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Volibear: The War for Freljord – 17

24 Jul

Volibear stood in front of the canyon with his ursine army. They had delayed their journey from the ancestral Winter’s Claw territory to give Ashe time to get the barbarian army. The yetis had left shortly before for they had a longer task. Nunu was to lead the yetis around, on top of the canyon sides and ambush the Noxian army from behind when they came to meet the ursine attack. It had been Ashe’s idea, and Volibear thought it had a high chance of success.

All Volibear could do now, was wait. He was confident that Nunu would manage to lead his team into position at the correct time. His army was paused in plain sight. He wanted the Noxians to know they were there and prepare to fight them. He knew from his experiences with the dragon that the Noxians liked to use bombs. He was prepared to be trapped in there and have his bloodthirsty ursine pitted against the humans.

The sunset seemed to last an eternity, but finally, the sun dipped behind a mountain and a shadow fell across the land. The time was now. Volibear let out a roar filled with anger and excitement. The ursine behind him bellowed out as one and the resulting sound carried down the canyon. He had decided they would not get the element of surprise, but the element of fear was just as useful.

Volibear began to march into the canyon with his army following closely on his heels. Just as the entire group crossed the threshold, a loud explosion sounded all around. He began to charge forward on all fours, and his people did the same behind him. He had prepared them for this and they took the lesson to heart. The canyon walls behind them crumbled to the ground, but not a single ursine was caught. Volibear was proud, and looked back. A wall of debris had formed, and now they were trapped in the canyon.

‘Just as I hoped,’ Volibear thought to himself. He looked ahead and there was another explosion on both sides of the canyon. The walls in front of them crashed down and formed another barrier to the front. Volibear was concerned, for now they were trapped. He had underestimated Noxus. He had become too confident from his victories and made a potentially fatal error. He looked above and saw a contingent of archers appear on each side of the canyon.

“Ursine, it has been my honor to fight alongside you.” Volibear knew he had led his men into a trap and felt like a failure. Suddenly he heard a cry from above and saw the archers falling into the canyon. Mere seconds passed before the entire contingent lay dead on the canyon floor and Volibear looked up. He saw yetis, bellowing war cries into the howling wind. Volibear saluted to the yetis above and then turned to his warriors.

“I almost made a costly error there. It cannot happen again. Unfortunately, the only thing we can do is march on. I must let you know, my fellow ursine, that it is likely we face death here today. We will do whatever it takes to attain peace in Freljord!” He roared again, invigorating his men. “March on ursine! March on!” The army began to climb over the debris in front of them and headed towards the capital.

When they reached the top, Volibear saw in the distance an enormous group arrayed in front of the castle. The army boasted at least twenty thousand troops and Volibear despaired. His thousand ursine and the two thousand yetis would not be able to hold out long. He wondered how soon Ashe and the barbarians would get here, but knew it was no use planning for something he couldn’t control. He and his men formed up in front of the army and marched forward.

They stopped when they were just out of archer’s range and Volibear walked out between the two. The woman general from the last battle, whom Ashe had called Katarina, and a man dressed in black armor walked out to meet him. They stopped ten paces away from each other and Volibear called out, “Why do you threaten peace here in Freljord?” The man in black took off his helmet and stared Volibear in the eyes. Volibear was begrudgingly impressed by the man’s bravery. Not many humans could stare down an angry ursine. “It is you who threaten our peace, ursine. We will not suffer invaders on our lands. There will be no negotiations, prepare yourself for battle.”

Volibear was outraged, but the two leaders had already turned their backs and headed towards their lines. He turned and walked back to his own, seething with anger. They had tricked the citizens of Freljord into thinking that the ursine were invading, and now they had to fight the very people he wished to protect. Upon reaching his army, he began pacing back and forth in front of them. “Ursine, you have all heard what I have to say more than enough times. The only thing I can add right now is that if you are destined to die today…” He let the pause hang in the air, letting his men soak in the gravity of the situation, “Make sure you leave your mark on this world before you do.”

