundred soldiers left to contend against thousands.

Focusing again on the matter at hand, Master Yi ducked into an alleyway. A group of ten cyborgs appeared in the town square he had just been in. Fire was all around and the town was burning to the ground in front of him. Filled with rage, The Wuju Bladesman roared with fury and dove into the middle of the group. Slicing left and right, he managed to take two down immediately, before allowing his hatred to take over.

The Zaunites attempted to fire their weapons at him, but every time a movement was made, Master Yi’s blade was already whirling into place, severing limbs and heads as though they were a child’s toy. When he regained his composure, the entire group lay scattered in pieces on the ground. The Wuju Bladesman’s greatest gift had been the knowledge that Wukong lived. During the Noxian invasion, he had been forced to stay in the background, unable to fight in order to preserve his martial art. Now that another master lived, his life was his to give, and he could fight with reckless abandon.

He heard a scream off in the distance and hurried over, wishing to protect any he could from harm. He arrived on a street that was ringed with fire and saw a man huddling on the ground and the robotic leader Viktor standing over him. An Ionian soldier lay on the ground nearby, bleeding profusely from a severed arm. Master Yi yelled out, “Viktor. Let us settle this like men.” A harsh, metallic voice responded, “Oh, I am much more than a man now Yi. My revolution has begun, and your pathetic town is the first to see its glorious effects.”

Master Yi bristled inside and said, “If you’re so superior, prove it to me. It shouldn’t be a problem fighting a single Bladesman such as myself.” Viktor paused, and his robotic eyes bored into Master Yi’s goggles. He obviously knew he was being baited, but said, “Very well. Let us fight then.” He ordered his minions to back away and leave them be. They formed a ring around the two and Yi said, “He gets to go, or no deal.” Viktor waved his hand and the man scampered up. Yi looked at him and said, “You must tell Irelia, the Arrow of Retribution is our best hope.”

The man nodded and then ran away, obviously pleased to get away. Master Yi turned back towards Viktor and said, “It doesn’t matter how many robotic parts you have. You shall lose for one reason, and one reason only.” Viktor laughed, a cold mirthless laugh and said, “Why is that?” Yi smirked and paused a moment, allowing tension to build. “Your skills are inferior.”

With that, Master Yi concentrated and time seemed to slow down again. He dove forward and struck Viktor three times. The first two strikes seemed to bounce off of him, but the last one struck his left arm, which was still human and severed it. He bellowed in pain and time seemed to speed up back to normal. Yi smiled and kept moving, making himself a difficult target to hit. Viktor repeatedly fired lasers at him from the mechanical arm on his back, but the Wuju Bladesman dodged them effortlessly, laughing at him.

Viktor appeared to grow more and more outraged, firing with increasing speed, but even worse accuracy. One of his lasers struck a subordinate, and the man fell to ground dead. Ignoring this, Viktor suddenly threw out a hidden disk. It struck Master Yi squarely in the chest, causing him to fall to one knee. It ricocheted directly back to Viktor and when he went to catch it, Master Yi saw his opportunity. Lunging forward, he swung with all his might, preparing to behead the Machine Herald, but hit a barrier.

The invisible barrier almost knocked the sword out of Master Yi’s hands, but seemed to shatter upon the contact. He prepared to dive forward again when Viktor threw an odd contraption on the ground next to him. A small field appeared on top of it and Yi felt as though his movements were being slowed while he was in it. Counteracting this, Yi concentrated on all of his Wuju training and the inertia of the machine suddenly stopped affecting him.

He was about to swing in for the killing blow on Viktor when he felt a searing pain in his stomach. He looked down, and a clean hole, the size of a small coin, was apparently in the center of his torso. He hit the ground hard and looked back at a cyborg, laughing at his injury. He struggled to his feet and prepared himself for the outcome he knew was inevitable. He face the cyborg leader and laughed, blood flying out as he did so.

Viktor’s mechanical arm raised and a beam of light came out, crossing from the Wuju Bladesman’s right shoulder to his left hip. For one small moment, the pain was excruciating, and the next, Master Yi found himself thinking of an Ionian meadow. The mountains around it were majestic, and the trees had pinkish red leaves due to the autumn of the year.

The Ionian warrior smiled and died with the smell of the Ionian countryside fresh in his memory.

Well, I promised you action, hopefully I delivered. I’ve had this scene planned since Crimson Elite 5, so that tells you why I’ve been excited the last few days. Master Yi is one of my favorite champions to screw around with in League, and I felt he had to die. He was just one of those guys.

Anyway, enjoy. The schedule may change a bit for the next few days (I’ll still have a post a day, they just may finally be at random times. And just when I’d gotten myself on a fairly consistent release time) because I’m moving!

Have a good one summoners.

-Tale Master (Yi)