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Singed: Ionian Fervor – 7

6 Aug

Singed was sitting inside of an inn on the south coast of Ionia. These territories had been invaded first by Noxus and it was one of the main reasons they had lost in his opinion. They should have invaded everywhere at once, the way he was doing now. He had Viktor up north spreading chaos and isolating an entire region. He had received a communication several days ago from his spies in the Ionian capital stating that Viktor had been winning every battle and the defenders numbers were decimated.

Singed knew he was not a tactical genius, but he understood people well enough to realize that if you cut them off from help, they grew desperate. The crown jewel in his invasion plan had been the spy he placed in the capital. Using a brilliant new formula he had concocted, the spy was able to take on the appearance of anyone he could get biological material from. It had worked splendidly, and Singed knew he had eyes and ears inside of the capital.

The only thing that wasn’t going according to plan so far was the appearance of Vladimir. He hadn’t counted on that, and had hoped the man would join his cause. Unfortunately, he had reacted violently to the Mad Chemist’s presence, forcing him to turn violent. Fortunately for him, Karma would no longer recognize help if it walked up to her and smote Baron Nashor.

Surprisingly enough, he didn’t need to do anything to create the unstable state the entire region seemed to be in. Karma, Duchess of Ionia had begun acting irrationally on many matters lately, and it had worked perfectly for the Zaunite invasion plan. He would find out why she was acting this way once he had moved in on the capital.’Yes,’ he thought, as he sat there, drinking his glass of tea, ‘Events are proceeding well.’

One of his lieutenants came in and looked around. Spotting Singed, he headed over and delivered a small tablet to him. Singed looked at it and didn’t know what he was supposed to do with it. Suddenly, before his eyes an image of Viktor appeared. As far as Singed could tell from the mask and the goggles, he looked pained. Singed was taken aback, but didn’t let it show in front of his lieutenant. He dismissed the man and watched the communication.

“General Singed, the offensive was going very well, but I made a grievous mistake. Irelia, captain of the guard, came to battle and I underestimated her. She injured me and almost single handedly won the battle for them. Despite this, I have a plan to improve both myself and my men. I will update you with more details as I can, but for now, our offensive in the northern regions has been stopped.” The image cut off and Singed was left with a little more time to think.

He was impressed with the technology that Viktor had sent him, but very displeased with the news. His plans relied on the Ionian forces being spread too thinly to truly defend. He considered his options and stood up when he made a decision. The restaurant grew quiet, populated entirely by his men. “Well, Zaunites. It would appear the time has come to make our move. Eat well, for tonight we begin out invasion of the southern territories.”

The restaurant staff gasped and began to try to back away, but without needing orders, the Zaunites stood and barred the exits. Singed sat back down and sipped his tea, gazing off into the distance. The screams of the Ionian workers were piercing but short. The restaurant went silent, the way Singed preferred it.

My biggest hope here is that Signed isn’t turning into a Talon clone. The two men are very different in my mind, and I think as you get to know Singed better you’ll agree. This one is short, but I personally love writing these from the perspective of the antagonist. It gives you information, while leaving you in the dark about potential twists and turns (Sejuani was especially fun to write, knowing where her character was headed!). 🙂

I’m having a lot of fun with this series, and I think it’s evolving very well. Hopefully the lessons I’ve learned from the last two are coming out and you’re getting a coherent, largely character driven story. Have a good one summoners.

-Tale Master