The ursine army let out a resounding roar that reverberated throughout the canyon and hopefully frightened the enemy. Volibear turned to face the enemy and yelled as loudly as he could, “For Freljord!” He got down on all fours and began to charge forward. His ursine got down as well and followed closely on his tail. He saw the humans in front of him hold up shields and spears, as if those could stop his charge.

As he reached their lines, he smashed as hard as he could into the shield and its wielder fell backwards. Around him the same thing happened everywhere and the front line disintegrated. From then on, the ursine were in the middle of the human army, causing as much chaos as possible. They swung their powerful arms in every direction, smashing anyone that got in their way. Volibear was a seething mass of anger, ignoring the pained cries coming from all sides and focused on the enemy. Any time he saw exposed flesh he bore his sharp teeth and ripped it apart.

The ground quickly became more red than white and Volibear looked like a feral beast in his element. He had blood stains all down his body, a mixture of his own and his enemies. Finally, he was given a moment to think. In his immediate area all the enemies were dead, so he closed his eyes and focused on the battle gauntlets he wore. He let the storm rush through him and fill his body with power. When he opened his eyes, his paws had electric sparks flying off of them. He gave out another roar and the ten nearest humans turned and ran.

He chased them down angrily and smashed the first one with his front paw. Lightning arced off and struck five others, bringing them all down writhing. He quickly finished them off with bites to the neck and took stock of the situation. It looked as though half of the ursine were left. They had taken down a sizeable number of the Freljordians, but he could not see the generals anywhere. At that moment he heard battle cries from above. Everyone on both sides of the battle stopped momentarily and looked up to see what was happening. The yetis had come and were cascading down both sides of the canyon with giant leaps onto ledges.

He saw Nunu riding Jessup in the front on the left hand side and was delighted. They just might have a chance. The yetis joined the fray and began attacking the flanks wildly. Volibear concentrated in front of him and finally saw the general in black. There were fifteen soldiers between them, but rather than fight, Volibear just plowed through and they flew away like rag dolls. Just as he was about to reach the general, he took a spear directly into his gut. He roared with pain and looked down. He brought his paw across the soldier’s face and knocked his head directly off. The lightning sparked from the loose head and hit another soldier, causing him to have an epileptic fit.

Volibear broke off most of the shaft, and quickly tore the rest of the spear out. There was a searing pain in his stomach, but he had shrugged off worse before. He spotted the general again and charged at him. The general turned just in time, and right as Volibear was swinging his paw at him, it seemed as though the man disappeared. Volibear felt a blade slip into his back but roared mightily in retaliation. The shockwave sent the man flying back and he bounced twice.

The man acrobatically leaped to his feet, facing Volibear again. The two slowly began to circle, both aware of their surroundings, refusing to let the other gain the upper hand. After a moments deliberation, Volibear charged again, determined to forced the general’s hand. Just as he pulled back to swing at the general, he appeared to disappear again, but Volibear was ready for him. He let his swing carry all the way around and this time, made contact

It was like punching a metal wall, but the general was thrown back again. This time he hit the ground hard and was not as quick to get up. Volibear smiled inside, glad he had this chance to eliminate such a powerful opponent when he heard a loud cry from above. He gazed above and was amazed to see a beautiful blue bird carrying a minotaur. He turned back to the general and bared his teeth. Suddenly, the tables were turned, and the Freljordians had a chance.

July 23rd. A day a that will live in League Tales infamy. I finished this one at 11:36 pm Pacific Standard Time, and quickly sent it to my editor. I did not receive it back until 12:12 am July 24th. This makes July 23rd the only day nothing appeared on the site. I’m ashamed and broken. Gasp.

xD This one marks the beginning of the end, and I hope you guys enjoy it. I like writing Volibear, and I’m hoping you’ll enjoy the next few! Have a good one summoners.

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Ashe: The War for Freljord – 15

21 Jul

Ashe turned away from Alistar and prepared herself. There was nothing she could do directly, Volibear and Nunu would be in charge of their respective armies. Although they were outnumbered nearly four to one, Ashe was confident after seeing the ursine in battle. The yetis had been flailing until the ursine had shown up. Of course, Olaf had been there too, and that was a great loss for the Freljordian forces. Ashe hated to turn her back on retrieving Tryndamere after all this time, but knew he’d be more upset at losing control of Freljord than her taking extra time to rescue him.

She wandered over to a large rock sitting near her and listened to the preparations being made by both camps. Unfortunately, they were speaking in their native tongues and she didn’t understand a word of it. Despite this, she could tell by the way the people were reacting to their leaders, that she still had quality generals on her side. After some time of sitting and thinking about what needed to be done, she called over Alistar, Volibear and Nunu. The three came up to her and she waited a moment before saying.

“We need to leave tonight. Every second we waste gives them more time to get ahead. I am going to rely on you three to lead us into battle, with Volibear having full command. I am going to find Tryndamere and hopefully rally the barbarians into battle with us.” She stopped and looked to Alistar. “I have a special request of you, Alistar.” The minotaur looked surprised and said, “Anything I can do, I’d be glad to help.”

Ashe smiled, feeling somewhat strained, but continued, “I need you to travel north from here. There’s a mountain on the northern edge of the forest. On the top of this mountain, you will find a cryophoenix named Anivia. She is a valuable ally and warrior, and we will need her in the upcoming battle. She should not be difficult to find, and once you’ve contacted her, I would like you both to come join us.” Alistar nodded and said, “I will leave at once. Nothing can hold me back.” He bowed slightly and bounded off with a speed that surprised Ashe.

Nunu and Volibear looked to each other, attempting to get a measure of each other before Volibear said, “I am glad to have you with me. As soon as your people can be ready, we depart.” Nunu smiled mischievously and told the ursine, “Only if you think you can keep up.” With that, he quickly began back towards the yeti, leaving Volibear standing there alone with Ashe.

She let a wry smile come to her lips at the playful jab and said, “Now, Volibear, they are going to beat us to the capital. I’m hoping that it won’t have fallen. As long as our people stand strong, it should still be up. If that is true, then things are easy. There will be a grand battle on the plains outside the canyon. I trust your judgment in such a situation. However, in the worst case scenario, if you get there and the capital has fallen, things are very different. I want you to blockade the entrance to the canyon. Have Nunu and the yeti’s begin to scale the edge. When I get there with the barbarians and Anivia, we will assault our own city, hopefully exterminating the Noxian threat while we’re at it.”

She hesitated, “Many Freljordians of all races will die in this battle.” Volibear put his paw on Ashe’s shoulder and said, “My queen, sometimes the right decision is the most difficult one. We will defend our land from any threat, whatever the cost.” She smiled and put her hand on his paw. For a brief moment the two stood there and Ashe said, “Thank you, Volibear. Now go, give them hell.” He roared his appreciation and began back towards the ursine. She heard him in the distance roaring instructions, and hoped things would go smoother than she anticipated.

She closed her eyes, shut out her thoughts of what would happen in the future and began to concentrate on the matter at hand. She focused, putting herself completely in the mindset of the Frost Archer. She would track down Sejuani’s lair, and save Tryndamere. She opened her eyes and scouted around. She saw nothing that would help her in the immediate area, but remembered where Nunu had said he saw the army. She traced his directions back to the spot and found an obvious trail there.

She followed it for two miles before she saw the trail stop at a cave. Intrigued, Ashe peered inside and could only see darkness. She pulled out an arrow, enchanted it with a hawk shot and lightly fired it inside. The room illuminated and all Ashe saw was an empty cave. Disappointed, she walked inside and kept her eyes peeled. As far as she could tell, it was an ordinary cave, but she knew that couldn’t be true. An army’s footsteps had led into here, and this room could only hold twenty men at the most.

Suddenly, a loud grinding like a machine began and Ashe immediately brought up her bow. The back wall of the cave began to split right down the middle and Ashe was amazed by the hidden door from nowhere. Despite this, she held her aim, ready to fire and heard voices coming through. “We should get to the capital as quickly as possible,” Ashe’s eyes opened wider with shock when she realized it was Sejuani coming through the door. She was looking back at someone Ashe couldn’t see and the Frost Archer took advantage of the momentary distraction. She unleashed an arrow that pierced her directly through the shoulder.

Sejuani cried out in pain and surprise. Ashe had already fitted another arrow when a familiar voice rang out, “Ashe no!” She almost dropped her bow from shock and saw Tryndamere jumping out in front of Sejuani, protecting her. She picked up her bow again and aimed it at her husband, confused by these events. “Tryndamere, out of the way, let me slay the traitor.” Sejuani began to speak behind him but he cut her off with a hand gesture. “Ashe, let me explain.”

She didn’t put down the bow, but didn’t interrupt either, so Tryndamere continued, “She was indeed the reason the Noxians are here, but she’s been betrayed. Noxus promised her that she would lead Freljord, but it turns out they are just using our war as a cover to annihilate us.” Ashe spoke up and addressed Sejuani directly, “And this means I should trust you why?” Sejuani stepped out in front of Tryndamere and looked Ashe in the eyes, “At this point, I have no chance. Noxus has incorporated my remaining Winter’s Claw into their numbers, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I’d rather have one of the three sister’s descendants rule Freljord, and at this point that means you.”

Sejuani paused, hesitating before surprising Ashe more than any of the recent events. She kneeled before the Queen of Freljord and put her head down. “I pledge my loyalty and life to you, Ashe, Queen of Freljord. I will do whatever it takes to keep the territory out of another’s hands, including my own.” She stayed kneeling down and Ashe was too taken aback to say anything for several long moments. She realized that the air was hanging heavy and rushed over to Sejuani, helping her to her feet. “All I’ve ever wanted is peace for Freljord. However, when someone brings war to our doorstep, we will meet it head on. I would be proud to go into battle with you Sejuani, and keep Freljord out of foreign hands.”

Ashe updated the two on everything that had taken place in the last few days and they listened attentively. Tryndamere’s face remained impassive during the telling of Olaf’s final act, but she could see in his eyes that he was hurt. There would be time to discuss it later, now they needed to focus on the events at hand. “Tryndamere, the three of us need to go and rally the barbarians. Volibear and Nunu will need back up as soon as they can get it.” He nodded and the three set off almost immediately.

As they left the cave, Sejuani whistled loudly and her boar came charging out of the forest thirty seconds later. She hopped on and had the other two join her. As they were riding, she snapped off the end of the arrow shaft and yanked it out by herself. Ashe was amazed by her toughness and was glad that the fighting between the two had stopped. She knew that they were about to face the most important war in Freljord’s short history, and would need all the allies she could find.

Hey guys, I’m out of town right now, so the timing of the next few posts are going to be screwy. I will be back on Monday night, so that will probably be another late one, but after that we should be back to normal (you know, the only KIND of screwy schedule). This one was originally supposed to go into the next part of the journey, but by the time I was done saying what I wanted to for the first half it was already one of the longer posts.

I think this means I’ll be doing something a little different than I intended, but hey, most of the time that only makes things more exciting! Have a good one summoners, wherever you are!

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Nunu: The War for Freljord – 14

20 Jul

Nunu and his companions had found a small ravine to hide in the day after their escape. It had served as their campgrounds as they contemplated what to do. Nunu figured it was no use trying to get back through the minotaur territory. Surely they had been branded outlaws. Alistar had argued that it was also no good trying to skirt around the territory, the minotaurs had the surrounding area too well covered. Jessup had been nearly silent for the entire time they had been stuck in the forest. Out of ideas, they had begun to learn how to live off the land and were biding their time until a solution could present itself.

Although they hunted smaller animals and passed the time with stories, it had become rather dull over the past week. One night, Nunu had been attempting to capture a passing rabbit with magic, but stopped suddenly, hearing a rhythmic thud on the ground. He quickly scampered up a lush tree nearby and peered around, trying to find the cause of the noise. He was shocked to see a legion of Winter’s Claw soldiers headed to the southwest, out of the forest. At their head was Katarina Du Couteau, the Noxian assassin, and she looked injured. She was walking with a limp and had a large bandage attached to her side.

Nunu surmised that she must be doing some bidding of Sejuani’s and felt a pang of uselessness. His new country was being taken over and he was stuck here in some forest. He desperately wanted to do something, but restrained himself. Acting now would only get himself killed, and that would help no one. As the army marched past, he sat there, wondering how he could get out. He was resolved to figure out some way to get out of this forest to warn the capital, even if it meant risking death at the hands of the minotaur.

He fell asleep in the tree, knowing he would not fall and give away his position. Though his sleep was fitful, when he awoke in the morning, the last of the army had long since vanished in the distance and Nunu quickly hopped down from the tree. He ran back to the ravine and found Alistar talking with Jessup. He burst out, “The Winter’s Claw are on the move, led by Katarina! They were headed southwest, clearly skipping the minotaur lands.” The others jumped up and looked alarmed. Alistar said, “I wonder where they are headed, and why they would skip their own ally’s territory? Regardless, show us where they went!”

The three began to get up and leave when Nunu felt the ground rumbling again. He whispered harshly, “Quick, in the ravine and hide!” The three ducked down and Nunu slowly peered over the edge, trying to see whether the army had returned. He was shocked to see Queen Ashe approaching in the distance, and an army of ursine and yeti following her closely. He excitedly told his companions, “It’s Ashe. She’s here with an army!” The two looked excited and jumped up. Nunu yelled out, “Ashe, over here!” He went running over and his Queen’s face looked surprised.

“Nunu, what are you doing here?” Nunu laughed and said, “It’s a long story, but I must tell you, Sejuani is working with Noxus!” Ashe looked grim and said, “We’ve learned the hard way. Her hideout is here, in this forest. Do you know where?” Nunu looked taken aback, and thought about it. “No, we haven’t seen it anywhere.” Ashe and Nunu made the introductions to all their companions and caught each other up on the events that transpired since they last saw each other.

“How did you get through the minotaur territory?” Nunu asked. Ashe looked concerned and said, “I was going to ask you what happened there. It was completely empty when we went through. It looked recently abandoned.” Nunu’s face lit up, “They must have gone with the Winter’s Claw I saw leaving here last night! They were skirting around the minotaur territory and I couldn’t figure out why. Since Katarina was leading them, she must have known you would be on your way and tried to avoid you.” Ashe looked aghast and said, “The capital! They must be headed there to take it!”

She immediately turned to Volibear and said, “Get your ursine ready, we need to turn around immediately.” She turned to Nunu and said, “I need you to take charge of the yeti army. They will listen to you, and I have no desire for this to be completely autocratic.” With that, she walked away and stopped to talk to Alistar. Nunu couldn’t help but overhear as she said, “Alistar, I would be pleased to have you join our fold. I know your people have turned against you and our new peace, but I would be delighted if you’d join Nunu as an advisor for now.” The minotaur smiled grimly and said, “I thank you for your kind words. I shall repay them as best I can on the battlefield.”

Nunu quickly approached the yetis and announced himself in their own tongue. “My fellow yetis, I am Nunu. Today I come before you with a grave announcement. We are going to war…”

I’m going to make an admission, this one is a bit of a cop-out. I don’t like how the Nunu story line played out, and I don’t like writing as him. Hopefully, I won’t have to again, now that the groups have united again. If I’m being honest, I’m not pleased with this work, and I’m at a bit of a road block on how it would work if I did more Nunu. I’ve actually been through several drafts of this entry, which I’ve never done before and didn’t like any of them. This is the one that I thought sucked the least. I doubt there will be another Nunu entry, so consider this the end of his mini-story inside of the series.

Hopefully this one wasn’t too disappointing, (although having just read it back, I’m sure it will be) and I can make it up to you guys with another epic conclusion to a mini-series :). On a happier note, I’m really excited for what’s coming! Have a good one summoners (since you’re not getting a good story).

Tale Master

Nunu: The War for Freljord – 6

13 Jul

Nunu sat there, clutching his brother’s corpse when a large hand reached down and picked him up. A gruff voice whispered, “We must go now, please, I will take Willump.” Nunu looked up and saw his friend Alistar through his wet eyes. Alistar put Willump’s body over one shoulder; Jessup’s over his other and began to walk briskly away. Nunu followed him closely, in shock over what had just happened. ‘How could Willump die?’ He thought numbly. ‘We’ve been joined at the hip since we’ve met, he can’t be dead.’

As they wound through the streets of the Minotaurs homeland, Nunu lost track of where he was. Upon reaching Alistar’s home, they quickly ducked inside and closed the blinds. It was a simple house, made of logs cut down from a nearby forest. Despite only being one room, and Alistar’s enormous size, the room appeared spacious enough for comfortable living. Nunu felt no joy in seeing his old friend given the circumstances, and the minotaur was currently busy tending to Jessup’s wounds.

Nunu looked over to the mat in the corner and saw Willump’s lifeless body lying there. He went over to him and stared. ‘I can’t let this stop us from our dream. We will unite Freljord, and I’ll always remember you.’ He took a second to compose himself and finally looked over to Alistar. “Thank you, my friend. I needed someone to be strong for me.” The minotaur looked solemn and said, “No need for thanks, and no need to be strong yet. I don’t think you need to do anything before the morning. Get some sleep.” Nunu thanked him and curled up on the ground. He was asleep before he even realized he had closed his eyes.

The next morning, Alistar gently awoke Nunu and said, “Unfortunately, the situation is far worse than we feared.” Nunu sat up and groaned. “Well, go ahead…give me a status update.” Alistar walked over to his small kitchen and began cooking some meat on his stove. Nunu realized he was famished and appreciated the gesture. Jessup lay on the couch, asleep but breathing.

“As you know, you were attacked by a delegation of the Winter’s Claw last night. Unfortunately, they did not all die as we thought. I think they sacrificed the soldier’s they threw at you on purpose. The rest of the group immediately went to the chieftain and told their tale of your savage attack. Unfortunately, with no dissenting story to be heard, our chief believes it.” Alistar looked unhappy, and Nunu sighed. The minotaur served two plates of the meat and they ate in silence for a long while.

Nunu finally said, “I need to speak with your chief regardless, I promised Queen Ashe I would.” Alistar nodded and replied, “I have already arranged it for noon, but I warn you, there are several voices against you. I believe they have been paid off, and it does not bode well for a friendly meeting.” Nunu considered his words and said, “Regardless, thank you. Without you Jessup may well have died as well, and I probably would have destroyed half the town.”

They finished eating and they began to prepare for their meeting. Just as they were planning to leave, Jessup sat up on the couch. He looked around wildly, asking what had happened. Nunu walked over and broke the news to him. He sat there a moment before a hard look came over his face. “Let me come with you brother. I no longer trust anything happening around here, and hopefully we can help each other’s odds of survival.” Nunu clapped him on the shoulder and the three friends went off towards the chieftain’s dwelling.

As they arrived at the house, Nunu marveled at its size compared to the buildings around it. It was at least three stories tall, made of polished wood, and looked brand new. Nunu asked about it quietly to Alistar who said, “Things have been very different lately. Minotaurs tend not to care about material wealth, but about a month ago our chieftain demanded a new home. We are not to argue, and made him this place. He has accumulated many opulent things in a very short time, and it is slightly disturbing. Unfortunately, questioning the chief is a sure way to be executed, so no one says anything.”

Nunu was already suspicious from the night before and didn’t like the sound of what he was hearing. He began to get an uneasy feeling and reconsidered his approach for a moment. After debating with himself, he knew that this meeting was his entire purpose for being here, and not having it would mean that Willump had died for nothing. He shored up his resolve and walked up to the large wooden door, knocking loudly. He waited for a long time before a minotaur opened the door and looked down.

He was young, hardly older than Alistar and Nunu was taken aback. He had assumed the chieftain would be an elder, like the yeti clans. He looked up and said, “I am Nunu, the Yeti Rider. I am an emissary from Queen Ashe of the Freljordian capital city, and I came to speak with you about joining us in our goal for peace.” The minotaur, a deep blue that almost looked black, stared back before saying, “Yes, come in then.” He brought the three guests inside and they all looked at each other uneasily upon entering. There were many golden figurines and treasures that seemed very expensive.

“Your home is lovely,” Nunu commented a little timidly. He was worried by the opulence on display, wondering where he had accumulated such wealth. The chief answered, “Thank you. I recently began to realize that I enjoy the finer things in life, and have been outfitting myself accordingly.” He seemed very smug upon saying this, and Nunu looked over at Alistar. His friend appeared to be uncomfortable, and Nunu’s sense of foreboding was growing. The chieftain disappeared up the stairs and called down, “Follow me, my office is on the second floor.”

Nunu slowed his walk and whispered to Alistar, “Are you sure we can trust him?” The minotaur hung his head before softly saying, “I honestly do not know. The chief is acting suspiciously and I’ve never seen such a disgusting display of wealth by a minotaur. Proceed carefully.” Nunu nodded and headed up the stairs. Jessup stayed as close to him as he could, and Alistar brought up the rear, keeping his head on a swivel. They found themselves in a hallway as they came to the top of the stairs, with four doors around them. Only one was open, and Nunu headed towards it.

As he opened the door, he saw the chief standing behind a large wooden desk, and a figure standing next to it. It took Nunu a moment to realize what he was seeing, but gasped when it hit him. Draven, the glorious executioner of Noxus, was readying his throwing axes. He looked wicked standing there with a chilling smile, spikes protruding from the armor at all angles. His armor was a dark blue, tainted with glowing skulls and imbued with a claw in blue warpaint on the front of his breastplate.

Nunu had no time to think of the implications and shouted, “It’s a trap!” before diving behind the door. He heard a battle axe hit the side of the hall right where he’d been standing and quickly clambered onto Jessup’s back. They ran down the stairs, Alistar leading the way by a fraction. Two guards tried to step in their way, but Alistar sprinted towards them and dove forward, headbutting the two back against the walls. The trio took advantage of their momentary opening and sprinted through the door, out into the streets.

“To the forest, it’s the only way!” Alistar shouted and bounded towards the woods behind the chief’s house. As they wound their way through the trees, Nunu kept using his blood warming magic on his brother and his friend to aid their getaway. They ran for most of the day, only resting as it grew dark. They found a small clearing and collapsed, exhausted from the effort of the day. Even though it was risky, they built a small fire to keep warm and gathered around it to discuss the day’s events.

“It was Draven.” Nunu said bluntly. “As in Noxian Draven, standing there, complete with Winter’s Claw armor. That’s why they’ve been hiding in the shadows. They’re biding their time, supporting a revolution. Just by turning Freljordians against each other, they can essentially come in and conquer the region without much risk. As long as we all turn on each other, we’ll be easy pickings for a Noxian conquest.” He looked downcast and for the first time since he could remember, he felt like a child. His brother was dead, his country was in peril, and here he was out in the woods with a yeti and a minotaur. Things were not looking good.

Alistar filled him in on the things happening around the minotaur lands lately, and Nunu was distressed to learn that popular opinion had already turned towards the Winter’s Claw. Apparently, they had been bringing gifts for months now, telling tales of Freljordians persecuting and attacking them. None of this was true, and Nunu was appalled at the accusations. “Nothing we can do now but get a good night’s sleep and assess our options,” he said to his companions. “Rest up, and we’ll discuss it in the morning.”

This one is the longest I’ve written yet, but I feel like there’s a lot to get to. Hopefully you enjoyed it, and the background didn’t spoil it too much ;). You’ll be getting another one later in the day (I hope!) and from there we should be back on the regular schedule!

-Tale Master